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Still doing the stand-up

Jerry Seinfeld and his friends George Costanza (Jason Alexander), Elaine Benes (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), and Kramer (Michael Richards) are at it again.  Be it getting lost in a parking garage, stuck on the subway, “dating” Keith Hernandez, forced to take care of an evil dog, faking IQ tests, starring in Woody Allen movies, playing with Pez dispensers, or changing the art world with The Kramer, things are never dull in their lives.  When Jerry makes a stand about his apartment with Kramer, big changes could be coming!

Seinfeld—Season 3 aired from September 18, 1991 to March 23, 1992 on NBC.  The episodes have been collected but due to different airing schedules, some of the episodes airdates don’t match up with the numbering due to changes in airing (Episode 3.10 “The Stranded” was actually intended to be part of Season 2 and is collected there).  The season also featured the first hour long episode with “The Boyfriend” which was later split into two parts.  This season saw the show’s first Primetime Emmy Award win for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Editing for a Series—Multi-Camera Production (“The Subway”) and Outstanding Individual Achievement in Writing in a Comedy Series (“The Fix Up”) and nominations for Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Individual Achievement in Directing in a Comedy Series (“The Tape”), Outstanding Individual Achievement in Writing in a Comedy Series (“The Parking Garage”), Outstanding Individual Achievement in Writing in a Comedy Series (“The Tape”), Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series (Jerry Seinfeld), Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series (Jason Alexander), and Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series (Julia Louis-Dreyfus).


He’s a brute

Seinfeld officially begins here.  With the first and second series officially having promise, the third season not only represents the first full season of the series, but it has tons of episodes that have become classics.  With years and years of repeats, it is nice to go back and watch the shows in order to see how the series began to develop and build.

Seinfeld was a smart series in that it really honored regular viewers.  The shows stand up strong as individual watching, but the strength of the show is that Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer are real people with likes, dislikes, backstories, and habits…you know Jerry is going to be picky about his dates, George is going to throw out an Art Vandaley reference when cornered, Elaine will not be contained when she learns something unbelievable (“Get Out”), and Kramer is Kramer.  Plus, you get fun guest stars in some of the smaller roles like Katherine Keener as the artist behind The Kramer, Philip Baker Hall as the no-nonsense library investigator Bookman, and Michael Chiklis as a man that Jerry inspires to stray from his wife.


A normal day on the New York Subway

The season also introduces a new character.  In Season 2.7, you heard of a character called Newman (originally voiced by Larry David, revoiced by Wayne Knight for syndication).  In the classic two part “The Boyfriend”, you finally meet Jerry’s nemesis Newman played by Wayne Knight…leading to years of problems for Jerry.

Seinfeld—Season 3 shows the show’s greatness and why the show is one of the best shows of all time.  If you never got to see Seinfeld, check it out for a comedy that revolutionized the genre and changed how many shows wrote their stories.  Seinfeld is a classic!

Seinfeld—Season 3 Complete Episode Guide:


“The Note”

3.1       The Note Airdate:  09/18/91

Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld) offends his masseuse by asking about her child and finds he can’t get an appointment.  George (Jason Alexander) and Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) decide to go to Jerry’s masseuse when they learn it could be free with a medical note, but Jerry finds his friend under investigation for insurance fraud.  George finds himself in an awkward position when he finds himself with a male masseuse…leading to a sexual crisis.  Kramer claims to see Joe DiMaggio in Dinky Donuts.


“The Truth”

3.2       The Truth Airdate:  09/25/91

Jerry’s being audited, but his hopes that George’s girlfriend (Valerie Mahaffey) will help him are crushed when George decides to tell her what he really thinks of her.  Elaine finds herself at odds with Kramer when he dates her roommate Tina (Siobhan Fallon).


“The Pen”

3.3       The Pen Airdate:  10/02/91

Jerry and Elaine go to visit Jerry’s parents Morty and Helen (Barney Martin and Liz Sheridan) in Florida when his father Marty is getting an award.  Jerry receives an astronaut pen from Marty’s friend Jack Klompus (Sandy Baron) and creates problems.  Elaine sleeps on a hide-a-bed and has a bad reaction with painkillers… “Stellaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!”


“The Dog”

3.4       The Dog Airdate:  10/09/91

Jerry is saddled with taking care of a dog named Farfel when the man (Joseph Maher) next to him on the airplane has an attack.  With Jerry gone, Elaine and George find themselves unable to attend Prognosis Negative…and have an awkward meal which is tough since they are friend-of-a-friend.  Jerry and George’s decision to see Prognosis Negative leads to a lie with Elaine.  Kramer’s intentions to dump his girlfriend fall through, but Jerry and Elaine already voiced their opinion of her.


“The Library”

3.5       The Library Airdate:  10/16/91

Jerry is accused of checking out Tropic of Cancer twenty years ago and not returning it…leading to an investigation by Lt. Bookman (Philip Baker Hall).  Elaine worries that her treatment at the office means she’s going to get fired.  George finds that the gym teacher he got fired is now homeless.  Kramer begins a romance with a librarian named Marion (Ashley Gardner).


“The Parking Garage”

3.6       The Parking Garage Airdate:  10/30/91

A trip to the mall leads Elaine, George, Jerry, and Kramer to become lost in the mall’s garage in a search for their car.


“The Cafe”

3.7       The Café Airdate:  11/06/91

George’s girlfriend demands he take an IQ test for his studies and George recruits Elaine to help him succeed…but Elaine finds it a challenge.  Jerry becomes obsessed with a new restaurant called the Dream Café which has opened near him and sets out to help the owner (Brian George) find its find its niche.  Kramer finds a man coming after his jacket.


“The Tape”

3.8       The Tape Airdate:  11/13/91

Jerry finds a sexy message on the recording of a routine, but doesn’t realize that Elaine played a joke on him…leading George to have a new perception of Elaine.  George attempts to get hair cream from China.  Kramer learns that the man who took his coat has gone to prison…leaving the coat’s fate up in the air.


“The Nose Job”

3.9       The Nose Job Airdate:  11/20/91

George finds his girlfriend Audrey (Susan Diol) is attractive but has a big nose…when Kramer points it out to her, Audrey decides to go through with a nose job.  Jerry meets a woman in the elevator, and finds himself addicted to the sex despite his hatred of her.  Kramer decides he has to go after his jacket and works to enlist Elaine.


“The Stranded”

3.10     The Stranded Airdate:  11/27/91

George claims he is shorted at the drugstore and seeks to get his money back.  Elaine and Jerry are recruited to go to the Hamptons for a party for George…when George leaves with a girl, Jerry and Elaine find themselves at Kramer’s mercy as they try to find a ride home.  Jerry finds the host Steve (Michael Chiklis) has decided to take him up on his offer to “stop by” his apartment in the city.


“The Alternate Side”

3.11     The Alternate Side Airdate:  12/04/91

Jerry’s car is stolen when the man who moves it from side-to-side leaves the keys in it…forcing Jerry to rent a car.  George decides to fill in as car mover.  Elaine debates dating a sixty-six year old.  Kramer finds himself set to appear in a Woody Allen film with the line, “These pretzels are making me thirsty”.


“The Red Dot”

3.12     The Red Dot Airdate:  12/11/91

It is Christmas, and Elaine is dating a new recovering alcoholic named Dick (David Naughton) at work…and Jerry might have accidentally caused him to fall off the wagon.  Elaine gets George a job at her office, and George buys a damaged cashmere sweater as a Christmas gift with the hopes that Elaine won’t notice the red dot.  An indiscretion by George with a cleaning woman at work causes problems.


“The Subway”

3.13     The Subway Airdate:  01/08/92

George heads to a job interview, Elaine heads to a lesbian wedding, Kramer heads to court, and Jerry heads to Coney Island to pick up his stolen car…all on different subways.  Jerry finds himself trapped with a naked man (Ernie Sabella), George meets a woman (Barbara Stock) who seduces him, Kramer learns on a sure thing at the racetracks, and Elaine find herself trapped on a car without power.


“The Pez Dispenser”

3.14     The Pez Dispenser Airdate:  01/15/92

George is dating a pianist named Noel (Elizabeth Morehead), but a joke by Jerry during the performance causes Elaine to laugh…with disastrous results.  Elaine’s run in with John Mollica (Fred Sanders) gets Jerry involved in an intervention for Richie Appel (Chris Barnes).  Kramer joins the Polar Bear Club and markets a new scent called “The Beach”.


“The Suicide”

3.15     The Suicide Airdate:  01/29/92

Jerry finds himself attracted to the girlfriend Gina (Gina Gallego) of his grumpy neighbor Martin (C.E. Grimes).  When his neighbor attempts suicide over their break-up, Jerry himself hooking up with Gina with Martin in a coma…unfortunately, Jerry’s enemy Newman (Wayne Knight) sees him with her.  Kramer worries that Martin has his vacuum cleaner and that he won’t get it back if Martin dies.  Elaine and George go to a psychic but George finds the séance cut short before he finds out what happens on his vacation.  Elaine is forced on a three day fast for ulcers and begins to hallucinate.


“The Fix-Up”

3.16     The Fix Up Airdate:  02/05/92

Elaine and Jerry decide to fix up George and Elaine’s friend Cynthia (Maggie Wheeler).  When George and Cynthia sleep together on the first date, a potential problem arises with a defective condom from Kramer.


“The Boyfriend:  Part 1”

3.17     The Boyfriend:  Part 1 Airdate:  02/12/92

Jerry and George encounter Keith Hernandez at the gym, and Jerry tries to impress Hernandez for a dinner date.  George finds his unemployment might be running out and uses Jerry’s home as the location for a fake company.  Elaine learns why both Newman (Wayne Knight) and Kramer hate Keith Hernandez…and the legend of a second spitter.  When Keith Hernandez meets Elaine, Jerry has a crisis on his hands when Hernandez wants to date her.


“The Boyfriend: Part 2”

3.18     The Boyfriend:  Part 2 Airdate:  02/12/92

George tries to save his unemployment by trying to date his job counselor’s daughter…but finds Keith Hernandez could be the key.  Jerry and Kramer are forced to go see a former neighbor’s baby when Elaine ruins his second “date” with Keith Hernandez.  Jerry finds himself in an uncomfortable situation with Keith Hernandez asks him to move for their second “date”.  Elaine finds Keith suffers a major flaw.  Kramer and Newman get their chance to confront Keith Hernandez about the spitting incident.


“The Limo”

3.19     The Limo Airdate:  02/26/92

When George’s car breaks down while picking up Jerry at the airport, George and Jerry take a limo for a man named O’Brien…unfortunately, O’Brien happens to be the head of the Aryan Nation.  Elaine and Kramer prepare to meet George and Jerry but learn that George and Jerry’s lie might have consequences.


“The Good Samaritan”

3.20     The Good Samaritan Airdate:  03/04/92

Jerry witnesses a hit and run and Elaine encourages him to pursue the driver.  When Jerry learns that it is a woman named Angela (Melinda McGraw), he begins dating her without telling Elaine.  Elaine is forced to take George on a meeting with a married couple…George causes a problem by blessing a sneeze which leads to a potential affair.  Kramer finds that Mary Hart’s voice causes him to have seizures.


“The Letter”

3.21     The Letter Airdate:  03/25/92

Jerry is dating an artist named Nina (Catherine Keener) and finds she’s jealous of Elaine.  Nina gets box seats to the Yankee’s game, Elaine finds herself photo in paper over her Oriole’s baseball cap when Kramer is struck in the head…leading for trouble with Elaine and her boss.  George finds himself forced to buy one of Nina’s paintings.  Jerry breaks up with Nina, but a passionate letter gets Jerry to go back.  The Kramer premieres and tears the art world apart.


“The Parking Space”

3.22     The Parking Space Airdate:  04/22/92

George and Elaine borrow Jerry’s car to go to a flea market and George becomes embroiled in a battle for a parking space with a guy named Mike (Lee Arenberg) that divides the city.  Jerry learn from Kramer that Mike secretly considering him a phony but is sworn to secrecy.  Elaine lies about hitting a pothole to Jerry.


“The Keys”

3.23     The Keys Airdate:  05/06/92

Jerry revokes Kramer’s key privileges and causes a shift in control.  With Elaine now holding Jerry’s keys and George holding Kramer’s keys, George must get his keys back from Elaine.  When Jerry gets George to let him into Elaine’s house to get his keys, George and Jerry find Elaine been keeping a secret.  Kramer finds himself liberated without Jerry’s keys and sets out to California to pursue acting.

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