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Comic Name:  Star Wars:  Chewbacca

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writer:  Gerry Duggan

Artist:  Phil Noto

# of Issues:  5

Release Date:  2016


Star Wars: Chewbacca #1 Variant

Reprints Star Wars:  Chewbacca #1-5 (December 2015-February 2016).  Chewbacca is on a mission but sidelined to the planet of Andelm IV when he has ship troubles.  On Andelm IV, a revolution is building.   A miner named Jaum is holding people as slaves in his mines and working for the Empire.  When a young girl named Zarro tries to free her people, she finds herself teamed with the Wookie in an attempt to stop Jaum…and the Empire itself!

Written by Gerry Duggan and illustrated by Phil Noto, Star Wars:  Chewbacca is a Marvel Star Wars limited series.  The series takes place after Star Wars:  A New Hope in the Star Wars saga.  The series is unrelated to the Dark Horse expanded universe Star Wars:  Chewbacca series which it famously killed the Wookie.

The Marvel relaunch of Star Wars has been both really good and spotty.  The core series of Star Wars and Star Wars:  Darth Vader have been very good.  Many of the spin-off series have been a bit disappointing.


Star Wars: Chewbacca #4

I would put Chewbacca in the so-so category.  With Chewbacca as a character who cannot speak (in a traditional sense), the burden of the story is on Zarro as the sidekick to the strongman.  The comic reminds me a lot of the Marvel limited series Drax the Destroyer by Keith Giffen which teamed the lumbering Drax with a street smart kid named Cammi.  It works as a strange team-up aspect, but it also doesn’t feel like much of a compelling story.

The art for the comic is rather good.  I like that it has a bit of a cartoon-y look with Phil Noto’s illustrations.  The series is meant to be more of a “fun” Star Wars series with a lighter tone.  The style of the art fits in nicely with the story.

Star Wars:  Chewbacca isn’t a bad story, but it also isn’t a great story.  I’m glad that this wasn’t a continuing series because it is lacking.  Chewbacca is proving to be a great side character but not the best lead character.  I could see another Star Wars:  Chewbacca limited series in the future, but I hope that it is a little more developed than his first outing.

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