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Comic Name:  Sebastian O

Publisher:  DC Comics/Vertigo

Writer:  Grant Morrison

Artist:  Steve Yeowell

# of Issues:  3

Release Date:  2004


Sebastian O #2

Reprints Sebastian O #1-3 (May 1993-July 1993).  Sebastian O is an aristocrat.  He lives a privileged life of excess…until he’s put in Bedlam under constant watch.  Sebastian has a plan however.  He’s going to get out Bedlam and seek out those who imprisoned him.  In his attempts to uncover the truth, Sebastian is going to discover an even bigger secret that could change England’s future.

Written by Grant Morrison, Sebastian O is a three issue mini-series. The series was one of DC Comics’ earliest Vertigo series and is credited for being an early example of steampunk.  The series features art by Steve Yeowell.

Sebastian O was one of those early Vertigo titles that almost feels like a blip.  You saw ads for it in comics but unless you were looking and waiting for it, you might have missed it.  Unlike many of the continuing and bigger Vertigo titles, the series isn’t as sought, out and despite being a Grant Morrison fan, I didn’t read it until recently.


Sebastian O #3

You can see a lot of Grant Morrison’s style in this book.  There are aspects of The Invisibles and other series in it, but it isn’t as good as many of his other series.  The biggest problem with Sebastian O is that it is only three issues.  I don’t feel I have a good read on the character and feel like the whole rich universe created in the comic needs expanding.  I don’t think it should have been more than six issues, but I do think it probably needed to be at least six issues to explore the concepts, ideas, and world created.

I do like the steampunk aspect of the story.  If it had solely been about Victorian London, it probably wouldn’t have worked.  The steampunk style adds a bit of mystery and wonder to the world that the series needs to give it a hook.

Sebastian O definitely isn’t perfect and it isn’t one of Morrison’s greats, but if you are a fan of Grant Morrison’s writing, it is a good series to check out.  It shows not only how Morrison developed as a writer, but it also demonstrates how he stalled a bit at points.  I could see a revisit to Sebastian O’s world sometime to see how things have changed since the end of the series.  It would be a trip I’d be interested in making.

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