Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi—Season 1

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Good back-filling of some Star Wars stories

Short seasons, some episodes could have been even bigger

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The Jedi have stories to tell…

The Jedi help keep the galaxy at peace for years…and the stories of their adventures are legend.  From Ahsoka young life to Qui-Gon Jinn time with his master Dooku…and that master’s betrayal, the Jedi’s past has been recorded even after their fall.  The truth behind Order 66 will be revealed and what happened to the Jedi who survived.

Star Wars:  Tales of the Jedi—Season 1 is a Star Wars anthology series.  The series premiered on Disney+ and was released on October 26, 2022.

I always have been a fan of supporting characters.  I like learning about them and I like the idea that every character has their own story…no matter how big or small.  There were a lot of Jedi in the prequel series of Star Wars…and I hope Tales of the Jedi finally give us a chance to know them.

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The fall of Dooku

Although the series is an anthology there is a general through-line to the six episodes.  The first episode initially feels like a stand-alone with Ahsoka with is smart since she is part of the future plans of Disney+.  Fortunately, the series turns to a three episode arc with County Dooku which not only gives you more of the background on Dooku, Mace Windu, Qui-Gon Jinn, and surprisingly Yaddle, it also helps flesh out why and how Dooku worked with the Emperor to bring down the Jedi (and helped explain why he went along with him at points…in spite the death of Qui-Gon).

The series wraps up wraps up with a return to Ahsoka and her time as an apprentice…and what happened immediately to her after going into hiding.  It is a good way to really wrap up the series and give more depth to the prequels which are arguably sometimes a little thinly plotted.

The series is surprisingly brutal.  Though it follows similar shows like Star Wars Rebels and more closely Star Wars:  The Clone Wars, the show quickly reminds you that it isn’t the type of cartoon where no one dies.  Things like Padme’s funeral and the shocking death of Yaddle remind you that anyone including the Jedi aren’t safe…which adds more risk to the series instead of just being filler information.

star wars tales of the jedi season 1 episode 5 practice makes perfect ahsoka

How did Ahsoka survive?

The animation is smooth, but like the storytelling it is in the line of Star Wars:  The Clone Wars which sometimes has been divisive among viewers (I like the animation though I admit it took a bit of adjustment when Clone Wars started).

The only problem with Star Wars:  Tales of the Jedi—Season 1 is the same problem with a lot of online series.  The half hour (or often less in this series) is too short to have such short seasons.  You often have to wait a painful amount of time for the next season (if the season ever happens).  Fortunately, Star Wars:  Tales of the Jedi has already been tapped for a season 2…and I look forward to more stories of the Jedi!

Tales of the Jedi—Season 1 Complete Episode Guide:

star wars tales of the jedi season 1 episode 1 life and death ahsoka

“Life and Death”

1.1       Life and Death Release Date:  10/26/22

Ahsoka Tano is born on Shili and accompanies her mother Pav-ti Tano on her first hunt.  With a lesson of life and death, Ahsoka could find her life ended before it begins…or it could present her path.

star wars tales of the jedi season 1 episode 2 justice master dooku qui gon jinn


1.2       Justice Release Date:  10/26/22

Master Dooku and his Padawan Qui-Gon Jinn tend to the kidnapping of Senator Dagonet’s son.  When they discover that the people are suffering under extreme conditions brought upon by Senator Dagonet, Qui-Gon finds his master pushed to the edge.

star wars tales of the jedi season 1 episode 3 choices dooku mace windu


1.3       Choices Release Date:  10/26/22

Dooku and Mace Windu are sent to retrieve the body of Katri from Raxus Secundus…to learn that the attack on Katri was an ambush.  As Dooku and Windu investigate, Dooku continues to suspect corruption among the Jedi.

star wars tales of the jedi season 1 episode 4 the sith lord yaddle killed

“The Sith Lord”

1.4       The Sith Lord Release Date:  10/26/22

As the threat to Empire is revealed on Naboo and Tatooine, Dooku continues his secret mission to develop clones on Kamino in alliance with Darth Sidious.  Master Yaddle grows suspicious of Dooku and seeks out the truth…which could be deadly.

star wars tales of the jedi season 1 episode 5 practice makes perfect ahsoka anakin skywalker

“Practice Makes Perfect”

1.5       Practice Makes Perfect Release Date:  10/26/22

Ahsoka trains as a Padawan, but Anakin has some non-traditional methods to teach Ahsoka which could save her life.

star wars tales of the jedi season 1 episode 6 resolve sith


1.6       Resolve Release Date:  10/26/22

Secretly attending the funeral of Padme Amidala, Ahsoka is warned by Senator Bail Organa of the danger of being captured by the Empire, Ahsoka goes into hiding in a farming community, but the discovery of her true identity during an accident could ruin Ahsoka’s new life.

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