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Meet Spider-Woman!

Jessica Drew is a reporter for Justice Magazine, and teamed with Jeff Hunt and her nephew Billy, they are out to uncover the secrets of the world.  Jessica has a secret herself…she is the masked superhero Spider-Woman.  As a child, Jessica received a deadly spider bite from an genetically altered spider and her father’s experiment treatment gave her secret powers.  Now, Spider-Woman could be the only one standing between the world and evil!

Spider-Woman—The Complete Series is a Marvel Comics superhero comic book animated TV series.  The sixteen episode series aired from September 22, 1979 to January 5, 1980 on Saturday mornings on ABC.

I have really vague memories of Spider-Woman.  I knew the character before I started reading comic books, and I have to assume it is through this TV series.  The arrival of Disney+ allotted a lot of strange “limited” TV series that never caught on…and it is great to see Spider-Woman finding a home there.

spider-woman the complete series opening jessica drew origin

Kind of close…minus the High Evolutionary, Wundagore, S.H.I.E.L.D., and HYDRA

The series isn’t very good (to establish that), but it does feel like a lot of the old superhero cartoons.  Spider-Woman generally learns about a threat, calls in her team from Justice Magazine and investigates as Jessica Drew, gets sexist/love-interest Jeff and her nephew Billy in trouble, and steps in to rescue them.  There isn’t a lot variety to the episodes, and it also doesn’t dip much into Marvel Comics’ deep comic book character catalogue.

The best Spider-Woman episodes are those that do use existing Marvel characters.  Episodes where Spider-Man guest-stars are high points and the show also features appearances by Kingpin and Dormammu…unfortunately that is the extent of it.  There is appearance by Dracula (who had Tomb of Dracula going at Marvel), a werewolf (with Marvel having the Werewolf by Night character), and the Frankenstein Monster (Marvel had The Monster of Frankenstein), but they were also the more traditional versions of the characters…there was also a Fly character, but once again, the show decided to create their own.  It is kind of frustrating.

spider-woman the complete series episode 1 pyramids of terror mummy

Enter: Generic Villain of the Week!

The animation is also very dated.  It is easy to forget how low budget TV animation was in the 1970s and earlier.  There was a reason that movies created by Disney and others were big deals in the theater…because often animation on TV was quick and crude.  Spider-Woman is like that with a lot of rehashed art, poor coloring, and under-designed characters.  It isn’t the high detail you get today or the creatively famed shots…it is rather cheap looking (I like the rather Chewbacca-looking creatures in “A Crime in Time)”.

Despite my criticisms, I am happy that Spider-Woman is available to everyone now.  You could find bootlegged versions of the show or the occasional weird collection, but it never was very official.  Disney’s purchase of Marvel does create some problems, but it also solves some…with the availability of shows like this.  Spider-Woman is in no means a great or perfect show, but it is fun to finally revisit for all its flaws…and I still love Jessica Drew.

Spider-Woman—The Complete Series Episode Guide:

spider-woman the complete series episode 1 pyramids of terror spider-man

“Pyramids of Terror”

Episode 1 Pyramids of Terror Airdate:  09/22/79

Mummies are coming alive all over the world and a new pyramid has appeared in Egypt.  When Spider-Man is captured, Jessica Drew, Jeff Hunt, and Jessica’s nephew Billy are on the story for Justice Magazine…Spider-Woman could be Spider-Man’s only hope!

spider-woman the complete series realm of darkness dormammu

“Realm of Darkness”

Episode 2 Realm of Darkness Airdate:  09/29/79

A satellite launch on Grand Cayman Island has Jessica investigating a cult worshipping the dreaded Dormammu.  With the entire world threatened, Spider-Woman must stop Dormammu.

spider-woman the complete series episode 3 the amazon adventure queen

“The Amazon Adventure”

Episode 3 The Amazon Adventure Airdate:  10/06/79

Amazons rob Fort Knox, and Jessica, Billy, and Jeff are headed to the Amazon to locate them.  Spider-Woman must stop the Amazons in an attempt to take over the world.

spider-woman the complete series episode 4 the ghost vikings

“The Ghost Vikings”

Episode 4 The Ghost Vikings Airdate:  10/13/79

Jessica, Billy, and Jeff go to cover the Nobel Peace Prize but find themselves sidetracked when Jeff accidentally unleashes Viking ghosts…with Spider-Woman spirited back in time!

spider-woman the complete series episode 5 the kingpin strikes again

“The Kingpin Strikes Again!”

Episode 5 The Kingpin Strikes Again Airdate:  10/20/79

Spider-Woman finds herself at odds against the Kingpin.  When Jessica decides to draw out the Kingpin, Jessica makes herself the target of the Kingpin and his lackeys.  The Kingpin discovers Spider-Woman’s secret identity, and Jessica could be exposed.

spider-woman the complete series episode 6 the lost continent

“The Lost Continent”

Episode 6 The Lost Continent Airdate:  10/27/79

Planes are disappearing in the Bermuda Triangle.  When Jessica, Jeff, and Billy go to investigate, they discover a mad scientist with a mad plan!

spider-woman the complete series episode 7 the kongo spider movie

“The Kongo Spider”

Episode 7 The Kongo Spider Airdate:  11/03/79

A director named C.B. intends to make the greatest monster movie…with Spider-Woman and Spider-Man as the stars!  Unfortunately, Spider-Man and Spider-Woman don’t know they are in the picture, but the danger is real.

spider-woman the complete series episode 8 games of doom alien

“Games of Doom”

Episode 8 Games of Doom Airdate:  11/10/79

Jeff, Billy, and Jessica travel to the Soviet Union to cover the World Athletic Games.  When a group secretly begins to replace the real athletes with robot athletes, Jessica must go undercover to stop them.

spider woman the complete series episode 9 shuttle to disaster steeljaw

“Shuttle to Disaster”

Episode 9 Shuttle to Disaster Airdate:  11/17/79

Jessica, Billy, and Jeff are selected to be part of the first civilian shuttle trip, but when Steeljaw hijacks the shuttle to take it to the moon, Spider-Woman must stop him.

spider-woman the complete series episdoe 10 draculas revenge

“Dracula’s Revenge”

Episode 10 Dracula’s Revenge Airdate:  11/24/79

When Dracula is released from his coffin, he begins to create an army and recruits the werewolf and Frankenstein Monster to help him.  With Jeff and Billy transformed into werewolves, Spider-Woman must stop Dracula before it is too late.

spider-woman the complete series episode 11 the spider woman and the fly

“The Spider-Woman and the Fly”

Episode 11 The Spider-Woman and the Fly Airdate:  12/01/79

Dr. Hagell is out to steal the research of Dr. Drew…and uses it to turn himself into the Fly.  When the Fly realizes Spider-Woman is Dr. Drew’s daughter, a showdown is coming.

spider-woman the complete series episode 12 the invasion of the black hole

“The Invasion of the Black Hole”

Episode 12 Invasion of the Black Hole Airdate:  12/08/79

Earth faces a danger from within a black hole.  Spider-Woman finds herself in a battle against the attackers from Graviton.

spider-woman the complete series episode 13 the great magini magician

“The Great Magini”

Episode 13 The Great Magini Airdate:  12/15/79

A magician called the Great Magini has targeted the world’s greatest landmarks…and it is up to Spider-Woman to stop him.

spider-woman the complete series episode 14 a crime in time chewbacca dr t

“A Crime in Time”

Episode 14 A Crime in Time Airdate:  12/22/79

Jessica, Billy, and Jeff get the scoop on a government time machine.  When Dr. T steals the plans for the time machine, Dr. T plots to use the time machine to make himself rich…and Spider-Woman must stop him!

“Return of the Spider-Queen”

Episode 15 Return of the Spider-Queen Airdate:  12/29/79

The Loch Ness Monster has been sighted, but Jessica, Billy, and Jeff’s investigation uncover a secret race of spider-people.  When the spider-people believe Spider-Woman to be their queen, Spider-Woman falls under their control.

spider-woman the complete series the deadly dream nimara

“The Deadly Dream”

Episode 16 The Deadly Dream Airdate:  01/05/80

An alien named Nimara is freed from the ice and begins to put the world to sleep…and Spider-Woman might have to enter the dream world to face Nimara on her own turf.

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