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A great season of South Park

The Jared Fogle episode is a bit awkward now


Everyone is tuning in to South Park!

Kenny is dead and Butters has officially become the friend of Stan, Kyle, and Cartman…for now.  The kids are on adventures which includes a visit from Jared from Subway, tackling the Catholic Church controversy, becoming tolerance, an ’80s Aspen ski trip, battling Stephen Spielberg and George Lucas, attempt to build a ladder to Heaven, and travel to Iraq with Jesus to save Santa…unfortunately, The Simpsons already did it.

South Park—Season 6 aired from April 6, 2002 to December 11, 2002 on Comedy Central.  The series continued to build it fan base and receive critical acclaim.


I still dream of Sea Monkeys!

There are a lot of good and memorable episodes here.  When South Park—Season 6 aired, South Park was still a hot show strumming up a lot of controversy.  Ironically, South Park has become much more topical, but it is almost a nice comforting show that is always there.  South Park—Season 6 is a nice trip down memory lane.

This is part of South Park’s golden period.  The show isn’t as topical as later seasons, but isn’t as juvenile as earlier seasons.  I can watch this season of South Park and really enjoy it for what it is.  There are a lot of good episodes here so revisiting South Park—Season 6 is worth the trip.

The season has a ton of great episodes with a wide range of topics.  The show isn’t afraid to go juvenile with a Terrance & Phillip based episode (which are not my favorites), but it also goes a bit topical with “Red Hot Catholic Love” which looks at the Catholic Church crisis.  However, a majority of this season is more of kid based adventures like Butters’ Professor Chaos, the trip to Aspen, and the Lord of the Rings parody (which later resurfaces in the South Park:  The Stick of Truth game).  It is a bit lighter than later seasons, but that doesn’t mean it is better or worse.


Ouch! This is awkward…

The elephant in the room this season has got to be “Jared Has Aides”.  While originally, this was a light-hearted mocking of Subway’s Jared Fogle commercials, now in revelations that Fogle is a pedophile, the episode takes on new dimensions.  It also goes to show how much things change.  The people of South Park are shouting “Jared for President”…now Jared is the recipient of death threats.  It also makes Jared’s speech where he says he wants to give the children of the world “aides”, it gets an even dirtier feel and leaves you a bit unclean.  Jared later appeared in South Park—Season 14 episode “200” and post-abuse revelations in South Park—Season 19 “Stunning and Brave”.


You can do it, Lemmiwinks!!!

The real fun of this season has to be the evolution of Butters.  Butters really came into his own this season as the Kenny fill-in.  It also introduces Butters’ alter ego Professor Chaos.  Butters is one of the best parts of South Park.  With this season Butters really becomes a full fledge player in the South Park mythos (and that is a good thing).

South Park—Season 6 is a great season of a great series.  The show continues to evolve and change over the years, and it is nice to go back and watch older episodes on occasion to see where the show developed.  South Park—Season 6 shows an improvement from the juvenile first seasons to the reflexive nature of new shows.  It could be a perfect balance.

South Park—Season 6 Complete Episode Guide:


“Jared Has Aides”

6.1       Jared Has Aides Airdate:  03/06/02

Jared Fogle visits South Park and reveals his secret to weight-loss…he has aides.  When Kyle, Cartman, and Stan realize that weight-loss can lead to fame, they get Butters to gain weight to make a deal with City Wok.



6.2       Asspen Airdate:  03/13/02

Butters’ parents learn about a free ski weekend for attending a timeshare and Kyle, Cartman, Stan, and Butters are off to Aspen to learn ski.  Stan finds himself challenged by the king of the slopes:  Tad Mikowsky.


“Freak Strike”

6.3       Freak Strike Airdate:  03/20/02

Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Butters decided to try to get on the Maury Povich show by pretending Butters  chinballitis…forcing Butters to go to New York City.  Butters finds himself as the face of a freak strike and Cartman heads to the Maury Povich Show as an out-of-control kid.


“Fun with Veal”

6.4       Fun with Veal Airdate:  03/27/02

When Stan learns that veal is made from calves, he convinces Kyle, Cartman, and Butters to help steal the cows from the farm…leading to a “terrorist” stand-off to save the cows.


“The New Terrance and Phillip Movie”

6.5       The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer Airdate:  04/03/02

The new Terrance and Phillip Movie trailer is about to premiere during Russell Crowe:  Fightin’ Around the World, and the kids must see it.  When they lose their TV, a quest is on to find a TV to watch it.


“Professor Chaos”

6.6       Professor Chaos Airdate:  04/10/02

Butters is fired as a friend…leading him to transform into Professor Chaos!  Cartman, Stan, and Kyle search for their new best friend.


“Simpsons Already Did It”

6.7       Simpsons Already Did It! Airdate:  06/26/02

Cartman sets out to get Sea People and awaits their arrival.  A shocking death could be tied to Cartman, Kyle, Kenny, and Twitch.  Professor Chaos tries to find an evil plan but keeps realizing that The Simpsons already did it.


“Red Hot Catholic Love”

6.8       Red Hot Catholic Love Airdate:  07/03/02

Father Maxi tries to stop the molesting of children in the Catholic Church.  Cartman discovers that shoving food up his butt leads him to poop from his mouth.


“Free Hat”

6.9       Free Hat Airdate:  07/10/02

Cartman, Kyle, Stan, and Tweak set out to save movies from their directors with a Free Hat prize…leading to a dual cause and showdown with George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg.


“Bebe’s Boobs”

6.10     Bebe’s Boobs Destroy Society Airdate:  07/17/02

Bebe got boobs and now all the boys are noticing…and at war over who will win Bebe’s heart and body.


“Child Abduction Is Not Funny”

6.11     Child Abduction Is Not Funny Airdate:  07/24/02

The parents of South Park are afraid of stranger-danger.  When Tweak is almost abducted, the people of South Park decide to erect a wall around the city…and invading Mongolians.


“A Ladder to Heaven”

6.12     A Ladder to Heaven Airdate:  11/06/02

To claim a candy shopping spree, Cartman, Kyle, and Stan must reach Kenny in the afterlife since he’s holding the winning ticket stub.  Cartman finds that when he accidentally drinks Kenny’s ashes, Kenny’s spirit might be closer than he thought.  Determined to reach Kenny, the kids begin to build a ladder to Heaven…creating a worldwide event.


“The Return of the Fellowship of the Rings to the Two Towers”

6.13     The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers Airdate:  11/13/02

Randy sends Cartman, Kyle, and Stan on a quest to deliver Lord of the Rings to Butters’ home.  When Randy mixes up Back Door Sluts 9 with Lord of the Rings, the boys find themselves on an adventure to keep the One-Tape from those seeking it.


“The Death Camp of Tolerance”

6.14     The Death Camp of Tolerance Airdate:  11/20/02

Mr. Garrison is teaching 4th grade again.  When he learns that if he’s fired for being gay that he could sue the school, Garrison brings in Mr. Slave as his Teacher Ass…sending gerbil Lemmiwinks on an adventure!  Meanwhile, the parents of the students decide they need to learn tolerance to accept Mr. Garrison.


“The Biggest Douche in the Universe”

6.15     The Biggest Douche in the Universe Airdate:  11/27/02

The spirit of Kenny is killing Cartman.  After a failed attempt to exorcise Kenny through a visit to medium John Edwards, Stan thinks he’s received a mission from his grandmother.


“My Future Self n’ Me”

6.16     My Future Self n’ Me Airdate:  12/04/02

The kids find a joint in the woods.  When Kyle throws it away, he learns that even touching drugs could lead to a path of destruction when he’s visited by his older self…but is it really Kyle?


“Red Sleigh Down”

6.17     Red Sleigh Down Airdate:  12/11/02

Cartman finds he might own Santa Claus presents unless he turns it around as Christmas approaches.  Cartman, Kyle, and Stan head to the North Pole and try to get Santa to take gifts the children of Iraq.

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