Silver Hawk (2004)

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Movie Name:  Silver Hawk

Studio:   Media Asia

Genre(s):  Action/Adventure

Release Date(s):  January 15, 2004

MPAA Rating:  PG-13


Yeah…that’s right. I’m Silver…Hawk

Silver Hawk (Michelle Yeoh) is a hero with a quest for justice.  Donning a mask, Lulu Wong becomes a vigilante on the other side of the law. Out to stop a corporate criminal, Silver Hawk finds herself at odds with the police led by her childhood friend Rich Man (Richie Ren).  Stopping Mr. Wolfe (Luke Goss) is necessary and Silver Hawk must go beyond the law to do it.

Directed by Jingle Ma, Silver Hawk (飛鷹 or Fēiyīng aka Flying Falcon) is a superhero action film.  The Hong Kong film was released in 2004.

I picked up Silver Hawk on a whim when I saw it in the discount DVDs.  I like Michelle Yeoh and always find it interesting when women try to infiltrate the male dominated action world.  Yeoh proved to be a great character in Police Story 3:  Super Cop with Jackie Chan…not so good here.


It’s on!

The problem itself isn’t Yeoh.  It is the fault of the story which is pretty weak.  The story borrows lots of standard superhero tropes to make up the story and it isn’t that interesting.  When Silver Hawk was released in 2004, there wasn’t as many superhero options, but now with so many strong superhero movies around, Silver Hawk seems even cheesier than it would have seemed when it was released.

Yeoh has some interesting backers in the film with Richie Ren as her love interest and rival in a bit of a reverse of Lois Lane type role (or maybe closer to Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor).  Michael Jai White appears in the film as one of Wolfe’s assassin along with Li Bingbing.  Luke Goss as Mr. Wolfe himself is a bit generic and I wish had been a real crazed supervillain.


We do a lot of posing in this movie…

The movie tries to be slick and smooth by using a hero with shiny armor and technology.  Though Yeoh and the other heroes do some great posing and posturing, the movie is like an over-the-top sci-fi movie in is appearance.  It comes off more goofy than cool.

Silver Hawk isn’t much of a superhero movie.  It is a so-so action film.  There are many great action films, and Silver Hawk isn’t one of them.  That doesn’t mean it is awful, but you probably can do better.   To see Yeoh really prove herself as an action hero you should check out Police Story 3:  Super Cop instead of this.

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