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Comic Name:  Revolutionary War:  Alpha/Revolutionary War:  Omega/Revolutionary War:  Death’s Head II/Revolutionary War:  Knights of Pendragon/Revolutionary War:  Dark Angel/Revolutionary War:  Super Soldiers/Revolutionary War:  Motormouth/Revolutionary War:  Warheads

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writer:  Andy Lanning/Alan Cowsill/Kieron Gillen/Rob Williams/Glenn Dakin

Artist:  Rich Elson/Dietrich Smith/Will Sliney/Nick Roche/Brent Anderson/Tom Palmer/Ronan Cliquet/Gary Erskine

# of Issues: 8

Release Date: 2014

revolutionary war deaths head ii #1 cover variant

Revolutionary War: Death’s Head II #1 Variant

Reprints Revolutionary War:  Alpha #1, Revolutionary War:  Dark Angel #1, Revolutionary War:  Knights of Pendragon #1, Revolutionary War:  Death’s Head II #1, Revolutionary War:  Super Soldiers #1, Revolutionary War:  Motormouth #1, Revolutionary War:  Warheads #1, and Revolutionary War:  Omega #1 (March 2014-May 2014).  The Mys-Tech Board dealt with demons to win eternal life…and their push to keep the eternal life was stopped by the heroes of the United Kingdom.  Years have passed since the battle and now it appears the Mys-Tech Board is back.  With power growing and heroes being kidnapped, a team lead by Pete Wisdom is in a race against time to stop what could be a full scale invasion.  Someone is behind the attacks…and the answer is someone Wisdom and the other heroes never suspected.

Written by Andy Lanning, Alan Cowsill, Kieron Gillen, Rob Williams, and Glenn Dakin, Revolutionary War is a Marvel Comics superhero event series that focuses on the Marvel UK heroes.  With art by Rich Elson, Dietrich Smith, Will Sliney, Nick Roche, Brent Anderson, Tom Palmer, Ronan Cliquet, and Gary Erskine, the collection is a storyline running through six one-shots and bookended by an Alpha and Omega title.

The Marvel UK was a big push in the early 1990s when comic book titles exploded.  Marvel had a ton of titles and a good chunk of those titles (for a time) were a series of new UK characters in their own books.  Revolutionary War is an attempt to bring back some of those characters and largely feels like an effort in nostalgia.

revolutionary war motormouth #1 cover variant

Revolutionary War: Motormouth #1 Variant

The problem with Marvel UK was that it felt half-baked and this storyline also feels the same.  Popular characters like Wolverine, the X-Men, and others made frequent appearances in the Marvel UK books, but the Marvel UK heroes rarely appeared in Marvel’s main books.  I always felt it was weird and rather stupid.  If someone like the Warheads showed up in Spider-Man or Dark Angel joined the Avengers for a few issues, it feels like the series would have had more legs.  The Revolutionary War has the same problem.  It felt like a non-series.  One day, it was on the shelves.  It just didn’t seem like it had a lot of fanfare and no lead up.  With characters like Pete Wisdom, Captain Britain, and Union Jack involved, it feels like there could have been some smart cross promotion.

The other problem is that only people who read the Marvel UK series (twenty years before) would have any idea of what was going on…if then.  I read a number of the Marvel UK titles more out of duty than love (I was a fan of Death’s Head II), and I didn’t understand half of what was occurring in the collection.  For a new reader to try to read this, it would be a challenge…and a lot of the early 1990s readers might already be gone (plus, you get a lot of weird comic book time where they talk about the 1990s but no time seems to have passed).

Revolutionary War kind of wastes an opportunity.  I feel that there is room for some of the characters to appear and be brought in to other team books.  Revolutionary War should have been a culmination of appearances, cameos, and mini-storylines that would have built interest in the characters for new readers while reminding older readers of the past.  Instead you have a lot of attempts to cram a lot of stories into a few issues…and everyone loses the war.

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