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6.5 Overall Score
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Real horror, retro throwback

Poor acting at points, obvious story

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Is Slasher a cut above?

Sarah Bennett (Katie McGrath) was orphaned before she was born when she was cut from her womb by Tom Winston (Patrick Garrow), a man known as the Executioner.  Returning to her family’s home in Waterbury with her husband Dylan (Brandon Jay McLaren), Sarah discovers that the past is also coming back.  A new Executioner has surfaced and the horror is beginning again.

Slasher:  The Executioner the first season of the Canadian anthology horror series.  The season ran on Super Channel from March 4, 2016 to April 15, 2016.

American Horror Story’s set-up sparked the anthology series concept again.  The long-play series with set endings provide a means to make a “complete” series while giving networks the option of having more seasons produced.  American Horror Story often goes for the laughs with its lighter telling mixed with horror, but Slasher is trying to go for a more traditional horror story.

slasher season 1 episode 1 an eye for an eye the executioner dismembered corpse

Slasher isn’t afraid to get gross…

The story is rather typical.  There is a woman facing her past by returning home only to find a killer is making that past resurface.  You have the usual lists of suspects:  priests, police, mentally ill characters, media members, and former flames.  It is loaded with rather typical twists and turns, but in a lot of ways, it is darker and more horror based than some similar series.

The problem lies a lot in the cast.  Many of the actors aren’t very solid.  The acting is very one dimensional, and the series tries to cover the acting flaws through dramatic music and shocking shots…but that actually makes the strained acting even worse at points…while AHS gets away with it because of the humor and tone, it just comes off as amateur here (I particularly think the whole newspaper cast is over the top with their news before public safety first take).

slasher season 1 episode 5 ill gotten gains executioner corpse maggots

…really gross (a dog was eating the corpse before)

The series actual is rather visual.  The murders and the horror are gruesome enough to cancel out some of the acting and plot holes, but they aren’t quite enough (though I do like the design of the Executioner’s costume).

Slasher—Season 1 has some potential for future seasons.  The basic concept is solid and “true slasher” style horror is fun in the retro-throwback style.  With movies like It and shows like Stranger Things finding their niche by appealing to this retro rebirth, Slasher could succeed.  The second season of Slasher is called Slasher:  Guilty Party and plays with the camp slasher motif.

Slasher:  The Executioner Complete Episode Guide:

slasher season 1 episode 1 an eye for an eye executioner

“An Eye for an Eye”

1.1       An Eye for an Eye Airdate:  03/04/16

Sarah Bennett (Katie McGrath) and her husband Dylan (Brandon Jay McLaren) return to Sarah’s childhood home where her parents Bryan (Dylan Taylor) and Rachel (Alysa King) were murdered on Halloween night.  Waterbury has its own secrets, and Sarah is about to find out that her parents had a lot of them.  While the woman across the street Verna McBride (Mary Walsh) tells stories about Sarah’s mother, a teen named Malcolm (Stephen Joffe) also goes missing.  Though Sarah thinks Tom “The Executioner” Winston (Patrick Garrow) is responsible for her parents’ death, a new killer might patrolling the neighborhood.

slasher season 1 episode 2 digging your grave with your teeth justin killed mark ghanime

“Digging Your Grave with Your Teeth”

1.2       Digging Your Grave with Your Teeth Airdate:  03/04/16

Sarah’s grandmother Brenda (Wendy Crewson) comes to visit as Malcolm is found in the woods fighting for his life.  Robin Turner (Christopher Jacot) works to befriend Sarah, and Sarah has a run-in with Heather Peterson (Erin Karpluk) who has feelings about Sarah taking over her old business location.  When Sarah gets a clue from the killer, she could find part of the killer’s motivation.  When Robin is targeted by the killer, he learns that he might not be the real target.

slasher season 1 episode 3 like as fire eateth up and burneth wood guide

“Like as Fire Eateth Up and Burneth Wood”

1.3       Like as Fire Eateth Up and Burneth Wood Airdate:  03/11/16

A friend of Brenda named Ada (Linnaea Halpert) in 1968 is put in a coma on the way to the prom when someone throws a brick from an overpass.  Heather Peterson is arrested for the murder of Justin Faysal (Mark Ghanimé), but Sarah suspects the Execution is still free.  When the Execution targets Sarah again, it could cause a rift between Sarah and Dylan.  Robin learns that Justin made bad business deal that could come back to haunt him.  Brenda makes a confession about her past to Sarah.

slasher season 1 episode 4 as water is corrupted unless it moves snake pit jefferson brown

“As Water Is Corrupted Unless It Moves”

1.4       As Water Is Corrupted Unless It Moves Airdate:  03/18/16

The death of Brenda has revealed some of the town’s secrets and put Trent McBride (Jefferson Brown) in the eyes of the police as the possible Executioner.  Dylan interviews Sarah for the paper and finds his status in the journalism world rising.  Robin and Sarah try to look at suspects in the murders and question if Alan Henry (Rob Stewart) could be being fed information from Tom Winston.  Cam Henry (Steve Byers) deals with June (Jessica Sipos) and her breakdown with the events occurring in the city.  Dylan and Alison Sutherland (Mayko Nguyen) meet with a publicist named Lisa-Ann Follows (Enuka Okuma) over his coverage of the Executioner.  A clue about the disappearance of Heather’s daughter is revealed.

slasher season 1 episode 5 ill gotten gains executioner mayko nguyen

“Ill-Gotten Gains”

1.5       Ill-Gotten Gains Airdate:  03/25/16

Dylan goes on air for the Executioner story, and Alison finds that he’s outshining her…but a new source of salacious texts could unearth more wounds.  Robin and Sarah investigate Alan Henry after the murder of June and find potential evidence in the church.  Alison reveals to Lisa-Ann how she got the newspaper ahead surrounding the disappearance of Ariel Peterson (Hannah Endicott-Douglas).  The secret Chief Iain Vaughn (Dean McDermott) is revealed as Alison finds she could get her big break.

slasher season 1 episode 6 the one who sows his own flesh dean mcdermott

“The One Who Sows His Own Flesh”

1.6       The One Who Sows His Own Flesh Airdate:  04/01/16

Sarah’s investigation into Ariel’s disappearance puts her in danger as Chief Vaughn works to cover his tracks.  Tom Winston reveals his relationship to Sarah and Sarah asks for the truth about what occurred in the past.

slasher season 1 episode 7 the pride of his face patrick gorrow

“The Pride of His Face”

1.7       In the Pride of His Face Airdate:  04/08/16

The lair of the Executioner is found and Cam suspects that Sarah is the target.  Sarah tries to mend her relationship with Dylan but discovers a secret about their meeting.  Tom Winston escapes prison to protect Sarah, but Sarah and Tom could become the symbolism of pride at the hands the Executioner when Tom’s secrets are revealed.

slasher season 1 episode 8 soon your own eyes will see steve byers katie mcgrath

“Soon Your Own Eyes Will See”

1.8       Soon Your Own Eyes Will See Airdate:  04/15/16

With the death of Tom Winston, the Executioner has finished his punishment of the Seven Deadly Sins.  Cam and Sarah begin to grow closer together as Dylan tries to make amends to reclaim Sarah’s love.  When Dylan is arrested for the Executioner murders, the killer will be revealed!

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