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south park season 23 episode 5 tegridy farms halloween special title card

Get your weed here!

Things on Tegridy Farm aren’t all that they cracked up to be.  Randy Marsh’s dream of running an all-natural weed farm isn’t the money maker he hoped…but Randy discovers getting a Chinese backer could be the key.  With threats of a Mexican Joker arising from I.C.E.’s treatment of immigrant children and a goo man threatening a side business, Tegridy Farms is facing a challenge.  In South Park, a mummy’s curse, anti-vax parents, streaming apps, and the death of a White child could threaten the town…and when Sheila Broflovski gets a fecal transplant, the search for the legendary fecal spice mélange is on!

South Park—Season 23 aired from September 25, 2019 to December 11, 2019.  The series was renewed for an addition three more seasons before the Season 23 premiere.  The series also faced a Chinese ban following “Band in China” and celebrated its 300th episode.

south park season 23 episode 1 mexican joker randy fuck you middle finger

Randy’s got an opinion

South Park has gotten a bit odd.  The series continues to morph which is a good thing, but at this point it almost feels entirely like an in-joke.  The characters are known, the recurring jokes are there, and you just wait and expect Stone and Parker to hit on the topical events of the day.

The season is really divided.  The show continues the Tegridy Farms storyline which was established last season and ends it about at the midway point of the season (with a callback for the final episode).  The series then launches into some one-off episodes for the second half of the season which feel oddly disconnected despite earlier seasons predominately having one-off episodes.  The switch to season based stories seems to have stuck now.

south park season 23 episode 2 band in china death metal crimson dawn

I want more death metal Crimson Dawn!

Much like Homer Simpsons became the star of The Simpsons, Randy has seemingly taken a huge role in the series.  This season has him featured prominently for a majority of the episodes.  It could be the fact that Parker and Stone are aging and identifying a bit more with the adult characters, but it also leaves the rest of the cast in a rather odd place…and the more PC world of 2019 sometimes requires a little more PC approach (even if PC Principal isn’t the person giving it).

The best part of South Park has always been the topical nature.  You can turn off the news and turn on South Park and you get bitter and biting context of many of the current stories.  Children separated from parents at the border, the rise of marijuana farms, and kowtowing to the Chinese because of their domination of the buyers’ market are all relevant issues that other series can’t seem to get on quick enough to really get the feel of the moment (South Park is generally more on point than late night comedians in this sense).

south park season 23 episode 6 season finale president trump garrison

Will next season see a bigger return of Trump…I mean Garrison?

South Park’s pattern is strange in that at the beginning of the series, there was a shock value.  Much like The Simpsons, South Park was “did you see what they did on air” type of show.  Now with streaming and other options of TV viewing, shock isn’t as big of a factor…even swearing which was mostly missing from the early seasons is common in TV shows.  Despite its continued edgy nature, South Park has become an almost comfort food.  You know what type of jokes you’ll get from the characters and the characters don’t disappoint.  I still look forward to new seasons of South Park, and I know that the COVID-19, quarantine, and election season should be a scorcher…I’ll be down at South Park for it for sure.

South Park—Season 23 Complete Episode Guide:

south park season 23 episode 1 mexican joker ice detention camp cartman kyle

“Mexican Joker”

23.1     Mexican Joker Airdate:  09/25/19

Cartman discovers he can call in ICE on his enemies which means a trip to a detention camp for Kyle and his family…but could the government accidentally create a new Mexican Joker?  Randy Marsh learns that people have started to grow their own weed, and with Tegridy Farms at stake, that cannot happen!

south park season 23 episode 2 band in china randy kills winnie the poo

“Band in China”

23.2     Band in China Airdate:  10/02/19

Randy has decided that China is a new market for Tegridy Farms, but discovers Winnie-the-Pooh’s resemblance to the Chinese leader could ruin the deal.  Trying to get out of Tegridy Farms, Stan’s death-metal band Crimson Dawn could make a moneymaking biopic movie, but the Chinese must accept it first.

south park season 23 episode 3 shots cartman antivax


23.3     Shots!!! Airdate:  10/09/19

Cartman refuses to get his shots under the fear that it could make him artistic, and the town decides they can’t let Cartman risk all their children.  Stan’s Tegridy Farms makes its first $300,000 with the help of the Chinese, but it could cost him his family and his soul.

south park season 23 episode 4 let them eat goo cartman butters

“Let Them Eat Goo”

23.4     Let Them Eat Goo Airdate:  10/16/19

The children of South Park demand change for their non-sustainable lunches, and Cartman isn’t having it.  Randy and Towelie try to find a way to make more money from Tegridy Farm’s waste and realize Tegridy burgers could be the key, but when a simple goo man comes to town, the battle heats up.

south park season 23 episode 5 tegridy farms halloween special mummy

“Tegridy Farms Halloween Special”

23.5     Tegridy Farms Halloween Special Airdate:  10/30/19

Randy and Towelie are whipping up a Halloween special, but Shelly’s growing resentment of Randy’s weed business could turn it into a nightmare.  A trip to the museum by Butters leads to a mummy’s curse or Butters’ codependency with the mummy.

south park season 23 episode 6 season finale mexican joker

“Season Finale”

23.6     Season Finale Airdate:  11/06/19

Randy’s been exposed as the Mexican Joker who blew-up the home weed farms and is facing trial, but Randy’s call to President Garrison gets him a special defender in Rudy Giuliani.  The Whites have their children killed in a police hit-and-run, and no one cares about the Whites…leading Cartman to suggest the Whites adopt one of the “orphaned” migrant children.

south park season 23 episode 7 board girls strong woman competition

“Board Girls”

23.7     Board Girls Airdate:  11/13/19

Strong Woman is about to enter the strongwoman competition, but finds a competitor in Heather Swanson.  Strong Woman realizes she has a tie to Heather which could make PC Principal break his PC pledge.  The Dice Studz find the girls want to play in the club to Cartman’s chagrin, but eliminating the girls might be harder than expected.

south park season 23 episode 8 turd burglars cartman stan kenny

“Turd Burglars”

23.8     Turd Burglars Airdate:  11/27/19

Sheila Broflovski is suffering from a C-diff bacterial infection requiring an emergency fecal transplant.  When word gets out about the benefits of the fecal transplant, Sheila’s friends are willing to pay anything to get her waste and Star Wars Jedi:  Fallen Order might be what they need to do it.  Learning about the bacteria living inside of everyone, Kyle begins to see things and it could be tied to Tom Brady and the spice mélange.

south park season 23 episode 9 basic cable scott malkinson sophie gray

“Basic Cable”

23.9     Basic Cable Airdate:  12/04/19

Scott Malkinson finds there is a new girl in town and she also has diabetes.  With his future love defined, Scott tries to woo Sophie Gray only to learn of her love of The Mandalorian.  With his cable providing father raging against the rise of streaming apps, Disney+ isn’t happening for Scott, and if he can’t get Disney+, will Sophie ever love him?

south park season 23 episode 10 christmas snow santa tegridy

“Christmas Snow”

23.10   Christmas Snow Airdate:  12/11/19

When the sale of alcohol is banned in South Park until after the New Year, the parents of South Park are desperate and depressed.  With no one spending money and the economy of the town threatened, the Mayor goes to Randy for help…and Randy’s Christmas Special might be what the town needs.

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