South Park—Season 16

8.5 Overall Score
Story: 9/10
Acting: 8/10
Visuals: 8/10

Continues to be a great comedy

The occasional weak episode


South Park goes live action!!!

The boys are back and as normal South Park is the center of the universe.  Be it the debate of remembering to put the seat down, the legend of the Jewpacabra, the dangers of football, performing enhancing drugs, Honey Boo Boo, how Obama really won, and the real danger of ziplining, it all goes down in South Park, and Stan, Kenny, Kyle, and Cartman are on the forefront of change.

South Park—Season 16 aired from March 14, 2012 to November 7, 2012 on Comedy Central.  The series continues to win praise and won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program for “Raising the Bar”.


The season is so good that even Honey Boo Boo would eat it!

South Park is pretty amazing.  After 16 seasons, you’d think that it wouldn’t be as good as it is, but Trey Parker and Matt Stone keep pushing the limit with the storytelling and commentary.  What used to be a laugh a minute show filled with dumb jokes, is one of the smartest comedies.

Much like with To Kill a Mockingbird, Stone and Parker get away with stuff because kids are saying it (they even poke some fun at this in “Going Native” when an angry Butters points out the faults in the characters (except Kenny).  The fact that they can even recognize this is important, though I kind of wish that it had been brought up in “Raising the Bar” since many point to The Simpsons and South Park of “lowering the bar” in addition to reality TV.


Hopefully South Park will have a better life than Cupid Cartman

The story and art also have greatly improved…don’t think so?  Check out the first couple seasons.  Here we get some art changes including a homage to Dr. Seuss in “A Scause for Applause” and the rather dull parody of “I Shouldn’t Be Alive” (which is also a horrible show as South Park points out) did have moments of genius by having live-action recreation of the events.

South Park is still a great show.  I’m in the park of loving The Simpsons but not enjoying Family GuySouth Park has similar jokes to Family Guy, but they are relevant and appropriate to the plot…the smarter writing and continuous laughs keeps me coming back to South Park.

South Park—Season 16 Complete Episode Guide:


“Reverse Cowgirl”

16.1     Reverse Cowgirl Airdate:  03/14/12

Clyde forgets to put the toilet seat down after constant reminders and leaves his mother dead…now, toilet safety becomes the push.  Kyle, Stan, and Jimmy try to help Clyde and meet a lawyer to sue the toilet creator Sir John Harrington.


“Cash for Gold”

16.2     Cash for Gold Airdate:  03/21/12

Stan’s grandfather buys him a $6,000 bolo necktie, but Stan discover that the Home Shopping Network is ripping people off.  Cartman seeks to start his own Cash for Gold business.


“Faith Hilling”

16.3     Faith Hilling Airdate:  03/28/12

Cartman goes Faith Hilling at the primary convention, but soon learn that Faith Hilling has been outdated by Taylor Swifting and Oh Long Johnsoning.  When cat breading begins occurring, a meme expert decides that there has been evolution.



16.4     Jewpacabra Airdate:  04/04/12

Cartman tells the story of the Jewpacabra who prays on the blood of children during Passover.  Cartman is given money and a team to hunt the Jewpacabra during the annual Easter Egg hunt.



16.5     Butterballs Airdate:  04/11/12

Everyone thinks Butters is being bullied at school but the real bully is his visiting grandmother.  Bucky Bailey’s Bully Buckers comes to South Park to try to stop the bullying crisis when Stanley points out the problem.


“I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining”

16.6     I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining Airdate:  04/18/12

The final day of spring break is coming and Stanley, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny decide to zipline…which leads to a day of horror as part of a tour group.


“Cartman Finds Love”

16.7     Cartman Finds Love Airdate:  04/25/12

A new girl starts school and Cartman decides that Token has a future girlfriend when he learns she’s African-American.  Cartman will stop at nothing to set Token and Nicole up…even at the cost of Stan!



16.8     Sarcastaballs Airdate:  09/26/12

When Randy learns that kickoff returns have been eliminated from South Park football for safety reason, he jokingly suggests a new game called sarcastaball which he ends up coaching…changing the face of football.  With Randy coaching the new sarcastaball Denver Broncos, Butters learns that it might be his chance to shine in sports.


“Raising the Bar”

16.9     Raising the Bar Airdate:  10/03/12

When Cartmen gets fat to get a mobility scooter, Kyle something in society must change.  Token helps Kyle make a documentary on Cartman but turns it into a show to rival Honey Boo-Boo…the only person who can save humanity might be James Cameron who is going to the depths of the ocean to raise the bar if Randy Newman doesn’t stop him!



16.10   Insecurity Airdate:  10/10/12

When Ike sees his parents having sex playing UPS man and sets up a panic through South Park.  As more people turn to security systems including the personal Insecurity plans, the men of South Park set to stop the UPS delivery man once and for all.


“Going Native”

16.11   Going Native Airdate:  10/17/12

When Butters finds himself filled with rage, his parents realize it is time to go to his homeland of Hawaii for his hapanoa ceremony with Kenny.  When the Mahalo Rewards Card is retired, a war breaks out between the native Hawaiians and America…with Butters and Kenny caught in the middle.


“A Nightmare on Face Time”

16.12   A Nightmare on Face Time Airdate:  10/24/12

Randy has invested the family’s money in a Blockbuster…and finds no one still rents movies.  As Cartman, Kenny, and Kyle go out as the Avengers and face robbers, Stan is trapped in Blockbuster with Randy as he slowly goes mad.


“A Scause for Applause”

16.13   A Scause for Applause Airdate:  10/31/12

When performance enhancing drugs are found in the Shroud of Turin, the WWJD bracelets become unpopular…but Stan decides he has to hold on to the morals of WWJD.  Stan’s decision leads to a Stand movement and controversy.


“Obama Wins!”

16.14   Obama Wins! Airdate:  11/07/12

Barack Obama has won again!  Unfortunately, it looks like there is a controversy involved when Kyle discovers Cartman has manipulated the vote in swing states by stealing ballots.  As the authorities get involved, the real danger is revealed and the reason that Obama is working with the Chinese.

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