Sleepy Hollow—Season 1

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Enter the Hollow, you might not leave with your head!

Revolutionary War fighter Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) finds himself alive in modern day New York and with a mission.  The first Horseman of the Apocalypse has risen as well and the Headless Horseman of Death that he beheaded in the war is looking to raise Moloch’s other Horsemen:  Pestilence, War, and Famine.  Fortunately, Ichabod has found an ally in Lt. Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie) and her hesitant boss Captain Frank Irving (Orlando Jones).  Moloch has agents everywhere and even a friend could secretly be an enemy, but together, Abbie and Ichabod must stop the apocalypse and rescue Ichabod’s wife Katrina (Katia Winter) from purgatory.


What’s a horseman got to do to get a head in Sleepy Hollow?

Sleepy Hollow—Season 1 aired on FOX from September 16, 2013 to January 20, 2014.  The TV show used Washington Irving’s 1820 short story “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” as its basis and put it in a modern setting (which also incorporated aspects of Irving’s “Rip van Winkle” from 1819.  The show received relatively positive reviews and garnered a small following.  The season ran thirteen episodes with episodes twelve and thirteen airing together as the season finale.

When I was little the Headless Horseman was my “nightmare figure”.  A record of the telling of Sleepy Hollow had scared me and I had a fear of the Headless Horseman…leading to a lifelong fascination with the story.  Having seen a lot of versions of the Sleepy Hollow story, I was interested to see what a series would do with it.


Staring down Pestilence

The initial look of the series resembled the Tim Burton big screen adaptation set in modern days.  I was pleasantly surprised in the first episode that it wasn’t the case and Sleepy Hollow didn’t follow in the paths of Sherlock and Elementary in basic story.  Instead, Ichabod is from the past and the horseman isn’t just a ghost or a spirit but the Horseman of Apocalypse as foretold in the bible.  It adds a bit of a twist to a plot that seems pretty formulaic of The X-Files, Supernatural, and other shows.

Part of the reason this feels formulaic is the combination of Carrie and Ichabod.  You have a little bit of Mulder and Scully mixed with stories found by the brothers in Supernatural.  The dialogue and the acting all feels a lot like these WB and FOX style series.  It isn’t a bad thing, but in that aspect Sleepy Hollow doesn’t do a lot to distinguish itself.


Macey, I don’t care if you are possessed…if you kill one more priest, you’re grounded!

Visually the show looks quite good.  It does seem to take some elements from Burton’s imagining of Sleepy Hollow and gives it a bit of a gothic feel with old world forests and swamps.  Unlike The X-Files, the show shows a lot more of creatures and monsters and they do look pretty good…though in this season it feels very “creature of the week”.

Sleepy Hollow is a show that is worth more examination.  The season ends on a big cliffhanger which leaves you wanting Sleepy Hollow—Season 2.  I like the characters and the stories despite being redundant of other TV shows and fans of similar shows will probably enjoy it as well.  Fist-bump!

Sleepy Hollow—Season 1 Complete Episode Guide:



1.1       Pilot Airdate:  09/16/13

Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) finds himself alive in modern day New York and learns that his enemy the Headless Horseman has also returned.  Teamed with police officer Lt. Grace “Abbie” Mills (Nicole Beharie), Crane questions why he has been returned to life…and Ichabod and Abbie could be the only thing standing between the only thing standing between Earth and the end of days.


“Blood Moon”

1.2       Blood Moon Airdate:  09/23/13

Abbie is warned by her commanding officer Captain Frank Irving (Orlando Jones) to be wary about her relationship with Crane.  Crane sees a vision from Katrina (Katia Winter) that a witch is coming named Serilda (Monique Ganderton) who hunted during the revolutionary war.  Officer Andy Brooks (John Cho) is resurrected from the morgue and finds himself a vessel for the evil.  Abbie begins seeing visions of Sheriff August Corbin (Clancy Brown) and receives a warning about the future.


“For the Triumph of Evil”

1.3       For the Triumph of Evil Airdate:  09/30/13

Abbie finds herself reunited with her sister Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood) after a prophetic nightmare.  Abbie’s past is coming back to haunt her and a lie she told has put Ro’kenhronteys (Marti Matulis), the Sandman, on her trail…and only Ichabod can help her fight it!


“The Lesser Key of Solomon”

1.4       The Lesser Key of Solomon Airdate:  10/07/13

Jenny has escaped and Ichabod and Abbie are going after her.  Ichabod learns that Jenny’s mission might be tied to his past and that Jenny is being pursued by enemies that plan to unleash demons.


“John Doe”

1.5       John Doe Airdate:  10/14/13

A boy (Matthew Lintz) arrives in Sleepy Hollow speaking Middle English.  Abbie and Ichabod search for the identity of the boy and learn that Thomas Grey could be part of the missing colony of Roanoke.  When Abbie and Ichabod learn that Thomas might be touched by the Horseman of Apocalypse, stopping a potential plague is vital.


“The Sin Eater”

1.6       The Sin Eater Airdate:  11/04/13

Ichabod has been taken and Abbie receives a visit from his wife Katrina.  With a warning that Ichabod and the Headless Horseman are tied together, Abbie must team with Jenny to find the Sin Eater Henry Parrish (John Noble) and save Ichabod.  Ichabod recalls his past and working as an agent for British.


“The Midnight Ride”

1.7       The Midnight Ride Airdate:  11/11/13

Ichabod’s ties to the Horseman have been severed as the Horseman prepares to ride again.  Luke Morales (Nicholas Gonzalez) is contacted by Brooks and warned to stay away from Abbie.  The Horseman is searching for his skull and determined to find it to raise the other Horsemen of the Apocalypse…leading Irving to learn the truth about the Horseman’s existence.  With the Horseman determined to retrieve his head, Ichabod, Abbie, and Irving must find a way to stop Death once again for all!



1.8       Necromancer Airdate:  11/18/13

The Horseman has been captured and Hessian agents are out to free him.  As the interrogation of the Horseman begins through Brooks…as Ichabod probes into the Horseman’s past, his true identity is revealed…and his hatred for Ichabod.



1.9       Sanctuary Airdate:  11/25/13

The disappearance of a billionaire socialite named Lena Gilbert (Erin Cahill) leads Ichabod and Abbie to a home where Ichabod and Katrina attended a party.  Ichabod and Abbie find themselves trapped in the home and that the home is haunted by a spirit.  Abbie discovers Kartrina’s secret past.



1.10     The Golem Airdate:  12/09/13

Ichabod seeks out the history of his son and uses Henry Parrish to find out his past.  Ichabod’s trip into the past unleashes a golem and learning about the fate of his son could be the only hopes of stopping it.  Irving learns that associating with Ichabod and Carrie could lead to death and danger for his daughter Macey (Amandla Stenberg).


“The Vessel”

1.11     The Vessel Airdate:  01/13/14

Moloch is after Irving’s daughter and using a demon to reach her.  As Ichabod and Carrie seek out a means to stop the demon, Irving and his wife Cynthia (Jill Marie Jones) go into hiding to protect Macey but the danger could be closer than they think.


“The Indispensable Man”

1.12     The Indispensable Man Airdate:  01/20/14

Irving deals with the fallout of his daughter’s possession.  Ichabod, Abbie, and Henry Parrish seek answers in George Washington’s message from beyond the grave and a potential opportunity to save Katrina…which could divide Ichabod and Abbie.


“Bad Blood”

1.13     Bad Blood Airdate:  01/20/14

Abbie and Ichabod must enter purgatory to rescue Katrina and the trip could separate Abbie and Ichabod.  As Ichabod and Abbie fight to stop Moloch, the true enemy will be revealed!

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