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Look out Metropolis, the Blur is on patrol!

Clark Kent has a new problem…Kryptonians are alive and well on Earth and being led by Zod. The catch is that none of them have powers and Clark might be the key to getting them. Charged with trying to redeem Zod, Clark finds his role as the Blur is increasing as his romance with Lois begins.

Smallville—Season 9 ran from September 25, 2009 to May 14, 2010 on the WB network.  The series continued to be popular among fans and brought in more and more DC licensed super-heroes throughout the season.

I had a hard time getting into this season of Smallville. The central theme (Zod) kind of kept getting lost and wasn’t very interesting since Zod has been a nemesis before. Like other recent seasons, real comic book characters are abound including Metallo, Roulette, Toyman, Speedy, the Wonder Twins (yes they became real characters after their Super Friends runs…Extreme Justice), Amanda Waller, Silver Banshee, and Maxwell Lord. In addition to returning characters like Perry White, Martha Kent, Zatanna, Martian Manhunter, and of course Green Arrow and members of Justice.

The season also contained the big blow-out hour long episode “Absolute Justice” which introduced the Justice Society of America and its members Hawkman, Stargirl, Dr. Fate, Star-Spangled Kid, and Sandman. It was a total geekfest with Icicle as a villain and the appearance of ’70s superstar Pam Greer as Amanda Waller (feel a bit sorry for her since Amanda Waller is usually presented as kind of dumpy).

Season Nine also laid a few seeds for Season 10 with the Blur developing as a hero and the Darkseid storyline with an appearance of a certain “Granny Goodness” in the final episode. Like every season of Smallville, a great cliffhanger makes leaves you wanting more.

Smallville—Season 9 Complete Episode Guide:



9.1 Savior Airdate:  09/25/09

Lois Lane (Erica Durance) finds herself back from the future but faces amnesia about what occurred there. Clark Kent (Tom Welling) patrols Metropolis leaving the House of El’s symbol as his his trademark. Zod (Callum Blue) and his soldiers are released from the black orb and find themselves powerless on Earth. Chloe (Allison Mack) learns Clark could have saved Jimmy Olsen with the Legion ring and that Clark refused. Clark is targeted by a Kryptonian from the future and is faced with new Blue Kryptonite. Clark and the Kryptonian assassin face off, and Clark learns that he could influence the future of Earth.



9.2 Metallo Airdate:  10/02/09

Daily Planet reporter John Corben (Brian Austin Green) is struck by a truck while seeking the Blur’s secret identity. Corben wakes up rebuilt with a Kryptonite heart and finds the Kryptonite is powering his body. Zod reveals to Tess Mercer (Cassidy Freeman) that he is responsible for Metallo’s condition and Metallo is sent off for a confrontation with the Blur.



9.3 Rabid Airdate:  10/09/09

A zombie plague rages in Metropolis and it is up to Clark to stop it. When Emil Hamilton (Alessandro Juliani) finds that the zombie strain was caused by Kryptonian enzymes, he and Chloe set out to find a cure before the zombie plague spreads. Zod searches for the Blur in Metropolis and thinks that the Blur is actually Jor-El.



9.4 Echo Airdate:  10/16/09

Clark finds the ability to read others thoughts and finds it gives him inside to his friends. Toyman (Chris Gauthier) returns to get revenge on Oliver Queen (Justin Hartley) and Oliver finds he is going to have to admit his role in Lex Luthor’s death if he wants to survive.



9.5 Roulette Airdate:  10/23/09

Oliver is kidnapped by a woman named Roulette (Steph Song) and finds himself trapped in a deadly game. Oliver questions who is behind his kidnapping and learns the people are after his fortune. Plus, Clark learns that he is not the only Kryptonian on Earth.



9.6 Crossfire Airdate:  10/30/09

Clark and Lois are tapped for a television show and find themselves at odd on air. Oliver finds himself mentoring a prostitute named Mia Deardon (also known as Speedy) (Elise Gatien) and questions if Mia has a plan for him. Oliver admits his feelings for Lois, and Clark learns that Lois has feelings for him.



9.7 Kandor Airdate:  11/06/09

Jor-El (Julian Sands) comes to Earth and arrives on the Kent Farm and learns that Zod is responsible for the destruction of Krypton. Zod kidnaps Jor-El and Clark searches for his father.Zod questions Jor-El about the Blur, and Jor-El asks Clark for a favor.



9.8 Idol Airdate:  11/13/09

Zan and Jayna (aka the Wonder Twins) (David Gallagher and Allison Scagliotti) decide they have the ability to help the Blur but finds themselves accidentally framing him for assault. When the DA Raymond Sacks (Dylan Neal) pushes for charges. Clark realizes that he might have to come forward to clear his name and Lois begins to suspect that Clark could be the Blur.



9.9 Pandora Airdate:  11/20/09

Tess tries to tap into Lois’s lost memories, but accidentally becomes locked in her mind. When Clark tries to save Lois, he finds himself in the future where Zod and the Kryptonians have powers and he has none. Clark must face off against Zod and wonders what it means for the future and Earth.



9.10 Disciple Airdate:  01/29/10

An archer arrives impersonating Green Arrow and is targeting Lois. Oliver discovers the attack is his old mentor Vordigen (Steve Bacic) and Vordigen kidnaps Mia to draw Oliver out. Clark finds Zod is continuing to get close to the people he loves and gives Zod an ultimatum about his powers.


“Absolute Justice”

9.11 Absolute Justice Airdate:  02/05/10

Double-Episode.  Sylvester Pimberton (aka Star-Spangled Kid) (Jim Shield) is killed by Icicle (Wesley MacInnes) and his death leads Clark and Chloe on a mission to discover the murderer. Clark and Chloe uncover a hidden organization called the Justice Society of America and learn that the group was a team of super-heroes. Now the Justice Society of America is being targeted by a group called Checkmate and Clark and his friends must team with Hawkman (Michael Shanks), Stargirl (Brittney Irvin), and Dr. Fate (Brett Stait) to stop Amanda Waller (Pam Grier) nd Checkmate before they are killed. Plus Dr. Fate gives Clark clues to his future.



9.12 Warrior Airdate:  02/12/10

A rare Warrior Angel comic is stolen from a comic book convention and the comic turns a boy into the legendary Warrior Angel. Lois finds herself jealous Clark and Zatanna (Serinda Swan) but doesn’t realize they are trying to stop Warrior Angel to save Chloe.



9.13 Persuasion Airdate:  02/19/10

Lois and Clark spend Valentine’s Day together and are accidentally exposed to a mixture of Kryptonite. Lois becomes a homemaker, and Clark finds himself with persuasive power. Clark realizes he can use the powers to learn who killed Jor-El. Plus plans for a solar tower that could give the Kryptonians powers go up in flames.



9.14 Conspiracy Airdate:  02/26/10

Someone is kidnapping Krytonians, and Clark is asked to find out who. Bernard Chisholm (JR Bourne) contacts Lois Lane about possible aliens on Earth and captures her when he reveals he’s been experimenting on them. Zod seeks out the kidnaper without Clark and Clark debates if he should become involved. Oliver learns from Tess that someone is stealing from the company and discovers that Chloe could be behind it.



9.15 Escape Airdate:  04/02/10

Lois and Clark decide they need a getaway and take a weekend retreat to a bed & breakfast. When they arrive, they learn that Oliver and Chloe are also on vacation at the same resort. When Lois accidentally unleashes a spirit called the Silver Banshee, no one is safe. Lois comes in contact with the Blur but doesn’t realize it isn’t the Blur she knows.



9.16 Checkmate Airdate:  04/09/10

Amanda Waller is back with Checkmate and is on a recruitment drive that doesn’t leave any options for its candidates. Oliver is kidnapped by Waller with Tess’s help, and Clark finds John Jones (Phil Morris) is also searching for Checkmate and Oliver. Waller’s motives are revealed and Clark and Jones learns Chloe is really Checkmate’s target..



9.17 Upgrade Airdate:  04/16/10

Lois’s investigation of Tess Mercer’s secret lab unleashes Metallo, but also creates the threat of Red Kryptonite. When Clark becomes infected by the Red Kryptonite, he teams with Zod to take control of the Earth. With the two powerhouses joined, the only person who can stop Zod and Clark is Metallo.



9.18 Charade Airdate:  04/23/10

Lois and Clark find themselves competing for a job at the Daily Planet and Lois learns the Blur’s identity has been compromised when Raymond Sacks returns. Meanwhile Maxwell Lord seeks out the identity of the Blur and kidnaps people who have encountered them. When Lois becomes kidnapped, it is up to Clark to rescue her and stop Maxwell from finding his identity by probing the minds of his victims.



9.19 Sacrifice Airdate:  04/30/10

Tess and Chloe become trapped in Watchtower and realize that Checkmate is coming for them both. Zod is forced to make a sacrifice when he feels betrayed and uses it as a rallying point for the Kryptonians. Clark faces off against Zod and learns that Zod’s been hiding a secret about the Kryptonians.



9.20 Hostage Airdate:  05/07/10

Martha Kent (Annette O’Toole) returns, and Clark learns that she’s now dating Perry White (Michael McKeon). Clark and Lois have to reveal that they’ve been fired from the Daily Planet, and Lois and Perry uncover that they are working on the same story. As Tess Mercer is held by agents trying to uncover if she is the Red Queen, Lois and Perry are getting closer to the Red Queen’s identity. Clark learns the secret of the Book of Rao, and the Blur contacts Lois to reveal his identity.



9.21 Salvation Airdate:  05/14/10

Lois discovers Clark’s friend is the Blur but questions if he can be trusted. Zod and his followers begin their take over of Earth and Clark and his allies scramble to stop them. Tess Mercer is mortally wounded by Zod but is visited by a strange woman in the hospital. Lois discovers secrets about Clark and learns the man claiming to be the Blur might not be what he says. Now Clark must decide if he’ll save Earth by following the Kryptonians to a new world using the Book of Rao or try to convince Zao and his men to assimilate to Earth.

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