Silver Surfer 3: Last Days

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The ending story could have been longer and felt a bit abrupt

Comic Info

Comic Name:  Silver Surfer (Volume 5)

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writer:  Dan Slott/Michael Allred

Artist:  Michael Allred

# of Issues:  5

Release Date:  2015


Silver Surfer (5) #13

Reprints Silver Surfer (5) #11-15 (June 2015-January 2016).  The Silver Surfer is trying to atone for his mistakes as Galactus herald and find a new home for the survivors of the planets he helped destroy.  With Dawn questioning if she even knows Norrin, Norrin and Dawn’s relationship is put to the test as the universe abruptly begins to end…and the key to universe’s survival could be the Silver Surfer and Dawn themselves.

Written by Dan Slott and Michael Allred (with Allred illustrating), Silver Surfer 3:  Last Days is the final volume in the series which ended with Secret Wars.  The collection follows Silver Surfer 2:  Worlds Apart.

I don’t trust Dan Slott.  I read his She-Hulk and really enjoyed it and eagerly got his Spider-Man…which slowly turned Spider-Man into an unlikable comic franchise.  Fortunately for Silver Surfer, Michael Allred is attached and it really feels that Allred is really steering this ship.

It is hard to tell how the duties are split up on Silver Surfer because it really feels like Allred’s style of writing.  This might be a slight to Slott who could have more input than I’m giving him credit for (or Allred could bring out the best in him).  The series has a fun, light feel that it needs to survive.


Silver Surfer (5) #14

The series does suffer from being tied to the Marvel Universe and therefore was “cancelled” after this volume (only to be relaunch…again).  It does feel more like X-Statix (which Allred also was illustrator) and the ties are pretty limited.  I think it really feels like a Doctor Who adventure and that it could have am much wider reach if people pick it up.

The art and style for the series is classic with a flatter (but detailed) look that is Allred’s Kirby-esque style.  The collection features the interesting Silver Surfer (5) #12 which is written and illustrated as a Moebius strip…and the goal is to escape.

Silver Surfer is one of Marvel’s better series now because for the most part, Marvel leaves it alone.  Secret Wars caused the series to end, but it did relaunch in an identical format.  Even if you’ve passed up the Silver Surfer in the past, check out this title…it is worth it.

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