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Can South Park be happy again in the Post COVID world?

COVID has ravaged the planet and changed society forever.  Now in the future, Stan    learns that he must do what he never expected…he must return to South Park because Kenny has died.  Kenny was working on something to stop COVID.  Now, it is up to Stan, Kyle, and Cartman to continue his research, but Kyle and Stan aren’t talking and Cartman isn’t going to risk his family.  COVID can be stopped, but only if Kyle, Stan, and Cartman reunite!

South Park—Post COVID and South Park—Post COVID:  The Return of COVID is a two part animated series special.  The specials continue from South Park–Season 24 and were released exclusively on Paramount+.

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I have followed South Park from the beginning…and by South Park–Season 24 things got really weird.  The COVID events through a wrench in the series.  While the series has gotten continuously shorter, South Park–Season 24 was just two episodes…with the jump to Paramount+ to round out the storyline of the episodes, the COVID specials feels more like a continuation of the season rather than specials.

The first special has a lot of fun with the “alternate future”.  You get to see how each character grew up (they all are pretty unhappy except Cartman), and you of course have Kyle and Cartman playing a game of chicken (which Kyle actually being in the wrong).  The show is highly tied to the last season of South Park and interweaves plotlines involving the origins of COVID (in the humor of the situation, I particularly liked Stan’s relationship with his Alexa…something I have as well).

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The sad fate of Eric Cartman

The second special is a solution to the problem of COVID and how to move forward with the show since events of COVID were kind of big and bold.  The episode has a rather decent wrap-up of events and some clever writing.  Post COVID:  The Return of COVID and Post COVID are rather decently written storylines, but not as laugh-out-loud as some of the other seasons of South Park.

COVID was perfectly ripe for examination by South Park since big news events is what South Park does so well.  The challenge with COVID was that it was widely felt…it didn’t matter what country you were from, your race, your gender or anything…which made it even harder to tackle since it hurt everyone.  The series still manages to do it without feeling like a complete slam on victims or even those who felt the response was overboard.  South Park continues to be one of the smarter shows on television (or streaming…or wherever you watch it).  Keep on heading down to South Park, it is worth a visit.

South Park—Post COVID Complete Episode Guide:

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“Post COVID”

Episode 1        Post COVID Release Date:  11/25/21

Stan gets a call from Kyle that he needs to return to South Park…because Kenny is dead.  Kenny might have been on to something before his mysterious death, and Kyle and Token question what Kenny was up to and what he discovered.  Cartman reveals he has a new life as a Jewish rabbi…and Kyle suspects it is all a hoax.  When it is revealed Kenny died of a new strain of COVID, South Park goes on lockdown…but Clyde’s shellfish-ness could mean he isn’t getting vaccinated.  Stan learns Kenny’s research could tie in to his father’s farm Tegridy, and Stan might have to face his family’s past.  The search for answers could reveal the truth about COVID!

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“Post-COVID: The Return of COVID”

Episode 2        Post COVID:  The Return of COVID Release Date:

Stopping COVID could mean Stan, Kyle, and Cartman must return to the beginning of COVID.  Randy tries to keep free of the retirement home and get the last surviving Tegridy plant to safety.  The key to getting back to the past could be Victor Chaos…and Chaos is someone no one expected.  Cartman works against Kyle’s attempts to change the past.

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