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We take your junk!

Fred Sanford (Redd Foxx) and his son Lamont (Demond Wilson) run a junkyard in Watts, but Fred and Lamont don’t always see eye to eye.  As Fred and Lamont try to run their business, they also have to try to keep from killing each other.

Sanford & Son—Season 1 aired from January 14, 1972 to April 14, 1972.  The mid-season replacement was an adaptation of the British TV series Steptoe and Son which first aired in 1962.  The series was adapted by Norman Lear.  The series was nominated for Primetime Emmys for Outstanding Series—Comedy, Outstanding New Series, and Outstanding Continued Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Comedy Series (Redd Foxx).

sanford and son season 1 episode 4 the copper caper im coming to see you elizabeth redd foxx heart attack

I’m coming to see you, Elizabeth!!!

I never watched much of Sanford & Son. It was over not long after I was born, but even in reruns, I didn’t watch it much in comparison to other shows from the same period.  While he was the star of Sanford & Son and intentionally annoying, I had a hard time with Redd Foxx’s character…I recognize he does the job well, but it still is frustrating.

The series is a rather standard sitcom, but when the series was new, it was rather revolutionary.  It was created as a flipside to All in the Family, and Fred Sanford was supposed to be an African-American version of Archie Bunker.  If you can understand this and keep you’re calm, the character is memorable.

sanford and son season 1 episode 7 a pad for lamont demond wilson date

Lamont’s got mad game

Foxx’s performance is classic.  He overacts and is a blowhard, but it works for the series.  Demond Wilson has the difficulty of playing the straight man to Foxx’s over-the-top antics.  Foxx is quite abusive to the Lamont, and though it is obvious that they are attached to each other, I sometimes just want Lamont to dump his father.

The series is shot in typical sitcom fashion.  It is primarily set based and focused around Lamont and Sanford’s junkyard and house.  For what it is, it is a rather well designed set.  It is minimal, but you can tell the set designers had fun making it.

Sanford & Son—Season 1 is classic TV.  It is typical laughs and jokes, but it also appeared in a time when not many African-American series were around or successful.  Sanford & Son is worth revisiting.  Stop by the junkyard and pick-up Lamont and Fred

Sanford & Son—Season 1 Complete Episode Guide:

sanford and son season 1 episode 1 crossing swords porcelain figure demond wilson redd foxx first episode

“Crossing Swords”

1.1       Crossed Swords Airdate:  01/14/72

When Lamont (Demond Wilson) gets a deal on a porcelain figure, he thinks his ship might have come in.  Teaming with his father Fred (Redd Foxx), Lamont decides to take the figurine to auction…which turns into disaster when they try to boost the price.

sanford and son season 1 episode 2 happy birthday pop demond wilson redd foxx

“Happy Birthday, Pop”

1.2       Happy Birthday, Pop Airdate:  01/21/72

It’s Fred’s 65th birthday, and Lamont is taking him out for a night on the town…but Lamont’s idea of a good time differs from his dad’s.

sanford and son season 1 episode 3 here comes the bride there goes the bride wedding crystal carol speed demond wilson

“Here Comes the Bride, There Goes the Bride”

1.3       Here Comes the Bride, There Goes the Bride Airdate:  01/28/72

When Lamont decides to marry his new girlfriend Crystal Simpson (Carol Speed), Fred recommends against it…but when Lamont’s bride-to-be gets cold feet, Lamont tries to win her back.

sanford and son season 1 episode 4 the copper caper cops smitty swanny hal williams noam pitlik redd foxx demond wilson

“The Copper Caper”

1.4       The Copper Caper Airdate:  02/04/72

Lamont has got a lead on a good supply of copper to turn a profit.  When it turns out the copper is stolen, Lamont must decide what to do with it.

sanford and son season 1 episode 5 a matter of life and breath chest x-ray redd foxx

“A Matter of Life and Breath”

1.5       A Matter of Life and Breath Airdate:  02/11/72

Lamont convinces Fred to have a chest x-ray to see if his years of smoking have hurt him, but Lamont is the one who gets the bad news.

sanford and son season 1 episode 6 we were robbed swanny noam pitlik redd foxx

“We Were Robbed”

1.6       We Were Robbed Airdate:  02/18/72

When Fred breaks Lamont’s collection of porcelain, he decides to make up a story about being robbed…but when the police get involved the story gets out of hand.

sanford and son season 1 episode 7 a pad for lamont demond wilson

“A Pad for Lamont”

1.7       A Pad for Lamont Airdate:  02/25/72

After another date ruined by his father, Lamont decides to get his own place…which means Fred has time for his own dating.

sanford and son season 1 episode 8 the great sanford siege demond wilson dick van patten

“The Great Sanford Siege”

1.8       The Great Sanford Siege Airdate:  03/03/72

When Fred forgets to pay the bills, the bill collectors come to Sanford & Son.  Fred and Lamont must find a way to keep Hamlin (Dick Van Patten) from taking their things.

sanford and son season 1 episode 9 coffins for sale demond wilson redd foxx

“Coffins for Sale”

1.9       Coffins for Sale Airdate:  03/10/72

Lamont gets a good deal on two coffins, but Fred wants nothing to do with them when he brings them into the house.

sanford and son season 1 episode 10 the barracuda donna harris lynn hamilton redd foxx

“The Barracuda”

1.10     The Barracuda Airdate:  03/17/72

Fred’s decided to get married to Donna Harris (Lynn Hamilton), but Lamont has doubts that he’s doing the right thing.

sanford and son season 1 episode 11 tv or not tv redd roxx demond wilson

“TV or Not TV”

1.11     TV or Not TV Airdate:  03/24/72

Fred wants a new color TV, but when Lamont decides to get a car, Fred ends up in the hospital with a case of amnesia.

sanford and son season 1 episode 12 the suitcase case redd foxx demond wilson

“The Suitcase Case”

1.12     The Suitcase Case Airdate:  03/31/72

Lamont picks up a suitcase on his rounds and discovers it is filled with money.  Unfortunately, the suitcase’s owner wants it back.

sanford and son season 1 episode 13 the return of the barracuda lynn hamilton redd foxx

“The Return of the Barracuda”

1.13     The Return of the Barracuda Airdate:  04/07/72

Donna is back and Fred is still aiming to marry her…and Lamont is still not sold on the idea.

sanford and son season 1 episode 14 the piano movers redd foxx demond wilson

“The Piano Movers”

1.14     The Piano Movers Airdate:  04/14/72

Lamont is recruited to move an antique piano from an eccentric man (Lester Fletcher)…leaving Fred questioning the man’s sexuality.

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