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scream season 2 episode 9 the orphanage killer episode guide

I’m back!

Surviving a serial killer has changed the lives of the “Lakewood Six”.  With their story spreading, Lakewood is attracting more and more people…and not all of them are good.  Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) continues to try to cover up her involvement with Piper, and someone has uncovered her part in the murders.  As a new series of murders begin to pop up, Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) learns that surviving one horror might just make you a target again…but it could be someone from her past that she never expected.

Scream—Season 2 is a horror-slasher TV series based upon the ideas of the Scream film series.  The second season aired on MTV from May 30, 2016 to August 16, 2016 with a holiday episode airing on October 18, 2016 to wrap-up the series.  The series which previously was well received suffered declining viewership.

scream season 2 episode 3 vacancy audrey bex taylor klaus

Oh, Audrey…what mischievous stuff are you up to now?

I was surprisingly entertained by Scream—Season 1.  It took the ideas of the films a different direction and provided a fun continuing horror-slasher movie plotline (which was something new to explore).  Scream—Season 2 continued the storyline in Scream style, but petered out as the season went on.  The announcement that the series probably wouldn’t return resulted in an incomplete storyline which made the series even worse.

This season sets up Audrey as someone trying to cover her tracks.  It results in everyone not trusting each other and the information not getting out (which of course is the main cause of deaths and destruction).  As the killer slashes his way through people, it becomes more and more obvious that the main characters won’t die…which wasn’t as big of problem the first season since it was “all new”.  Now, it is a bit of a hindrance because it removes the suspense surrounding characters.

scream season 2 episode 9 the orphanage pipers body

Maybe Piper is somehow back as the killer!!! Guess not…

The potential cancellation and Halloween episode is the next big problem.  With no defined plans, the writers “wrapped up” the season 2 plotlines and send the characters on a stand-alone adventure.  While there are ties to Lakewood, the murders (and in turn the murderer) isn’t really part of the story so there are only a few obvious choices…it also feels very Scooby-Doo in that the murders just follow the characters (who probably are over it by this point more so than traumatized).

The cast is still decent for what they get.  MTV and some of the non-network shows either hire great actors or they hire those that bigger and more prestigious networks don’t hire.  The cast of Scream kind of feels like this.  It does come off as a WB type cast with shiny young people, but it is also what the series needs.  The cast serves its purpose and can easy become fodder for a killer.

scream season 2 episode 13 halloween decapitation

Heads will roll…along with your eyes at some points

Visually, the season doesn’t seem to live up to the first season.  As stated in Scream 2, the deaths are bigger and bolder in sequels, but that must not be the case in sequel seasons.  The murders and deaths feel a bit tired and not impressive.  There is a lot of posing of bodies and gutting, but the horror just isn’t as big…plus, there was a real missed opportunity for something new involving the Anna Hobbs because the killer isn’t very distinctive.

What really kills this season is that it feels dead on arrival.  To amp up the cast and events and then to say “it’s over” doesn’t really serve the movies or the series…it feels like the storyline should at least be a television trilogy if they decided not to make it a one-off season.  The bad part is that the series hedges its bets and sets up the return of Brandon James (the killer that inspired all the murders) but the season ends with no resolution or follow-up.  Scream—Season 2 appeared to be the end of the TV franchise, but Scream—Season 3 (sometimes called Scream:  Resurrection) was released in 2019 with a new cast and new storyline…only running one season.

Scream—Season 2 Complete Episode Guide:

scream season 2 episode 1 i know what you did last summer jake fitzgerald killed tom maden

“I Know What You Did Last Summer”

2.1       I Know What You Did Last Summer Airdate:  05/30/16

Audrey Jensen (Bex Taylor-Klaus) finds her new found popularity has brought out the crazies as Noah Foster (John Karna) continues to research the killers through the Daily Morgue podcast.  Emma Duval (Willa Fitzgerald) returns home and finds herself haunted by a strange pig barn and unable to get close to Kieran Wilcox (Amadeus Serafini).  Brooke Maddox (Carlson Young) and Jake Fitzgerald (Tom Maden) find problems in their relationship, but Jake learns that just because Piper is dead the danger isn’t over.  Audrey discovers that someone knows about her relationship with Piper and that they are threatening to expose it.

scream season 2 episode 2 audrey storage shed


2.2       Psycho Airdate:  06/06/16

Emma worries that she’s blurring reality when she learns from her mother Maggie (Tracy Middendorf) that the barn and the home are tied to her childhood…leading her to seek help from her teacher Ms. Lang (Austin Highsmith Garces).  Sheriff Miguel Acosta (Anthony Ruivivar) discovers that Kieran is living alone, and Kieran gets news from his aunt (Tina Hudson) that he might have to return with her and his cousin Eli (Sean Grandillo) to Atlanta.  Brooke worries about Jake’s disappearance but begins to receive messages from him.  Audrey tries to head off Noah’s attempt to find Piper’s accomplice and discovers Jake’s fate as a result.

scream season 2 episode 3 vacancy hotel clerk murdered


2.3       Vacancy Airdate:  06/13/16

Audrey must cover up Jake’s murder or risked being exposed by her tormenter…but Noah’s discovery of a camera in the storage unit could mean her secret is revealed.  Brooke learns that Seth Branson (Bobby Campo) is back and questions how he could know about her break-up with Jake.  Maggie discovers that her recently returned husband Kevin (Tom Everett Scott) has been receiving messages from Piper.  The return of Branson has Gustavo “Stavo” Acosta (Santiago Segura) and Brooke getting closer.  Emma’s trip to her father’s hotel puts her in the killer’s target.

scream season 2 episode 4 happy birthday to me brooke carlson young

“Happy Birthday to Me”

2.4       Happy Birthday to Me Airdate:  06/20/16

It’s Kieran’s birthday, and Emma is convinced to throw a party for him by Eli.  Audrey continues to be taunted by the killer and questions if Stavo’s dark side could mean it is him.  Mayor Quinn Maddox (Bryan Batt) goes to Sheriff Acosta with orders to find Jake while Noah makes his big move to ask Zoe Vaughn (Kiana Ledé) to the party.  When everyone at the party drinks tequila sent by “Jake”, they find they have been poisoned with a hallucengenic drug that causes visions…leading Emma to questions if the killer she sees could be real or another one of delusions.  Acosta learns his son’s interests in the Lakewood Six could have ties to his search for Jake.  A presentation for the Lady of the Lake contestants doesn’t go as planned.

scream season 2 episode 5 killer

“Dawn of the Dead”

2.5       Dawn of the Dead Airdate:  06/28/16

Jake’s body has popped up, and everyone knows that the killer is back.  With the students locked inside the school, Emma finds Jake’s phone in her backpack and realizes the killer must be locked in with them.  Pushed to the edge by her classmate Haley Meyers (Mary Katherine Duhon), Emma worries that she could crack again.  Brooke deals with Jake’s death as Emma’s mother gets bad news about her part in the investigation.  Audrey’s phone reveals a secret to Noah.

scream season 2 episode 6 jeepers creepers branson bobby campo

“Jeepers Creepers”

2.6       Jeepers Creepers Airdate:  07/05/16

With evidence that Audrey could be the killer, Noah considers his next step.  Brooke has Stavo look into Branson’s where-about during the murder of Jake and learns Branson and Ms. Lange have their own plans.  Noah and Emma follow the lead at the hotel but don’t realize they could be walking into a trap. When Noah finds Audrey has been captured, Noah could learn the truth.  Kieran begins working with officer Acosta, and Acosta has his own suspect.

scream season 2 episode 7 let the right one in killer

“Let the Right One In”

2.7       Let the Right One In Airdate:  07/12/16

Emma learns that Acosta has discovered that her computer was used to send messages as Riley Marra to her father…and that Kieran is talking to the police.  Noah tries to convince Audrey to come clean to Emma about her relationship with Piper while Audrey finds herself pulled into Brooke attempts to get even with Branson.  Ms. Lange’s attempts to forge her relationship with Emma fall flat and finds herself a target.  Zoey’s entrance into Noah’s world leads her to evidence she never expected.   With Emma spending more time with Eli, Kieran fears for her safety… but a fire could expose more.

scream season 2 episode 8 village of the damned fun house

“Village of the Damned”

2.8       Village of the Damned Airdate:  07/19/16

It’s time for Lakewood to celebrate its centennial.   With plans for the carnival, Audrey tries to quash the killer’s attempts to reveal the truth to Emma.  The identities of the bodies in the fire are uncovered as the police try to narrow in on the killer.  Acosta worries that his son knows more about the murders than he’s revealed.  Brooke decides to speak her mind at the festival about what she really thinks of Lakewood while Emma learns that Kieran could be the next target of the killer.

scream season 2 episode 9 the orphanage haley myers mary katherine duhon

“The Orphanage”

2.9       The Orphanage Airdate:  07/26/16

Emma knows the truth about Piper and Audrey and is suffering worsening nightmares.  The killer’s deliver of Ms. Lange’s tape reveals her obsession with Emma and leading to a hospital visit.  Zoe and Noah take the plunge, and Noah realizes how the killer knows so much about him.  A search of Ms. Lange’s home reveals a connection to Piper to Emma and Kieran.  Stavo finds his father is on to him and uncovers secrets about what Jake was doing the night he was killed.  Audrey learns that Noah could be the next target as Noah, Zoey, and Kieran are lured to a rave.

scream season 2 episode 10 the vanishing zoe noah kiana lede john karna

“The Vanishing”

2.10     The Vanishing Airdate:  08/02/16

Piper’s body has been recovered after the death of Haley Meyers, and Maggie finds a surprise inside the body that brings back her past with Brandon James and Acosta.  Audrey decides she has to come clean about her ties to Piper with Emma and tries to clear the air.  Using Zoe as bait, Noah finds himself captured and dying as Emma and Audrey race against time.

scream season 2 episode 11 heavenly creatures emma audrey bex taylor klaus willa fitzgerald

“Heavenly Creatures”

2.11     Heavenly Creatures Airdate:  08/09/16

Zoe is dead and Noah is mourning her passing by planning to shut down the Daily Morgue podcast…but someone has other plans for the Daily Morgue.  Emma, Audrey, and Kieran find that Eli might be the person behind the horror.  Eli finds blackmail information on Mayor Maddox that could destroy him.  A trip to the pig farm could lead to death.

scream season 2 episode 12 when a stranger calls killer kieran amadeus serafini willa fitzgerald bex taylor klaus

“When a Stranger Calls”

2.12     When a Stranger Calls Airdate:  08/16/16

Audrey and Emma have been arrested for the murder of Mayor Maddox, but an attack by the killer has left Emma and Audrey on the run.  As Brooke deals with her father’s death, Emma and Audrey decide it is time for a showdown with the killer and the movie theater is the battlefield…but plans for a showdown don’t go as planned.  With Audrey as a prisoner, Emma is about to find out who the real killer is.

scream season 2 episode 13 halloween killer

“Halloween/Halloween II”

2.13     Halloween/Halloween II Airdate:  10/18/16

The murders have been solved, but a new horror has begun with the slaughter of Kieran in the police station.  Halloween is approaching, and Emma is anxious to get out of the media glare.  With their graphic novel about the murders in Lakewood a success, Noah and Stavo’s editor Jeremy Blair (Alex Esola) has plans for a sequel about the strange murder case of Anna Hobbs (Stevie Lynn Jones).  With Emma, Audrey, and Brooke in tow, Jeremy is taking Stavo and Noah to the isolated Shallow Grove Island…and murder might follow.

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