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Two different specials that had to be touched on by South Park

Wish there could have been traditional seasons with more episodes

south park season 24 episode 1 the pandemic special randy marsh pangolin mickeymouse covid origin

The true origins of COVID are revealed!

The pandemic is ripping through South Park and leaving the town in tatters.  As a search for the cure is sought, Randy realizes that he could be responsible for COVID-19 and his Pandemic Special at Tegridy Farms could be the cure everyone needs.  Even if the cure is found, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny, and Stan are going through a lot of changes…can the “Bro-ship” be saved?

South Park—Season 24 is a Comedy Central animated series.  The regular season was disrupted by the outbreak of COVID-19 and the season was released by two extended length episodes airing on September 30, 2020 and March 10, 2021.  The series received a Primetime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Animated Program (“The Pandemic Special”).

The pandemic period was a weird time…and even something like South Park seemed a bit out of step simply because it was such a downer of a time.  I fell off South Park for a couple years and finally am catching up.  I don’t know that I would have enjoyed this season during the peak of the pandemic, but once again Trey Parker and Matt Stone manage to point out both sides of the absurdity of the whole situation.

south park season 24 episode 2 the vaccination special qanon adrenochorome hillary clinton george clooney

QAnon has come to save the children!

The first episode of the season is deep into the pandemic.  There is no cure, and Trump (aka Mr. Garrison) is making it worse by using it to keep his promise to keep Mexico down.  The whole season is a culmination of multiple events that occurred during COVID including riots against police killing unarmed black people (Token gets shot…but fortunately not killed), and questions of the COVID origins.  It is a solid episode that relatively stands alone, but as mentioned, it could be a bit intense for those still coping with events of the pandemic.

The second special is a post-January 6th special with the vaccine roll out, plus a dose of QAnon reaction to the COVID and January 6th.  It doesn’t dive too deep into the actual January 6th events, but largely deals with the disconnect between vaxers and anti-vaxers.  It also tries to look at the fairness of how the vaccines were rolled out.  Personally, I was stuck between two people who had the vaccine a few months before me because I didn’t qualify…and then the rush to try to get an appointment once I did.  It is lighter than the previous episode but also less of a deconstruction of the events (It does literally go into deconstruction mode however when Garrison faces the Supreme Being which is implied to be Parker and Stone).

south park season 24 episode 2 the vaccination special mr white garrison meet rulers

What are you trying to say about what’s going on?

South Park—Season 24 is a quick jaunt but it is good to be back in the “Park”.  I am happy that Parker and Stone are continuing South Park because I think there is a place for it in the world of animation and comedy, but I do wish that they were a little more productive at times, but I also don’t want a product that doesn’t live up the standards of the show…which is ironic considering how the show was initially viewed upon its release.  South Park—Season 24 was followed by two Paramount+ specials South Park:  Post Covid and South Park:  Post Covid:  The Return of Covid both released in 2021 followed by South Park—Season 25 in 2022.

South Park—Season 24 Complete Episode Guide:

south park season 24 episode 1 the pandemic special president trump garrison torches scientists

“The Pandemic Special”

24.1     The Pandemic Special Airdate:  09/30/20

COVID-19 is tearing through the country, and South Park is trying to handle it by having the city on lockdown.  Randy’s Pandemic Special at Tegridy Farms forces Randy to realize that he could be the cause of the pandemic due to his adventures in China with Mickey Mouse.  Meanwhile Stan is struggling to deal with COVID while Butters just wants his trip to Build-A-Bear.  Cartman finds he loves pandemic life and never wants to see social distancing end.  When the school decides to resume and staffs fired police, a police action shooting leads to expose and lockdown…can a cure for COVID be found?  Will Randy admit his guilt?  The President has thoughts on the issue and nothing is South Park is certain.

south park season 24 episode 2 the vaccination special kommunity kidz vaccines

“The Vaccination Special”

24.2     South ParQ Vaccination Special Airdate:  03/10/21

The vaccine is here, but only the elderly can seem to get access to it.  When Cartman and Kenny play a prank on the teacher to reestablish the waning “Bro-ship”, the teacher quits…leaving a spot for Mr. Garrison’s return.  Unfortunately, the cult of QAnon sees Garrison’s return as a sign, and stopping the vaccination of the people of South Park is their goal.  Meanwhile, the Bro-ship is suffering…can it endure the pandemic?

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