Star Wars: Doctor Aphra 1: Aphra

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Comic Name: Star Wars:  Doctor Aphra (Volume 1)

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writer: Kieron Gillen

Artist: Kev Walker/Salvador Larroca

# of Issues: 6

Release Date: 2017

star wars doctor aphra #1 cover variant

Star Wars: Doctor Aphra (1) #1 Variant

Reprints Star Wars:  Doctor Aphra (1) #1-6 (February 2017-June 2017).  Doctor Aphra is out from Darth Vader’s shadow and out to make a buck…unfortunately for Doctor Aphra, she’s just Aphra when she loses her doctorate.  Aphra finds her estranged father could be the key to restoring it and her source of income but that she must join him in a search for the legendary Jedi Citadel of Rur.  With 000, BT-1, and Black Krrsantan backing her up, Aphra’s going to find herself in conflict with the Empire if she hopes to become Doctor Aphra once again.

Written by Kieron Gillen, Star Wars:  Doctor Aphra Volume 1:  Aphra is a Marvel Comics Star Wars spin-off title.  Following the events of Star Wars:  Darth Vader 4:  End of Games, the collection features art by Kev Walker and Salvador Larroca.  Issues in the collection were also included in Star Wars:  Doctor Aphra—Volume 1.

Doctor Aphra was one of the more interesting creations in the relaunch of Star Wars.  Unlike characters like Han Solo, Chewbacca, Lando, and Princess Leia who all came from the movies and received mini-series, the original character of Doctor Aphra was granted her own continuing series…which did better than many of the core Star Wars titles.

Aphra is a bit like Indiana Jones and a bit like Deadpool.  In the volume, you start to see that despite her “money above all else” attitude that she has a bit of a conscience about some things.  You get to meet her father and you learn a bit about the death of her mother…plus, a dip into her schooling which shows she’s always had a rebellious (and unethical) streak.  It is working to create a rounded character which has the freedom of not being tied to a movie franchise that has been around over forty years.

star wars doctor aphra #4 cover review

Star Wars: Doctor Aphra (1) #4

The story itself feels a lot like other Star Wars comics, and it also feels a bit too drawn out.  The quest for the Citadel driven by her father feels a bit too close to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (but of course set in space), but I do like the crossing of paths with the Empire (plus a potential future love interest in Captain Tolvan).  It helps cement that Aphra is neither a Rebel nor an Imperial…kind of like Han Solo always claims to be.

What I have liked in previous appearances and feel this volume lacks a bit of is more 000 and BT-1.  It has a lot of Black Krrsantan (which I also like), but the murderous antics of 000 and BT-1 serve as a fun counter to C-3PO and R2-D2.  Incorporating them more into the story and even maybe a solo issue in the future would be welcomed.

Doctor Aphra is off to a good start, but there is room for improvement.  It needs a tighter story and future stories just can’t be Doctor Aphra committing a heist over and over again.  It is a solo book, but I would like to see more development of the back-up characters and expansion of Aphra’s circle of “frenemies”.  Star Wars:  Doctor Aphra 1:  Aphra was followed by the Star Wars comic book series crossover Star Wars:  Screaming Citadel and then Star Wars:  Doctor Aphra 2:  Doctor Aphra and the Enormous Profit.

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