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Man…Logray is really giving Wicket the side-eye

On the forest moon of Endor, a race known as the Ewoks live in peace with nature high in the treetops.  Led by Chief Chirpa and medicine man Logray, the Ewoks find themselves constantly in battle with their cousins the Duloks which inhabit Endor’s swamps.  As Wicket, Kneesaa, Teebo, and their friends find themselves caught up in adventures, the Ewoks find they are always learning lessons…and having fun while doing it.

Star Wars:  Ewoks—Season 1 (often just called Ewoks—Season 1) is an animated science-fiction fantasy Star Wars:  Return of the Jedi spin-off series.  Ewoks—Season 1 aired thirteen episodes from September 7, 1985 to November 30, 1985 on Saturday mornings on ABC as part of the Ewoks and Droids Adventure Hour.

star wars ewoks season 1 episode 11 the three lessons paploo stranglethorn

At least the Stranglethorn has a good sense of humor

When Star Wars ended as a kid, it was a crushing blow.  Much of my life had been formed around Star Wars from the movies to the toys and everything in between.  I remember when I heard that Ewoks and Droids were going to be on Saturday mornings, and as a Saturday morning cartoon junkie, I couldn’t wait…there was going to be more Star Wars!!!  I was in for disappointment.

The series is rather typical kids cartoon fodder which was disappointing.  Star Wars is such a rich universe with tons of characters.  The TV series utilizes none of that and just focuses on the few Ewoks and introduces their nemesis the Duloks.  Most episodes revolve around Ewoks (particularly Wicket) messing up or not being believed by the other Ewoks and either teaching a lesson or learning a lesson.

star wars ewoks season 1 episode 9 sunstar vs shadowstone morag death logray

Ooh, I bet Morag is really going to be a thorn in Ewoks’ side for a long time…or she could die right here

What is a bit different is there are a few moments of “darkness” within the series and a few continuing threads.  One of the Ewoks’ nemesis in the season is Morag who ends up being killed in a battle with Logray.  Another instance of death in the series is the death of Chief Chirpa’s wife while protecting her child (of course not shown in the flashback).  It is a strange balance to try to have some danger in the series while still keeping it kid friendly…and if they allow one death, why can’t the show be a bit more dangerous more often?

The series does occasionally drift away from the regular Dulok plots.  There are a few stories involving Phlogs, Jindas, and Mring-Mring the Goopin.  While trying to diversify the characters that the Ewoks interact with is the right idea, it feels like an off-worlder from one of the multiple worlds of Star Wars could have provided an extra spark (could Greedo or someone showed up?)…and a decision to just focus on Wicket and two or three Ewoks would also have helped.

star wars ewoks season 1 episode 4 to save deej mring mring wicket

I’m here to make a cuter, goofier character than you Wicket

The animation for Ewoks is fine.  It too resembles much of the animated works of the time.  The release of the series on Disney+ has provided better and cleaner version of the art since many of the previously existing Ewok episodes you could find were dubbed from TV…it is a good thing for Star Wars completionists who need to see all-things Star Wars (and I must confess that I do own a few original animation cels from the series despite my complaints).

Even though the Ewoks were one of the more childish aspects of the Star Wars universe, and The Ewok Adventure movies were just ho-hum, I thought a weekly series would bring more of a Star Wars feel back.  The setting was the Star Wars universe, it felt like it literally could be almost any characters stuck in the woods…from the Monchhichis to the Paw Paw Bears.  Star Wars didn’t put enough branding on Ewoks to make it feel like you were getting Star Wars.  After the first season, Droids was dropped and the Ewoks returned as the All-New Ewoks with shorter stories mixed in to the half-hour (and a better song)…but the same results.

Star Wars:  Ewoks—Season 1 Complete Episode Guide:

star wars ewoks season 1 episode 1 the cries of the trees izrina wisties

“The Cries of the Trees”

1.1       The Cries of the Trees Airdate:  09/07/85

A drought has struck the forest and Morag decides to use it as a means to get revenge on Chief Chirpa.  When Wicket and his friends are caught lying, they are unable to convince Chirpa that they are telling the truth about the spell on Izrina, Queen of the Wisties.

star wars ewoks season 1 episode 2 the haunted village invisible soap wicket

“The Haunted Village”

1.2       The Haunted Village Airdate:  09/14/85

Morag’s Mantigrue is threatening the Ewok’s Sunberry Trees.  When Logray invents an invisibility soap to hide the trees, the Duloks might become more dangerous when they get their hands on it.

star wars ewoks season 1 episode 3 rampage of the phlogs malani

“Rampage of the Phlogs”

1.3       Rampage of the Phlogs Airdate:  09/21/85

The Phlogs are passing through the forest, but Morag’s kidnapping of their child to frame the Ewoks could mean danger for the village.  When Wicket accidentally forces Malani to run away, Teebo and Wicket must find Malani before the Phlogs.

star wars ewoks season 1 episode 4 to save deej logray

“To Save Deej”

1.4       To Save Deej Airdate:  09/28/85

When Wicket’s father Deej cuts himself on a strange blue-fungus, a race is on to find the cure for the fungus poisoning before it is too late.

star wars ewoks season 1 episode 5 the traveling jindas latara kneesaa

“The Traveling Jindas”

1.5       The Traveling Jindas Airdate:  10/05/85

The Jindas come to the Ewok village, and Latara’s desire to work on her flute playing leads her to run away with them.  Logray reveals that the Jindas are famous for becoming lost and may never make it back to Ewok village.  Meanwhile, the Duloks seek out a babysitter for their children…and Latara could be the perfect target!

star wars ewoks season 1 episode 6 the tree of light

“The Tree of Light”

1.6       The Tree of Light Airdate:  10/12/85

Chief Chirpa sends Paploo, Widdle, Teebo, and Weechee to protect the Tree of Light, but Wicket, Kneesaa, and Latara find that they’re not old enough to go.  Defying Chirpa’s orders, Wicket, Kneesaa, and Latara could become the village’s only hope as the Duloks set to destroy the Tree of Light.

star wars ewoks season 1 episode 7 the curse of the jindas

“The Curse of the Jindas”

1.7       The Curse of the Jindas Airdate:  10/19/85

A trip to the trader Mooth for their yearly supplies has Wicket spending his money to get a gift of a magic stone for Kneesaa.  After an encounter with Skandits, the Ewoks find themselves in the care of the Jindas…but the Jindas curse could bring danger to the entire Ewok village.

star wars ewoks the land of hte gupins mring mring

“The Land of the Gupins”

1.8       The Land of the Gupins Airdate:  10/26/85

Mring-Mring is back and learns from his brother Oobel that his land is being threatened by the Grass Trekkers.  To save his people, the banished Mring-Mring might have to return and become the hero of prophesies.

star wars ewoks season 1 episode 9 sunstar vs shadowstone morag

“Sunstar vs. Shadowstone”

1.9       Sunstar vs. Shadowstone Airdate:  11/02/85

Teebo has been taken in as an apprentice to Logray, but when Teebo tries to impress his friends, it could put Logray in combat to the death with Morag.

star wars ewoks season 1 episode 10 wickets wagon duloks

“Wicket’s Wagon”

1.10     Wicket’s Wagon Airdate:  11/09/85

When Wicket discovers his great-great grandfather’s war wagon, he decides to fix it up…but when the Duloks decide to steal it, Wicket can’t convince the other Ewoks of the potential danger.

star wars ewoks season 1 episode 11 the three lessons kneesaa chief chirpa

“The Three Lessons”

1.11     The Three Lessons Airdate:  11/16/85

Kneesaa is training to be the next leader of the Ewoks, but when she accidentally unleashes a Stranglethorn on the village, there may not be any Ewoks to lead.

star wars ewoks season 1 episode 12 blue harvest phlog hoona wicket

“Blue Harvest”

1.12     Blue Harvest Airdate:  11/23/85

The Duloks haven’t planned for the winter and intend to steal the Ewok harvest.  When Umwak accidentally takes one of Logray’s love potions, Wicket finds a Phlog named Hoona has fallen in love with him…and the village could pay the price.

star wars ewoks season 1 episode 13 asha red ghost


1.13     Asha Airdate:  11/30/85

An encounter with a strange wild red-haired Ewok in the forest has Kneesaa hoping that her long-lost sister Asha might still be alive.

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