Sinestro 1: The Demon Within

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7.5 Overall Score
Story: 7/10
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Promising story of an interesting character

Unbalanced collection

Comic Info

Comic Name:  Sinestro/Green Lantern (Volume 5)/Sinestro: Futures End

Publisher:   DC Comics

Writer:  Collen Bunn/Matt Kindt

Artist:  Dale Eaglesham/Rags Morales/Igor Lima/Ruy Jose

# of Issues:  7

Release Date:  2015

sinestro #1 cover dale eaglesham

Sinestro #1

Reprints Green Lantern (5) #23.4, Sinestro #1-5, and Sinestro: Futures End #1 (November 2013-November 2014).  Sinestro has tried to put his past behind him, but Lyssa Drak reveals to Sinestro that his people, the Korugarians, still live, Sinestro finds himself on a quest to rescue a civilization that he himself doomed.  With an unlikely Green Lantern as his ally, Sinestro is on a path of redemption…and he’ll kill whoever gets in his way.

Written by Cullen Bunn, Sinestro Volume 1:  The Demon Within collects the first story arc of Sinestro in addition to the Villain Month Green Lantern issue and the Futures End one-shot.  Green Lantern #23.4 was also included in DC Comics The New 52 Villains Omnibus.

Green Lantern is one of my favorite DC superheroes and likewise Sinestro is one of my favorite DC supervillains.  As a kid, the idea of a color representing good and bad is easy to accept and quick to recognize.  Sinestro was an easy villain to hate and it is kind of fun that over recent years DC and Geoff Johns have worked to make him “likeable”.  Cullen Bunn takes over the attempt here and does a decent job telling a compelling story.

sinestro #2 cover dale eaglesham

Sinestro #2

I like the basic concept of Sinestro.  Sinestro has screwed up time and time again “in the name of honor”.  Here, he’s on the road to do again by using his fear based power to collect the people he scattered across the universe.  The pairing of Sinestro with his Green Lantern daughter Soranik is interesting in that they both have the same goal but different means.  Sinestro will kill to protect his people while Soranik’s role is to protect life.

I have to say that both the Villains one-shot and the Futures End one-shot are both rather weak.  If you read Green Lantern #23.4 in the context of its release (November 2013) it might be ok.  Here, it is paired with Sinestro #1 (June 2014) which came out later and it feels a bit redundant.  The opposite is true of Sinestro:  Futures End #1 (November 2014) which was a tie-in to the bigger storyline Futures End.  It feels out of place in the context of this collection despite attempts to tie it in and more like filler to a decent story.  It isn’t really the fault of Bunn or anyone involved, but it slows it down.

Sinestro 1:  The Demon Within shows promise.  I’m interested in the series and seeing where it goes.  Villains as leads are often more inspiring to me than the heroes and Sinestro and his attempts to control Parallax could be interesting…now if I could get a Black Manta series.  Sinestro 1:  The Demon Within is followed by Sinestro 2:  Sacrifice.

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