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Michael Moore is out to help the 99%

The kids of South Park are back.  They are facing a number of new problems.  The boys learns that reading contracts is important, comedy is a science, size does matter, Canadian royal weddings are weird, EA Sports is a shrewd negotiator, turning ten can make everything seem like crap, deal with Mexico/Texas relations, battle WikiLeaks, find out why guys go to musicals, represent the 99%, discover the poor kids in school, learn the truth about Pilgrims, and uncover the secret of City Wok.

South Park—Season 15 ran from April 27, 2011 to November 16, 2011.  This season was developed at the same time that Trey Parker and Matt Stone were working on their award winning The Book of Mormons musical.


Slash in the stars and the hearts of children everywhere

South Park continues to be strong by pushing the limit.  Trey and Matt push the current events so much that it feels a bit strange when the series goes into a standard non-topical episode or they fall back on an old event (like The Matrix references in “Ass Burger”).  Watching the series after it has aired is a bit odd in that it feels like a bit of a time capsule to see what was trending.

The season also marked concern for those who believed that Trey Parker and Matt Stone were possibly giving up the series.  In “You’re Getting Old” and “Ass Burger”, Stan finds that the world is turning to crap around him (due to being cynical) and that he is tired of the weekly monotony of a life that seems to just reset.  Many people took this as a warning that the show was going to end soon, but Matt and Trey fixed those fears by signing up for another five seasons.


You need to get real!

South Park is still a fun creative series that I still look forward to.  It is amazing what the creators can get away with and they do it in the way that both To Kill a Mockingbird and All in the Family work…children are “innocent” and Cartman might be a racist, but he’s always proven wrong.  South Park continues to be fun so make sure that you tune in and continue to watch one of the smarter series on TV that is aging gracefully.

South Park—Season 15 Complete Episode Guide:



15.1     HUMANCENTiPAD Airdate:  04/27/11

Cartman lies to his class about having an iPad and finds his mother refuses to buy one for him.  Kyle finds himself the victim of Apple when he doesn’t read the conditions of the iTunes update agreements.  Kyle’s father, Stanley, Butters, and Kenny work to get Kyle back when he is transformed into a HumanCentiPad.



15.2     Funnybot Airdate:  05/04/11

Jimmy tries to host a comedy awards show for the special education department and incites rage by declaring the German people the least funny people in the world.  When the Germans face off against South Park, Funnybot is their solution…putting comedians out of work.


“Royal Pudding”

15.3     Royal Pudding Airdate:  05/11/11

The royal wedding of Canada airs and the princess is kidnapped from the ceremony.  Ike mourns the lost princess as Canadians deal with the tragedy, and Kyle is forced to take Ike’s place in the tooth decay play when Ike goes to war.



15.4     T.M.I. Airdate:  05/18/11

Cartman tells the students of South Park Elementary, that the teachers have put up their penis sizes from their physical.  When Cartman decides to remeasure, the school finds it has a problem which Randy agrees to solve, and Cartman goes to anger therapy. When Randy disagrees with the measurement policy he joins Cartman in forming the Pissed-Off-And-Angry radical party.


“Crack Baby Athletic Association”

15.5     Crack Baby Athletic Association Airdate:  05/25/11

Kyle decides to volunteer to help with crack-addicted babies after seeing a Sarah McLachlan commercial and finds Cartman is working a scheme involving the crack babies.  Cartman reveals he’s building a company around having crack babies fight over crack balls.  As crack baby basketball gains popularity and the money rolls in, Kyle begins to have doubts.  A quest to find Slash reveals the truth about Slash.


“City Sushi”

15.6     City Sushi Airdate:  06/01/11

City Wok finds City Sushi opening up next door.  When Butters is accused of starting a turf war, Butters meets with a doctor who claims Butters suffers from multiple personalities.  When Butters finds his doctor has more problems than he does, Butters must save him.


“You’re Getting Older”

15.7     You’re Getting Old Airdate:  06/08/11

Stan celebrates his 10th birthday and Stan’s mother takes away Stan’s tween wave album.  When Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny’s parents try to get them to listen to better music, Stan finds he can’t listen to tween wave anymore, and that he’s become cynical.  Randy decides to try to get into the tween wave craze.


“Ass Burgers”

15.8     Ass Burgers Airdate:  10/05/11

Stan continues to see the world as crap as his parents struggle with getting a divorce.  The students worry about the PCV shot and the possibility of Ass-Burgers Syndrome.  When Stan is diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, vaccinations are blamed for his condition.  Eric tries to fake Ass-Burgers but finds a money making scheme.


“The Last of the Meheecans”

15.9     The Last of the Meheecans Airdate:  10/12/11

The kids play Mexicans and Texans, and Butters gets lost in the wilderness playing a “Meheecan”.  When Butters is found by a couple who mistake him for a real Mexican, they bring him home to help around the house.  As Butters tries to get home, he starts a trend of Mexicans returning to Mexico, and the border patrol led by Cartman work to keep the Mexicans in the United States.


“Bass to Mouth”

15.10   Bass to Mouth Airdate:  10/19/11

South Park finds and all the students secrets are put on blast on the internet.  When Eric is assigned to help Pete Melman through a pooped pants incident by the school leaders who refuse to have another suicide, Eric begins to level the tables by having everyone poop themselves.  When the source of Eavesdropper is found to be a rat named WikiLeaks, Lemmiwinks must stop his evil brother.


“Broadway Bro Down”

15.11   Broadway Bro Down Airdate:  10/26/11

Randy takes Sharon to Wicked when he hears it inspires blowjobs and takes her to New York City when he learns it is true.  With no musicals around South Park, Randy decides to make a musical for South Park to keep the blowjobs coming.  Stan and Shelly’s vegan family friend Larry starts eating meat and finds himself attracted to Shelly.  When Stan’s musical is too obvious, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Steven Sondheim, Stephen Schwartz, and Elton John confronts Stan, and Randy ends up in a bro-down with Sondheim.  When Shelly and Larry go to see Wicked, Randy realizes he must end the reign of Broadway.



15.12   1% Airdate:  11/02/11

A national health survey finds South Park’s average was lower than everyone in the nation due to Cartman’s health.  Cartman accuses South Park of turning on him due to 99% turning against the 1%, and the kids decide to start a 99% group.  As Cartman finds his toys slowly being picked off one-by-one, Cartman realizes the 99% must be after him.


“A History Channel Thanksgiving”

15.13   A History Channel Thanksgiving Airdate:  11/09/11

The kids are assigned to learn about the true Thanksgiving and learn that aliens might be part of the first Thanksgiving from the History Channel.  When the alien-pilgrim link is proved true, the Pilgrims return to Earth, and a stuffing shortage might destroy Thanksgiving.  As the threat grows, Natalie Portman might be the world’s only savior.


“The Poor Kid”

15.14   The Poor Kid Airdate:  11/16/11

Kenny and his brother and sister are taken from their parents and put into foster care in a home for agnostics.  Cartman finds with Kenny gone, he’s the poorest kid in school.  Cartman has his mother busted for meth and ends up in foster care with Kenny.  Mysterion comes to Karen McCormick’s aid when she is targeted at her new home.

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