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Decent looking interesting blend of Star Wars from different mediums

So-so story that ends rather unspectacularly

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Comic Name:  Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

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# of Issues:  5

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star wars galaxys edge #4 cover doctor aphra

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge #4

Reprints Star Wars:  Galaxy’s Edge #1-5 (June 2019-October 2019).  On the planet Batuu at the Black Spire Outpost, the villainous and scourges of the galaxy hide amongst the other travelers.  When Kendoh and her team arrive to meet with Dok-Ondar, they find themselves involved in a heist that has been building for years…and the payout is coming soon!  Unfortunately, the First Order is also moving in on Batuu, and the heist is on.

Written by Ethan Sacks, Star Wars:  Galaxy’s Edge is a Marvel Comics limited series.  The series is a spin-off of Marvel Comics and a tie-in with Disneyland and Disney World’s Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge theme park which opened on May 19, 2019.

Star Wars is vast and since Disney took it over, it has expanded with leaps and bounds through movies, TV series, comic books, and novels.  Star Wars:  Galaxy’s Edge is a bridge between the fiction of Star Wars and the reality of Star Wars…and the comic book series tries to take advantage of all of that.

The comic series is essentially a heist series.  Dok-Ondar has a plan, and Kendoh is working against him.  Through the issues which each feature a different Star Wars character, you learn the backstory of the Sword of Khashyun and how both pieces of the sword reached the Black Spire outpost.  While it is kind of interesting, it ends on a rather anticlimactic note and doesn’t really go anywhere.

star wars galaxys edge #5 cover variant

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge #5 Variant

What the series does do is find a real blend with the Star Wars of multiple mediums.  You have characters from the movies (obviously) with Han Solo and Chewbacca leading the charge in the first issue, but you also have characters from the TV shows like Hondo Ohnaka and from the comic books like Doctor Aphra (plus an appearance from the underused Chirrut Imwe from Rogue One).  It is in the blending you can start to see how Disney’s ownership and conglomeration of Star Wars can potentially be a good thing…but you have to really be tied in to enjoy it all.

The art and style of the comic is fine.  There are some good looking designs and it is always fun to see some of the “background” characters like Greedo get some really time.  I always think it is tricky for artists who have to capture “real” actors like Harrison Ford, but this also is a nice blend since these characters are mixing with fantasy characters.

Star Wars:  Galaxy’s Edge is a so-so collection and really for fans of Star Wars…and that might not even be enough.  The series has potential for fun, but it also feels a bit like a throwaway (that also really plays with time and when it is supposed to take place).  Star Wars always will be favored by me because it is a part of childhood, and I’m always interested to see different twists on it.

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