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The best show ever…The Seinfeld Chronicles…wait, what?

Jerry Seinfeld is a stand-up comedian finding fame but still enjoying his time at home.  With a crazy neighbor named Kramer (Michael Richards), a best friend named George Costanza (Jason Alexander), and his ex-girlfriend Elaine Benes (Julia-Louise Dreyfus).  As Jerry chronicles his life, the common problems become real events.

Seinfeld has been heralded as one of the best shows/sitcoms of all-time.  Originally premiering as a pilot called The Seinfeld Chronicles on July 5, 1989, but then re-aired on June 28, 1990.  The first season is composed of five episodes and is collected with Seinfeld—Season 2 on DVD.  “The Stake Out” was nominated for a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Editing for a Miniseries or a Special Multi-Camera Production.

Seinfeld was almost cancelled.  This is one of those typical, legendary cases of how a beloved show barely made it to air.  The short season (it is rare to have a five episode season) didn’t air in the order it was shot.  The real order (not airing order) was “The Seinfeld Chronicles”, “Male-Unbonding”, “The Stake Out”, “The Robbery”, and “The Stock Tip”…the show aired however in a completely different order causing some confusion now.


Dry cleaners…what a rip off…

Seinfeld had a very different beginning.  The show regulars were originally Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, Michael Richards (whose character was originally called Kessler), and Lee Garlington.  Garlington played Claire the waitress and rumors indicate that Garlington was dropped due to a rocky relationship with Larry David.  Other changes in this season include Phil Bruns playing Jerry’s father in “The Stake Out”.  Bruns was replaced by Barney Martin in season 2, but Jerry’s mother played by Liz Sheridan was also introduced in this episode.  The season also features the stand-up routine which was used for a number of seasons, but phased out later.

With Seinfeld–Season 1, you can start to see why the show developed into something big.  Going back to watch it now feels like slipping into an old shoe that still feels good once you walk around in them a bit.  The first season is a bit rocky, but it is fun to see how the characters changed and evolved over the years of its success.  Seinfeld—Season 1 was followed by Seinfeld—Season 2 which also was a short season containing only twelve episodes.

Seinfeld—Season 1 Complete Episode Guide:


“The Seinfeld Chronicles”

1.1       The Seinfeld Chronicles Airdate:  07/05/89

Jerry Seinfeld (Jerry Seinfeld) has a girl named Laura (Pamela Brull) coming in from out of town.  With his friend George Costanza (Jason Alexander) and his neighbor Kessler (Michael Richards) (he was renamed Kramer for the series and a joke about this is made in the 9th Season), Jerry tries to figure out what to expect from Laura.


“The Stake Out”

1.2       The Stake Out Airdate:  05/31/90

Elaine Benes (Julia-Louise Dreyfus) gets Jerry to go with her a party for a friend in exchange for a family wedding with Jerry.  When Jerry runs into a girl (Lynn Clark) at the party, Jerry decides he has to stake out her law firm to learn who she is.  With George as his wingman, a planned meeting with export Art Vandelay gets back to Elaine.


“The Robbery”

1.3       The Robbery Airdate:  06/07/90

When Jerry leaves for a weekend, Elaine is left at Jerry’s apartment.  Jerry returns home to find that Kramer left his apartment door open and his place has been robbed.  With questions of security, Jerry considers getting a new apartment.


“Male Unbonding”

1.4       Male Un-Bonding Airdate:  06/14/90

Jerry finds he has a friend he dislikes but cannot get rid of.  When he attempts to break-up with Joe Hornieck (Kevin Dunn), he ends up having to make plans with him for a game.


“The Stock Tip”

1.5       The Stock Tip Airdate:  06/21/90

George gets a stock tip and Jerry, Elaine, and George decide to buy in.  As the stock falls, Jerry debates selling and finds him stuck on a weekend Vermont trip with Vanessa.

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