She-Hulk 2: Disorderly Conduct

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8.0 Overall Score
Story: 7/10
Art: 9/10

Love the art and the humor of the comic

Feels rushed at the end with the comic's cancellation

Comic Info

Comic Name:  She-Hulk (Volume 5)

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writer:  Charles Soule

Artist:  Javier Pulido

# of Issues: 6

Release Date:  2015


She-Hulk (5) #7

Reprints She-Hulk (5) #7-12 (October 2014-April 2015).  She-Hulk is in a case that could make or break her.  Steve Roger aka Captain America has been charged with a crime that he committed before he was even a superhero.  With a damning deathbed confession, She-Hulk finds herself going head to head in court with Matt Murdock aka Daredevil.  Plus, the mystery of the “Blue File” is about to erupt, and the villain behind the case will show his or her hand.

Written by Charles Soule, She-Hulk Volume 2:  Disorderly Conduct follows She-Hulk Volume 1:  Law and Disorder.  The second volume features art by Javier Pulido and is the final volume of the series.

She-Hulk (like so many series that I like) was tragically cut short.  This second volume shows the strength of the series but also shows a major weakness due to the cancellation.

The Captain America case shows what She-Hulk could have been.  It is smart and looks at interesting issues.  It explores the idea of superheroes, fame, and if someone is above the law.  In this volume with knowledge of the series cancellation, it almost feels like too much time is wasted on the storyline.  If She-Hulk had continued on for another ten or twenty issues, it wouldn’t have felt overly long.


She-Hulk (5) #8

With Captain America story being thoroughly explored, the second half of the book feels rushed.  The Blue File storyline introduced in volume 1 comes to a conclusion but it doesn’t feel very satisfying.  I feel like it was a story that was supposed to run even longer and got cut short.  I like that it brings in a bunch of strange superheroes (I kind of thought if the series had run longer, She-Hulk would have investigated more leads), and I still like the spirit of the story.  It just comes off as something unnecessarily wrapped up.

The art remains fantastic.  Pulido has a real way that feels like both a throwback to old style art like Kirby but has a fresh new look that almost plays with the comic book format.  He’s one of my favorite working artists out there and always keeps the pages interesting.

She-Hulk was short lived and that was a pity.  Soule tried to play that it was “Season 1” of the series and that She-Hulk would be back but that is often the claim when a series is axed by the higher ups.  There are a lot of comics out there and a lot of comics are bad (but run for much longer).  She-Hulk was cut short…I just wish the green giantess would get another chance (plus, we need to find out what is up with her paralegal and her monkey).

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