Robotech Archives: The Macross Saga—Volume 1

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Comic Name:  Robotech:  The Graphic Novel/Robotech:  The Macross Saga

Publisher:  Titan Comics/Comico

Writer:  Mike Baron/Jack Herman/Carl Macek

Artist:  Neil D. Vokes/Svea Stauch/Reggie Byers/Dave Johnson/Mike Leeke

# of Issues:  12

Release Date:  2018

robotech the macross saga #1 cover

Robotech: The Macross Saga #1

Reprints Robotech:  The Graphic Novel and Robotech:  The Macross Saga #1-11 (December 1984-August 1986).  When a giant alien spaceship called the SDF-1 crashes on a remote island on Earth, it brings a new renaissance of technology to Earth.  Unfortunately, the aliens known as the Zentraedi want their ship back, and the Robotech Forces must defend it.  When General Gloval accidentally teleports the SDF-1 near Saturn along with Macross Island, the ship and the survivors begin their dangerous trek home…and rookie pilot Rick Hunter finds himself thrust into the battle.

Written by Mike Baron, Jack Herman, and Carl Macek, Robotech Archives:  The Macross Saga—Volume 1 is the comic book adaptation of the Robotech:  Macross Saga anime series printed by Titan Comics.  Featuring art by Neil D. Vokes, Svea Stauch, Reggie Byers, Dave Johnson, and Mike Leeke, the collection is a reprint of the Comico Comics and also includes the Robotech:  The Graphic Novel (August 1986) which served as a prequel to the series.

I didn’t really watch Robotech growing up, but it was always there.  The Robotech robots were like different versions of the Transformers, but with less marketing in the U.S. and less airing of the TV show.  The Transformer Jetfire was even created from the mold of the VF-1S Super Valkyrie from Robotech…which always made him different than the other Transformers.  I started watching the Robotech series in the 2000s…and it is a pretty compelling storyline.

robotech the macross saga #9 cover lin minmei

Robotech: The Macross Saga #9

The comic is a direct adaptation of the Robotech:  Macross Saga.  The comics are episode based and if you are familiar with the show and have seen episodes of it, it feels lifted almost 100%.  This means both the good and the bad of Robotech is included.  While I enjoy a lot of the Robotech series, the drama surrounding Rick, Minmei, and Lisa gets a little overboard…but at the start here, it is just ramping up.

The TV series didn’t include the graphic novel that starts out this collection.  If you are encountering Robotech for the first time, the start can be a bit jarringwith a lot of techno jargon and characters you don’t know, but rereading the Robotech:  The Macross Saga Graphic Novel is rewarding for fans of the show.  If you do know the series, it is worthwhile to see how the SDF-1 ended up on Earth.

The art of the series is kind of a struggle.  It has a lot of anime tones, but it doesn’t feel entirely like anime…but it also isn’t as developed as some of the normal comic books from the period.  It feels rather like a hybrid and that could be a challenge for some readers.

As indicated by the title Robotech Archives:  The Macross Saga—Volume 1, the collection is just the first part of a bigger story.  Don’t go into this collection and expect a beginning and end.  The story ends rather abruptly since it isn’t designed for collection reprints and you will have to seek out Robotech Archives:  The Macross Saga—Volume 2 rather quickly if you want to find out what happens to Rick and the others….but it is worth it.

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