Sojourn 1: From the Ashes

sojourn volume 1 from the ashes cover trade paperback tpb
8.0 Overall Score
Story: 8/10
Art: 9/10

Great looking book with a fun story

The main book's story is destined to be cut short due to CrossGen's demise

Comic Info

Comic Name:  Sojourn

Publisher:  CrossGen Comics

Writer:  Ron Marz

Artist:  Greg Land

# of Issues:  7

Release Date:  2003


Sojourn #1

Reprints Sojourn Prequel and Sojourn #1-6 (July 2001-January 2002).  Mordath has returned to life and taken over the Five Lands of Quin.  In the wake of his war, a woman named Arwyn finds her home destroyed and family killed.  Arwyn seeks vengeance with her dog Kreeg and an unlikely ally in a thief named Gareth.  Unfortunately, Mordath is a Sigil-Bearer and channeling the power of the First.  Arwyn’s only chance is a mysterious woman named Neven and finding the pieces of Mordath’s original killer Ayden.

Written by Ron Marz and illustrated by Greg Land, Sojourn Volume 1:  From the Ashes reprints the first issues of the CrossGen series.  The comic was one of CrossGen’s bestselling titles but ended after Sojourn #34 due to CrossGen’s bankruptcy.  The first volume was printed both in a standard and digest format.

Sojourn was a fun comic.  The series was a great action adventure that really kept moving with interesting characters and great art by Greg Land.  Marvel has gained the rights to some of the CrossGen titles, but as of now nothing has been done with Sojourn.


Sojourn #5

Sojourn is aided by some great storytelling in the vein of Lord of the Rings and other big fantasy titles.  The action is big and bold and has a big-screen feel.  The series is a bit marred by being forced into the CrossGen universe with the Sigil and the First ties.  Here, Mordath is the Sigil-Bearer, and it is a bit interesting that on the world that the Sigil-Bearer appears to only be solely a villain.

The character of Arwyn is likeable and Mordath is developing as a good villain in this series.  The swashbuckling Gareth is written as a Han Solo type and you always have to love a loyal dog like Kreeg (and hope that he doesn’t become the unlucky animal victim).  The characters of the comic are aided by the great art.

I love Greg Land’s art and the book is perfectly colored by Caesar Rodriguez.  The images just pop off the page and bring life to the characters.  The art seems to be a bit intentionally cheesecake with scenes like Arwyn in chains and coming out of the water, but it is supposed to be very classic fantasy-style art since that is the theme of comic.

Of all of CrossGen’s titles, I wish that with the return of Sigil and Ruse that Sojourn might either be relaunched or revisited.  The series was fun, snappy action, but also loaded with great eye-candy art.  Sojourn 1:  From the Ashes was followed by Sojourn 2:  The Dragon’s Tale.


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