She-Hulk 1: Law and Disorder

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Comic Name:  She-Hulk (Volume 5)

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writer:  Charles Soule

Artist:  Javier Pulido/Ron Wembley

# of Issues:  6

Release Date:  2014


She-Hulk (5) #2

Reprints She-Hulk (5) #1-6 (April 2014-September 2014).  She-Hulk has lost her job at a law firm due to her superhero involvement and is now having to build her own firm.  With a paralegal named Huang and her pet monkey Hei Hei, Jennifer is going to have to turn to her friend Patsy Walker for help in keeping the firm afloat.  With cases involving Tony Stark and Kristoff Doom, Jennifer’s going to need a bigger damage budget, but the discovery of a case called the Blue File in which she and other heroes are named could be the biggest mystery of all.

Written by Charles Soule, She-Hulk 1:  Law and Disorder is She-Hulk’s fifth feature series.  The art is provided by Javier Pulido with guest artist Ron Wembley on She-Hulk (5) #5-6 (August 2014-September 2014) for the two part “Blue” story.

She-Hulk has always been one of my favorite Marvel Comics characters.  She started out as a female rip-off of Hulk with little dimension of her own (as opposed to someone like Spider-Woman who had a completely different origin than Spider-Man).  She-Hulk next found herself in a post-modern comic where she talked to the readers.  Dan Slott then rejuvenated the character in a fun series and now Soule follows with a comic in a very similar tone.


She-Hulk (5) #5

The story is light and fun.  She-Hulk always fared better as a comedic comic book, and Soule seems to recognize it.  He also realized that today’s comics need more of an over-arcing storyline while following the funny-book format.  The set-up in “Blue” shows promise for more mystery (this does play out later in the comic, but ends up feeling rushed due to cancellation).

I love Javier Pulido’s art.  It has a newness to it but it also has a Kirby-esque throwback style to it.  The series however really messes up by having Ron Wemberly step in for two issues.  It occurs when the series is establishing the plot for the second part of the book in “Blue”.  I’m not a fan of Wemberly’s work and find me wishing for Pulido while reading it.

I’m always going to give She-Hulk a shot and the newest incarnation is a fun version.  Unfortunately for She-Hulk, the series was tagged for an early cancellation which always takes the wind out of a comic’s sails and makes it hard to find an audience.  I wish She-Hulk had been given more of a chance…of course, this always happens to comics I like.  She-Hulk 1:  Law and Disorder is followed by She-Hulk 2:  Disorderly Conduct.

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