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south park season 20 episode 6 fort collins member berries

Member with South Park was funny? Answer: It still is

Something is happening all over the United States.  Mr. Garrison is in the race for President against Hillary Clinton and people are sitting for the anthem.  Internet trolls are attacking people left and right and forcing people to sever their ties to the internet and social media.  The world is in greater danger than ever and the boys of South Park could be the only ones who can save it…as long as they don’t eat the Member Berries.

South Park—Season 20 aired from September 14, 2016 to December 7, 2016 on Cartoon Network.  The season featured an overall story arc theme which was introduced in South Park—Season 18.  It was nominated for a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program (“Member Berries”).

south park season 20 episode 6 fort collins cartman heidi relationship

Cartman gets the girl?!?!

The South Park serialized stories has been an interesting trip.  While South Park generally had some continuity (minus Kenny and other big events), the episodes continuing to episode to episode would have been something that could have ended the series…instead, South Park continues to be ahead of things.

This season really feels to be capturing the mood in America.  There is this odd desire for throwbacks (as presented in the Member Berries) and this unattainable desire to go back in time.  This is encapsulated with the vindictiveness of internet trolls who feel that freedom of speech means a freedom of consequences and Mr. Garrison preying on everyone’s desires and fears (even if he is doing everything he can to lose the election).

south park season 20 episode 7 oh jeez bill clinton bill cosby

Glad we got this whole Bill Cosby/Bill Clinton thing behind us (sarcasm)

It is that old idea that “simpler times” are better times, but there is a lot that is forgotten by the phrase including the number of people who weren’t having “better times” during the simpler times.  The Member Berries are a great reminder that everything in the past looks better…even Star Wars prequel movies.

It is easy to forget while watching this season in 2017 that this season came out before Trump was elected and ended before his inauguration.  Things in the season with tweeting and Mr. Garrison’s actions in office aren’t that far off from real events…even down to the idea of women’s rights and controversy over sitting during the National Anthem (which exploded even more in 2017).  It is the forethought of Matt Parker and Trey Stone’s writing that makes this series still amazingly topical and it still manages to be funny.

South Park—Season 20 Complete Episode Guide:

south park season 20 episode 1 member berries randy

“Member Berries”

20.1     Member Berries Airdate:  09/14/16

In South Park, athletes are sitting down during the National Anthem due to Skankhunt42’s trolling of women…leading the leaders of the United States to turn to J.J. Abrams to reboot the National Anthem.  The choice between the Turd Sandwich and the Giant Douche has everyone debating which is better and Mr. Garrison and Caitlyn Jenner realize that they will look like fools if they win as the polls predict.  Kyle suspects Cartman is Skanthunt42 but doesn’t know where the real danger lurks.

south park season 20 episode 2 skank hunt gerald broflovski

“Skank Hunt”

20.2     Skank Hunt Airdate:  09/21/16

Skankhunt42 continues to divide South Park but no one suspects Gerald Broflovski is the real attacker.  When Heidi Turner quits social media, the students of South Park realize the danger is real…leading the boys to take drastic measures against Cartman.  The girls of South Park plot their next move if Skankhunter42 is not stopped.

south park season 20 episode 3 teh damned mr garrison douche president

“The Damned”

20.3     The Damned Airdate:  09/28/16

Gerald learn his actions have consequences when a Danish gold medalist named Freja Ollegard commits suicide and puts the target on internet trolls.  Mr. Garrison begins to get desperate in his attempts to lose the election…only making his campaign stronger.  Cartman finds an ally in Heidi Turner as they cope with not being online.  Gerald discovers his online anonymity might be threatened by someone.

south park season 20 episode 4 weiners out butters national anthem

“Weiners Out”

20.4     Wieners Out Airdate:  10/12/16

As Kyle tries to mend the rift between the girls and the boys, Butters starts a new moment when his girlfriend Charlotte dumps him.  Gerald finds himself allied with other internet trolls and learns that their secret might soon be exposed with new technology.  Cartman develops a relationship with Heidi and forges ahead on his own path.

south park season 20 episode 5 douche and a danish trolltrace denmark

“Douche and a Danish”

20.5     Douche and a Danish Airdate:  10/19/16

Cartman and Heidi try to use their love to mend the rift in South Park by organizing donations for Denmark’s Troll Trace program, but when Gerald and the trolls target Denmark, the plans might fall through.  Mr. Garrison continues to try to throw the election and resorts to hiding in South Park…where he learns that Member Berries and J.J. Abrams could be a more sinister force than originally believed.

south park season 20 episode 6 fort collins skankhunt42

“Fort Collins”

20.6     Fort Collins Airdate:  10/26/16

The Danish grow closer to unlocking the means to track trolls, and Cartman’s new girlfriend Heidi might hold the key.  Mr. Garrison and Randy seek to find a way to destroy the Member Berries…but the Member Berries realize they must fight to survive.  Gerald tries to get rid of his new “friend”       but learns that he might need him if the identities of the trolls are uncovered.  Cartman realizes that the exposing of everyone’s internet experience could destroy his relationship with Heidi.

south park season 20 episode 7 oh jeez president garrison caitlyn jenner

“Oh Jeez”

20.7     Oh, Jeez Airdate:  11/09/16

Mr. Garrison is elected, and Randy learns the power of Member Berries.  Gerald is sent to Denmark on a top secret spy mission by Hillary Clinton.  Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby begin touring school promoting their Gentlemen’s Club…but Butters learns the truth behind the actions.  Cartman realizes the only hope of saving his relationship with Heidi is travelling to Mars.

south park season 20 episode 8 members only concert africa

“Members Only”

20.8     Members Only Airdate:  11/16/16

World tensions are rising as the Danish prepare to release their troll program, and Mr. Garrison learns being President of the United States is hard.  Gerald is trapped with the other trolls by the Danish and sets out to clear his name by framing Ike as Skankhunt42.  Eric finds a new challenge from Butters as Butters, Cartman, and Heidi try to get aboard Elon Musk’s Space X to Mars.  The Member Berries continues to raise problems as the older Member Berries try to reclaim their world.  Kyle uncovers the truth about what is going on in his family.

south park season 20 episode 9 not funny gerald internet trolls

“Not Funny”

20.9     Not Funny Airdate:  11/30/16

Kyle tries to break the stalemate over Troll Tracker by forcing President Garrison into starting nuclear with the Danish, but runs into a problem when he learns his father’s location.  Cartman begins to question if Heidi is as great as he believed when she stops saying funny things to try to solve the Space X problem.  Gerald learns the secret mission of the Danish President.

south park season 20 episode 10 the end of serialization as we know it cartman mars

“The End of Serialization as We Know It”

20.10   The End of Serialization as We Know It Airdate:  12/07/16

With the world on the brink of nuclear war, Gerald must prove that he is a satirist and that the Danish President is a nihilist.  Kyle and Ike formulate a plan to knock out the internet but getting rid of their mother could be the first problem.  Cartman questions if his relationship with Heidi is made up of lies, and Butters and Cartman learn that Space X could be the key to ending the danger once and for all!

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