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Who is Mysterion…and where do his powers come from?

South Park‘s 14th Season shows why the show is still strong.  Even some of the weaker episodes in this season still work on multiple levels.  The 14th Season also has the controversial 200 and 201 episodes that landed Matt Stone and Trey Parker in hot water with Comedy Central and almost ended the long running show when Comedy Central decided to bow to Muslim threats to edit the 201 episode’s references to Muhammad.  Also of note in this season is the “Coon and Friends” trilogy which answers the question of who is Mysterion, and Kenny’s magical powers of rebirth.  The other big question finally answered this season was who is Cartman’s father and the answer is quite funny.

South Park continues to impress and develop into one of the smarter shows on television.  Despite extremely juvenile episodes, Matt and Trey mix in enough social commentary to raise the series past fart jokes and the lack of any political correctness, really allows society to be examined at a deeper level than many are afraid to reach.

South Park—Season 14 Complete Episode Guide:


“Sexual Healing”

14.1    Sexual Healing Airdaete:  03/17/10

Tiger Woods’ affairs cause panic among corporate America who try to determine what causes rich men to have sex with multiple women when they are married.  When sexual addiction is shown to be a disease spreading across America, Kenny, Butters, and Kyle test positive.  Can the spread of sexual addiction be alien and can anyone stop the alien influence?


“The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs”

14.2    The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs Airdate:  03/24/10

Feeling ripped off that they read Catcher in the Rye because it is supposed to be dangerous, Kyle, Kenny, Cartman, and Stan decide to write the most offensive book leading to The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs.  When Butters is believed to be the author, Kenny, Kyle, Cartman, and Stan decide Butters’ rise to fame must be stopped…but Butters’ new book The Poop that Took a Pee could change everything.


“Medicinal Fried Chicken”

14.3    Medicinal Fried Chicken Airdate:  03/31/10

Marijuana becomes legal in Colorado at the same time that KFC are closing due to attempts to target lower income families.  This means Cartman is without his KFC, and he must restore to an underground KFC dealing ring to get his fix.  Randy realizes that he can smoke all the pot he wants if he has cancer and with his friends irradiates his balls for testicular cancer.  As the cancer rate in South Park rises, doctor scramble to find what is causing it and how it can be stopped.


“You Have 0 Friends”

14.4    You Have 0 Friends Airdate:  04/07/10

Stan is forced to start a Facebook page and finds the drama that comes with it.  Kyle decides to friend a friendless kid named Kip but finds being friends with Kip means no one wants to be friends with him.  When Stan tries to shut down his Facebook page, he finds himself pulled into Facebook.  Now fighting to get free, Stan has to battle Facebook…in a dramatic game of Yahtzee.



14.5    200 Airdate:  04/14/10

When the kids accidentally insult Tom Cruise for being a fudge packer at a candy company, South Park comes under attack from all the celebrities it has insulted over the years.  Tom Cruise and his friends decide the mocking has to stop and realize the power of Muhammad could prevent anyone from making fun of them.  While Kyle and Stan go to the Super Best Friends and try to convince Muhammad to help South Park, the Gingers stage an attack.  Cartman’s attempt to infiltrate Tom Cruise’s camp leads him to discover new clues to the real identity of his father.  Will Muhammad reveal himself to save South Park and stop the war?



14.6    201 Airdate:  04/21/10

The Super Best Friends learn about Barbra Streisand’s attack on South Park and set out to battle her.  When Tom Cruise and the Gingers team up to steal Muhammad’s powers, the Super Best Friends realize they have a bigger fight then they planned.  Cartman discovers the horrifying truth of his father as the battle for South Park rages on.


“Crippled Summer”

14.7    Crippled Summer Airdate:  03/28/10

The kids try to have an intervention for Towlie when his drug problems become too much.  Jimmy and Timmy attend Camp Tardicaca and find themselves facing off against Nathan and his lackey Mimsy for control of the camp.


“Poor and Stupid”

14.8    Poor and Stupid Airdate:  10/06/10

Cartman admits his dream to become a NASCAR driver but realizes he is too rich and smart to do it.  When he tries to become stupid by ingesting Vagisil, Vagisil agrees to sponsor him for the Colorado 300.


“It’s a Jersey Thing”

14.9    It’s a Jersey Thing Airdate:  10/13/10

The Jersey craze sweeps the country but South Park decides to fight back against the New Jersey invaders.  Kyle learns the shocking truth that he has New Jersey in him and tries to fight the infection while battling the crazed Snooki.  With no one to help them, South Park turns to the only person they can…Osama Bin Laden.



14.10    Insheeption Airdate:  10/20/10

When Stan and Mr. Mackey are labeled as hoarders, the only way to save them is to enter their subconscious.  Mr. Mackey’s traumatic past sucks Stan in, and the only way to save him from the memories is to send in a crack team to uncover Mr. Mackey’s hidden secret and what happened to him in the woods as a child.


“Coon 2: Hindsight”

14.11    Coon 2:  Hindsight Airdate:  10/27/10

The Coon and Friends wonder how they can be superheroes but find they are being upstaged by the appearance of the newest superhero Captain Hindsight.  The Coon and Friends team-up ends in disaster when the Friends reject the Coon as leader.  The Coon now must plot how to regain control of his franchise as BP unleashes the horror of Cthulhu from the depths of the Gulf of Mexico.


“Mysterion Rises”

14.12    Mysterion Rises Airdate:  11/03/10

Mysterion identity as Kenny is revealed and Kenny tries to convince the other members of Coon and Friends that he has the power of rebirth as they search for answers on how to stop Cthulhu.  Meanwhile, Cartman in an attempt to regain control of Coon and Friends has teams with Cthulhu to continue his path of destruction.


“Coon Vs. Coon and Friends”

14.13    Coon Vs. Coon and Friends Airdate:  11/10/10

The Coon gets his original Coon and Friends team banished to Cthulhu’s dimension and Mysterion finds it is up to him and Mintberry Crunch to stop the Coon and Cthulhu’s reign of terror.  Can Mysterion learn the meaning of his powers of regeneration in time stop Cthulhu or will a new hero arise?


“Creme Fraiche”

14.14    Crème Fraiche Airdate:  11/17/10

Randy becomes obsessed with the Food Network and finds himself attempting to be the school cook in the hopes of garnering the attention of his favorite chefs.  With Randy gone, Sharon turns all her attention to her new exercise tool the Shake Weight and starts her own new relationship.

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