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Game Name: Sonic Forces

Developer(s): Sonic Team

Publisher(s): Sega

Platform(s):  PS4/Xbox One/Switch/PC

Genre(s): Platformer/Action/Adventure

Release Date(s): November 7, 2017

ESRB Rating: E10+

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Hedgehogs really get a bad rap

Doctor Eggman is making his move again, but when Sonic is captured, Sonic’s friends must free Sonic from Eggman and his allies.  It is up to Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose, Silver the Hedgehold, Rouge the Bat, and the Chaotix to rescue their friend with the help of a new friend nicknamed the Rookie who has yet to prove himself.  When Classic Sonic shows up, Eggman, Shadow the Hedgehog, Chaos, Zavok, Metal Sonic, and Infinite better watch out!

Sonic Forces is a platformer developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega.  Following Sonic Mania also in 2017, the game was released as part of Sonic the Hedgehog’s 25th anniversary celebration, but was met with average reviews.

I never had a Sega.  I was Mario through and through, but Sonic was always tempting…until I played Sonic.  I liked a lot about Sonic, but I always felt there were problems with the game as well.  Sonic Forces has some fun moments, but it is also a problematic game.  The version reviewed in this review was the PS4 version of the game.

sonic forces gameplay screenshots graphics

Sonic goes all Tony Hawk

Sonic Forces is really short.  There are thirty stages and a few bonus stages, but the game largely can be finished in a long sitting quite easily.  There is room for replay for people who want Trophies or Achievements, but largely, you can play Sonic Forces and be done with it.  The difficulty level of the game is relatively low, and most levels can be passed in a few tries.

The problem I’ve always had with Sonic the Hedgehog is part of the design which Sonic Forces also struggles with.  The graphics for the game are tip-top and level designs seem smart.  I say seem because with Sonic, I have never felt that you were really free to explore or really witness the world.  Your character flies at rocket speed and rarely gets to allow you to just have fun trying to open new areas.  The replay aspect of the game tries to clear this up with hidden stars, but it still feels like you have little control as you careen through the levels.

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Die, Eggman, Die!!!

The controls are decent.  There are very few “moves” for the character and dealing with enemy pretty much involves hitting one button over and over again.  The Rookie character can be modified for play and even is easier to control with a flamethrower or other weapons that simply blast through robots.  The game switches from 3D to 2D, and the controls are pretty seamless in the transition which is often difficult.

Sonic Forces is a great looking game.  It is quick, easy, and simple to play for people who didn’t tear into every Sonic the Hedgehog game with unmitigated fervor.  That being said, it could be a big disappointment to some players, but if you can get the game for cheap, it can be a nice and relatively stress-free trip into a classic platformer…just don’t expect to spend much more than an afternoon on it.

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