Runaways 4: True Believers

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Comic Name:  Runaways (Volume 2)

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writer:  Brian K. Vaughan

Artist:  Adrian Alphona

# of Issues:  6

Release Date:  2005


Runaways (2) #2

Reprints Runaways (2) #1-6 (April 2005-September 2005). The Runaways are back and finding more trouble when they encounter a version of Gert from the future. The Runaways learn from Gert’s dying breath that a villain named Victor Mancha could destroy them all if they trust him. Now, the Runaways must stop Victor but discover that Victor could be an innocent pawn of his father. Also, a new group called Excelsior made up of Lightspeed, Turbo, Ricochet, Darkhawk, Chamber, and Phil Urich are gunning for the Runaways and have a powerful backer.

Written by Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Adrian Alphona, Runaways Volume 4: True Believers collects the first issues of the second volume of Runaways. Following Runaways Volume 3: The Good Die Young, Runaways Volume 4: True Believers starts a whole new series of Runaways adventures and introduces the new teammate Victor Mancha.

Runaways could have ended with the last volume. I would have been ok with it, but Brian K. Vaughan decided to keep the story going. The Runaways aren’t really particularly “wanted” at this point nor are they really running from anything. In this volume a new threat to their existence is developed in the appearance of Excelsior…a group of washed-up teen superheroes.


Runaways (2) #3

Excelsior is really fun and much better than the whole Victor Mancha and Gert of the future story. I love some of the characters picked for Excelsior (anytime a Power Pack member is on the team, it is a plus). I never read Slingers so Ricochet is a bit of a fail, but Vaughan makes that apparent. I also loved New Warriors so appearances by late New Warrior adds Turbo and Darkhawk are appreciated. Plus, I much prefer Vaughan’s writing of Phil Urich to the horrible “evil” Phil Urich of Dan Slott’s Spider-Man.

The Runaways story is a bit typical however. Here, they are going after another “bad” kid (they establish in the first issue that their goal is to save superhuman kids from villain parents. The Gert from the future was a little fun and I could have done with a whole “future Gert” back issue to see how she ran the Avengers (and who is officially on her team). The story also sets up future issues by the red herring reveal that Nico tried to use the Staff of One to try to bring back Alex and that Chamber (who seemed to be written wrong…but it turns out intentionally) could possibly be Alex in disguise.

Runaways continues to be a fun series with this volume. It isn’t the best series you’ll ever read and Brian K. Vaughan has written far better, but it is still a solid team book that deserves some attention. For years a Runaways film has been in development hell and it will be interesting if Disney steps in and helps get it done. Runaways Volume 4: True Believers was followed by Runaways Volume 5: Escape to New York.

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