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On the planet of Lothal, a young thief named Ezra Bridger is about to meet his destiny.  Teaming up with a group of space pirates on a ship called Ghost, Ezra is about to find that he’s part of a rebellion against the Empire.  Led by Kanan, the crew of the Ghost has a secret mission.  At the command of a mysterious leader called Fulcrum, Kanan is out to try to topple the Empire starting by freeing Lothal.  Ezra could be the key to Kanan’s success because Ezra shows a potential that Kanan once demonstrated…Ezra could be the future of the Jedi.

Star Wars Rebels—Season 1 aired from September 9, 2014 to March 2, 2015 in fourteen episodes Disney XD.  Season 1 was preceded by four shorts “The Machine in the Ghost”, “Art Attack”, “Entanglement”, and “Property of Ezra Bridger” which introduced the characters and “Spark of the Rebellion” which serves as both the pilot of the first season and an extended length episode.


So this giant talking mouse showed up and said this would be more sell-able…

When Star Wars Rebels was introduced, I was pretty nervous.  I had found Star Wars:  The Clone Wars surprisingly entertaining and was a bit angry that Disney was bumping it with a new series starring what many aptly had described as a kid that looked and acted a lot like Aladdin.  With a number of decent reports from viewers, I took the dive.  Although I find that Star Wars Rebels is a bit lighter than Star Wars:  The Clone Wars, I think it has a lot of potential and the last episode of Season 1 really sold me.  Due to some of the storylines a *****Spoiler Alert***** remains in effect for the remainder of the review.

Star Wars:  The Clone Wars got dark…really dark at points.  Star Wars Rebels—Season 1 from the onset doesn’t seem to have that same tone.  You don’t know any of the characters and you don’t know if they are doomed (as with Clone Wars).  It isn’t about corruption, the show is about redemption and the series seems to be trying to redeem a lot of feel of the original trilogy with a fun, quirky cast.  It does feel a bit Disney at points, but the jokes and gags don’t seem as ham-handed as the prequels’ jokes.  The jokes are also the type of jokes that kids can enjoy and adults can enjoy without pandering to adults with jokes going over kids’ heads.


The Guardians of the Galaxy are here…I mean the Rebels are here!

The “cast” of the series is good, but doesn’t quite develop enough in this season.  Other than a few glimpses into the worlds of Zeb, Sabine, and Hera, I don’t feel those characters are expanded enough upon.  I realize this is a series and that you have more opportunity to develop characters, but I feel that they should have hit it a bit harder this season.

The best surprise of the season had to be the last episode.  While it not only included some great action, it also was the biggest nod to the prequels (and the original trilogy for that matter).  The series reveals that Fulcrum is Star Wars:  The Clone Wars’ star Ahsoka.  This is a nice way to keep the continuity of the Clone Wars and show what happened to the character after Order 66 and it also brings the series together with the prequel by setting up Bail Organa as the secret leader of the Rebellion…with Darth Vader hot on the trail.  It really makes you want to see Star Wars Rebels—Season 2 (which is a full length season).


That’s right…I’m back!

The prequels overall were pretty bad.  They had some moments, but they ruined a lot of what Star Wars was about for me:  FUN!  Star Wars Rebels has the tough job of bridging the gap between the prequels and the original trilogy, and I think part of its goal is to bring back the fun.  With a great season finale that doesn’t abandon stories set up in the prequels, Star Wars Rebels could do it.

Star Wars Rebels—Season 1 Complete Episode Guide:


“Spark of the Rebellion”

1.1       Spark of the Rebellion Airdate:  09/26/14

A young thief named Ezra Bridger on Lothal finds himself teamed with a group of space pirates led by Kanan.  Travelling onboard the Ghost, Ezra finds that Kanan and his crew sacrifice their safety for others,  When Kanan vows to liberate Wookies imprisoned by the Empire, Ezra must choose if he wants to join the fight.


“Droids in Distress”

1.2       Droids in Distress Airdate:  10/03/14

The crew of the Ghost finds they are low on money and must go on a mission for Cikatro Vizago to intercept an Empire shipment.  When Zeb realizes that the shipment is ion disruptors, he debates what should be done with the weapons…and the involvement of droids named R2-D2 and C-3PO might mean another secret mission.


“Fighter Flight”

1.3       Fighter Flight Airdate:  10/13/14

As Zeb and Ezra continue to fight, Hera Syndulla sends them on a mission to locate an impossible fruit.  Zeb and Ezra’s encounter with the Empire leads to a stolen TIE-Fighter and a mission to help a group of farmers.


“Rise of the Old Masters”

1.4       Rise of the Old Masters Airdate:  10/20/14

When the crew of the Ghost learn that Jedi Master Luminara Unduli is still alive and prisoner of the Empire, they set out to rescue her…and Kanan hopes that Luminara can be the trainer for Ezra that he can’t be.  Breaking in to the Spire on Stygeon Prime could be the easy part of the mission when Ezra and Kanan are faced by the Inquisitor.


“Breaking Ranks”

1.5       Breaking Ranks Airdate:  11/03/14

Ezra has gone undercover at the Imperial Academy on Lothal to gain access to the location of a kyber crystal.  Making allies with Zare Leonis and Jai Kell, Ezra must get a decoder and get out…but the Inquisitor could pose a problem.


“Out of Darkness”

1.6       Out of Darkness Airdate:  11/03/14

Sabine Wren as questions about the Ghost’s mysterious informant Fulcrum and demands more transparency from Kanan and Hera Syndulla.  On a mission to pick-up supplies from Fulcrum, Sabine and Hera find themselves stranded at the abandoned Fort Anaxes when the Ghost’s shuttle ship Phantom malfunctions.  For Sabine and Hera, survival becomes a necessity…there is something lurking in the darkness!


“Empire Day”

1.7       Empire Day Airdate:  11/10/14

It is the fifteenth Empire Day which celebrates the Emperor’s rise to power.  Back on Lothal, the crew of the Ghost is preparing to sabotage celebrations, but the Emperor has bigger problems in its search for Ezra’s Rodian friend Tseebo.  The crew of the Ghost must find Tseebo before the Empire does…and the information he holds could be important to Ezra’s past.


“Gathering Forces”

1.8       Gathering Forces Airdate:  11/17/14

The crew of the Ghost is on the run from the Empire with Tseebo.  As Ezra questions if his parents could still be alive, Kanan and Ezra must leave the rest of the crew on a desperate mission to confront the Inquisitor at Fort Anaxes.


“Path of the Jedi”

1.9       Path of the Jedi Airdate:  12/29/14

Kanan decides Ezra’s training must be stepped up after the encounter on Fort Anaxes.  Travelling to a hidden Jedi fortress on Lothal, Ezra must determine his future…but it could lead him right into the clutches of the Inquisitor!


“Idiot’s Array”

1.10     Idiot’s Array Airdate:  01/12/15

When a sure-thing in a card game goes awry, the crew of the Ghost find themselves in the service of Lando Calrissian in order to get Chopper back.


“Vision of Hope”

1.11     Vision of Hope Airdate:  01/26/15

Ezra has a vision of Senator Gall Trayvis while training and learns the Senator wants to meet the crew of Ghost.  Kanan warns Ezra that visions are tricky but Ezra sets out to warn the Senator of a trap set by the Empire.


“Call to Action”

1.12     Call to Action Airdate:  01/26/15

Tarkin has come to Lothal as the effort to capture the rebels increases.  With Senator Gall Trayvis having turned on the people the crew of the Ghost decide they must become the new voice of the rebellion…but it could come at a cost.


“Rebel Resolve”

1.13     Rebel Resolve Airdate:  02/16/15

Kanan has been captured and is prisoner of Tarkin.  With the rebel’s message inspiring people across the galaxy and attracting the attention of the Empire, Hera has been ordered to abandon Kanan…something that Ezra cannot do.


“Five Across the Galaxy”

1.14     Fire Across the Galaxy Airdate:  03/02/15

The crew of the Ghost is about to make a desperate attempt to rescue Kanan from the Empire’s clutches.  With the odds against them, the rebels are about to find out the identity of their mysterious benefactor Fulcrum.

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