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Comic Name: Dark Wolverine/New Mutants (Volume 3)/Siege:  Storming Asgard—Heroes & Villains

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writer: Daniel Way/Marjorie Liu/Kieron Gillen/John Rett Thomas

Artist: Giuseppe Camuncoli/Niko Henrichon

# of Issues: 5

Release Date: 2010

dark wolverine #83 cover siege daken

Dark Wolverine #83

Reprints Dark Wolverine #82-84, New Mutants (3) #11, and Siege:  Storming Asgard—Heroes & Villains #1 (March 2010-May 2010).  Norman Osborn is on his ultimate attack on Asgard.  The siege is on, and Daken (posing as Wolverine) is part of the battle.  Daken’s actions have caught the eye of the Fates and Daken’s mission to bring down Asgard has multiple paths.  Plus, Dani Moonstar is summoned by Hela to do her duty as a Valkyrie…whether she wants to or not!

Written by Daniel Way, Marjorie Liu, Kieron Gillen, and John Rett Thomas, Siege:  X-Men is a Marvel Comics superhero comic book collection.  The series is a tie in with the Marvel event series Siege and features art by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Niko Henrichon.  Issues in the collection were also collected as part of Thor by Kieron Gillen Ultimate Collection and New Mutants Volume 2:  Necrosha.

Siege wasn’t a very good storyline.  I liked aspects of the Dark Avengers, but it kept getting bogged down in event series that weren’t very good.  With very little exposure to Daken, I don’t have much of a feel for the character and this collection doesn’t help much.

new mutants #11 cover siege dani moonstar

New Mutants (3) #11

Despite being called Siege:  X-Men, the collection is primarily an Avengers title since X-Men weren’t really involved heavily in Siege.  The “Godlike” storyline surrounding Daken is written in a way that is rather hodgepodge.  It is a bit hard to follow and it doesn’t feel like a very complete story…it feels like just a small addendum to the bigger Siege storyline.  I could potentially like Daken, but his character is bogged down here.

The stand-alone issue from New Mutants is a bit more important.  Gillen was heading the Thor books at the time and this control of the Valkyries comes back up in later volumes of Journey Into Mystery and Thor so it is a bit more interesting simply because I not only have a stronger grasp on Dani Moonstar, but how this aspect of the story ties into the bigger Siege storyline.  If I didn’t have this background, I don’t know that I’d like this issue either.

The short collection is filled out by a “Files” style comic.  While growing up, I enjoyed the Handbook to the Marvel Universe, these file comics always seem rather skippable especially in the age of the internet which gives you really in depth creator-based information on the characters…sourcebook comics just aren’t as important.

Siege:  X-Men isn’t worth the time.  The Siege storyline overall was rather important in the path of Norman Osborn and his Dark Avengers and the path of Thor and their place on Earth…but it is so dense that it is primarily for fans of those series.  Likewise, Siege:  X-Men feels rather flimsy and weak.

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