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Black Friday, Photoshop

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South Park is getting darker!

The kids of South Park are back and finding new adventures.  They are facing government spying, George Zimmerman, invasion of emo kids, early puberty in Canadians, and the great battle of Black Friday to determine once and for all who will win the console wars…PS4 or Xbox One.  Head on down to South Park and meet some friends of mine!

South Park—Season 17 aired from September 25, 2013 to December 11, 2013.  The ten episode season changed the format of the show which previously had been split into two seven episode runs.  “Black Friday” was nominated for a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program.


You’re invited to the Red Robin wedding!!!

I love South Park, but I have to say that this season is disappointing.  With less episodes, I expected a lot and the season just isn’t what I hoped for.  It has its moments, but overall the quality isn’t as good.

The season is loaded with potential episodes.  The George Zimmerman story alone could have been fantastic, but it just didn’t have the humor.  I do like the idea of the “Black Friday Trilogy”, but when compared to the fun of “Imaginationland” from Season 11, it isn’t as good.  I do like the return of Kanye West and South Park’s look at Photoshopping.


The cable company is ensuring you can keep your South Park!

The best part of South Park is that it can be topical and this season isn’t as topical as some of the other seasons.  The kids are able to say things about society that adults aren’t allowed to.  I love their takes on news and episodes like “Goth Kids 3:  Dawn of the Posers” are fun, but not great when considering the short run of the season.  Give me more political commentary!!!

With only ten episodes, South Park promises a lot to the viewers…and fails this season.  I love South Park and think for how long it has run, it has been quite astounding in its quality, but this season just isn’t up to the standards of the other seasons.  The season does have some high points, but I’m hoping season eighteen is better.

South Park—Season 17 Complete Episode Guide:


“Let Go, Let Gov”

17.1     Let Go, Let Gov Airdate:  09/25/13

Cartman is driving everyone crazy with his new cellphone, and Cartman decides that they must be part of the NSA…and infiltrate the NSA with his new social media device Shitter.  Plus, Butters learns that the government might watching him and starts to worship at the DMV.


“Informative Murder Porn”

17.2     Informative Murder Porn Airdate:  10/02/13

Cable TV murder-mystery stories are catching on and the children of South Park realize that this informative murder porn could cause their children to kill each other.  The kids of South Park realize they must stop their parents from watching the smut infiltrating their home.  When the parents are locked from their cable boxes, they must learn Minecraft to free their murder porn.


“World War Zimmerman”

17.3     World War Zimmerman Airdate:  10/09/13

Cartman is suffering nightmares and reveals his fear of African Americans going crazy due to the George Zimmerman verdict.  When Cartman fears Token could be the start of an outbreak, Cartman goes on the run.


“Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers”

17.4     Goth Kids 3:  Dawn of the Posers Airdate:  10/23/13

There is a new threat to the Goth Kids when Henrietta is sent for deprogramming.  When Henrietta comes back Emo, the Goth Kids learn that the Emo world is trying to take over.


“Taming Strange”

17.5     Taming Strange Airdate:  10/30/13

Kyle finds that his little brother Ike is growing up fast…way too fast.  Raging between puberty and childhood Kyle sets out to find the cause while South Park Elementary deals with a new computer system called Intellilink.


“Ginger Cow”

17.6     Ginger Cow Airdate:  11/06/13

Cartman’s trick involving a ginger cow creates an international incident when Jews, Muslims, and Christians realize it is the sign they have been looking for.  When world peace occurs, Kyle finds himself as Cartman’s slave to keep Cartman from telling the truth…which includes eating Cartman’s yummy farts.


“Black Friday”

17.7     Black Friday Airdate:  11/13/13

Black Friday is coming…and the world is preparing.  Randy finds himself as a security guard at the mall as the mall offers 80% off to the first thirty shoppers.  The children of South Park prepare for Black Friday with a plan to conquer, but the children find themselves divided while trying to decide between PS4 and Xbox One.


“A Song of Ass and Fire”

17.8     A Song of Ass and Fire Airdate:  11/20/13

The sides have been drawn and the Xbox One and PS4 followers have picked sides.  With the mall dropping more discounts on Black Friday sales, it grows more dangerous for Randy and his mall crew.  Cartman has Butters sent to find George R.R. Martin to find out how to defeat Princess Kenny and his dragons.  Bill Gates enters the battle and the battle could be growing!


“Titties and Dragons”

17.9     Titties and Dragons Airdate:  12/04/13

Black Friday has been pushed back by George R.R. Martin, and the growing crowd risks any faction of getting their new gaming system.  With plans for a Red Robin Wedding, Cartman and Kyle plan a betrayal for Black Friday…and Kyle’s decision could create a rift between Kyle and Stan forever!


“The Hobbit”

17.10   The Hobbit Airdate:  12/11/13

Lisa Berger has a crush on Butters, but Lisa is the fat ugly girl…and Butters wants a perfect woman!  When Wendy tells Butters that Kim Kardashian is really a Hobbit, Wendy finds herself accused of being anti-feminist…leading to a visit from Kayne West.  Wendy shows the magic of Photoshop to Butters on Lisa, and Lisa becomes hot to the school.  Accused of being a hater, Wendy sets out to ban Photoshop.

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