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7.0 Overall Score
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 6/10
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God of War style controls

Repetitive, Almost impossible final fight

Game Info

Game Name: Conan

Developer(s): Nihilistic Software

Publisher(s): THQ

Platform(s): PS3/XBox 360

Genre(s): Action/Adventure

Release Date(s): October 23, 2007

ESRB Rating: M

conan video game ape creature gameplay graphics

Got to get this monkey off my back…

In a treasure hunt, Conan unwittingly unleashes the wizard Graven upon the world.  Now, evil is on the loose in the land and hordes of enemies are coming for Conan.  Conan is forced to seek out the cursed legendary armor to stop Graven and his only help might be the pirate woman A’kanna.  Can Conan stop the spread of the Black Death before it destroys the Hyborian Age?

Conan is a slash-and-hack action-adventure video game designed by Nihilistic Software and produced by THQ.  It was released for multiple game systems and received mixed reviews.

The story has basis in Robert E. Howard’s “Queen of the Black Coast” (substitute A’kanna for Belit) and a gameplay is in the style of God of War.

conan video game demon elephant gameplay screenshots

Conan hates elephants!!!

Conan is a dirty pleasure type game.  It is very easy to play and the controls (taken from the God of War) are fun and quick to learn.  This is a definite plus for the Xbox 360 players since God of War isn’t available for the system, but PS3 players should probably just stick to any of the God of War titles which are much better.

The problems with Conan include the fact there is a lot of repetition.  It is fun to destroy as Conan and the game is filled with blood and gore, but it is the same enemies over and over again.  Conan reaches a screen…a bunch of enemies pop-up…Conan kills them.  Fortunately, there are a number of ways to kill the enemies and different weapons to change it up a little.

conan video game final boss graven gameplay battle

Oh come on!!! Seriously!?!?!

The boss battles are quite tedious (usually involving fighting enemies while a boss also attacks you), but the final battle is so poorly planned that it almost makes you pull your hair out.   It involves a lot of hacking, slashing, and jumping but then will instantly go into quick-time event button pushing.  The buttons pop-up so fast that you are often still fighting and can cause your timed attack to fail…the long fight then is quickly ended, but Conan is forced to start all over again…cutscenes and all.

Conan is almost there…I do wish that they had planned a sequel to this game to fix some of the problems involving the game play.  Plus, they could have added a few more enemies to change up the game play.  It seems like a few easy fixes and this would be a “good” game.  It still can be fun to play and often can be found in the mega-cheap bin so it might be worth picking up if you need a way to kill (or dismember) a few hours.

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