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reno 911 season 4 episode 14 dangles wedding wiegel cake cast

Celebrate another season of Reno 911!

After a wedding countdown, Wiegel (Kerri Kenny-Silver) returns to work pregnant…but who is the father?  Spanish Mike (Oscar Nuñez) returns and threatening to escape before the FBI come for him!  A murder in the department has the deputies out to avenge a death.  Plus, Dangle could finally find the love he is seeking…but it could also mean a shocking revelation from one of the other deputies!

Reno 911!—Season 4 is a found-footage police parody comedy series.  The season aired on Comedy Central from July 9, 2006 to August 13, 2006.

I didn’t really watch Reno 911! when it aired.  I’d see an episode here or there, but never sat down and watched it…I missed out.  The “here-and-there” method with Reno 911! doesn’t work.  Reno 911! works best when you watch it as a whole.

reno 911 season 4 episode 5 spanish mike returns boozehammer of galen patton oswalt

Travel to Ye-Old Times with Sir Boozehammer of Galen

The show is largely about characterization and in-jokes.  Watching episode to episode and season to season allows you to really get a feel for the characters, their quirks, and their fallacies (which they of course have a ton of).  The order of the episodes generally don’t matter too much (there are a few continuing themes), but the real core of the series is the interactions between the officers and the interactions with those they are trying to police.

The series is solid with the base cast but the recurring cast members and guest stars also bring the fun.  This season has appearances by Paul Rudd, Patton Oswalt (who has frequently appeared), David Koechner, Oscar Nuñez, Paul Reubens, Tracey Walter, Brian Posehn, Zach Galifianakis, and Chelsea Handler.  My favorite continues to be regular guest star Nick Swardson aka Terry the roller-skater with issues.

reno 911 season 4 episode 8 the department gets a corporate sponsor hottys hot wings

You have the right to a 10 piece meal!

The season also features one of my all-time favorite episodes in which the officers receive sponsorship (and free wings) from Hooter’s knock-off Hotty’s Hot Wings.  The sponsorship of course comes with conditions and the style of the writing for this episode works with the cast and as a great over-arching theme (something that doesn’t always go well in Reno 911!).

Reno 911! is a bit of an acquired taste, but it is a taste worth acquiring.  The series is funny, smart, and definitely not PC (some jokes have you questioning if they could be made just ten years later).  The series is full of fun actors, fun skits, and a good presentation.  Reno might be second to Las Vegas in Nevada, but Reno 911! is tops.

Reno 911!—Season 4 Complete Episode Guide:

reno 911 season 4 episode 1 wiegels pregnant kerri kenney silver

“Wiegel’s Pregnant”

4.1       Wiegel’s Pregnant Airdate:  07/09/06

Wiegel (Kerri Kenny-Silver) comes back to work pregnant but finds no one seems to care.  Dangle (Thomas Lennon) finds his opportunity could be here when he learns Baz Lurhman is looking for a real officer for his remake of West Side Story.  Clementine (Wendi McLendon-Covey) and Dangle advertise the Police Tek 2000 Rape Shield Undergarments.  The force deal with a problematic Carrot Top who takes over a hotel room.  Garcia (Carlos Alazraqui) and Jones (Cedric Yarbrough) argue over Good-Cop-Black Cop.  Wiegel’s condition could cause problems when she reveals how it happened.

reno 911 season 4 episode 2 the junior brothers reunion

“The Junior Brothers”

4.2       The Junior Brothers Airdate:  07/16/06

Junior (Robert Ben Garant) announces the Junior Brothers are in town and anything can happen.  The officers go to the school to teach children about the problems with swearing.  Williams (Niecy Nash) takes Kay Kay (Kym Whitley) around to find the pimp who beat her.  Garcia is called in to go undercover for illegal immigrant employment.  Wiegel gets ready for childbirth with classes with Guy Gerricault (Paul Rudd).

reno 911 season 4 episode 3 jet ski blue cast

“Jet Ski Blues”

4.3       Jet Ski Blues Airdate: 07/23/06

When a deputy dies the department finds themselves left with his belongings.  A surprising discovery of a jet ski could destroy the officers from within.

reno 911 season 4 episode 4 ricks on it paul reubens peewee

“Rick’s on It”

4.4       Rick’s on It Airdate:  07/30/06

A series of murders and robberies are occurring around Reno and Rick (Paul Reubens) of the Citizen’s Patrol could solve the crime first.  Williams and Kimball (Mary Birdsong) go on a call to someone whose rap lyrics were stolen.  Garcia and Jones try to educate children on the dangers of drugs.  Dangle and Junior just want some free tacos from Terry (Nick Swardson).

reno 911 season 4 episode 5 spanish mike returns oscar nunez kerri kenny silver

“Spanish Mike Returns”

4.5       Spanish Mike Returns Airdate:  08/06/06

Spanish Mike (Oscar Nuñez) is back, and the officers are forced to hold him for the FBI envoy coming to get him.  Boozehammer of Galen (Patton Oswalt) at the Renaissance Festival has a request for the officers.  Garcia and Jones work a Ted Nugget concert with specific orders from his roadie (David Koechner).  Terry is back and Dangle and Wiegel have to confront him about his new CPA claims.

reno 911 season 4 episode 6 son of a chechekevitch brian posehn thomas lennon

“Son of a Checkekevitch”

4.6       Son of a Chechekevitch Airdate:  08/13/06

Sheriff Chechekevitch (Tracey Walter) has been murdered…and Dangle suspects the Sheriff’s young wife (Magdalena Holland).  Kimball and Wiegel revisit the Renaissance fair to help Boozehammer of Galen with another problem.  Clementine and Kimball question Pastor Dave (Ryan Raddatz) about the potential drug sales near a school.  Clementine and Kimball are forced to try to help a man seeking a two-for-one special at the brothel.  Stevie the Coroner (Brian Posehn) gives Dangle the potential murder weapon.

reno 911 season 4 episode 7 the investigation continues

“The Investigation Continues”

4.7       The Investigation Continues Airdate:  08/27/06

Dangle tries to determine who know the sheriff’s allergy to peanuts and who killed him.  Garcia and Jones go to the carnival to question a man touting “Nature’s Oddity” in a special box.  With Sheriff Chechekevitch’s funeral underway, the truth will be revealed.

reno 911 season 4 episode 8 the department gets a corporate sponsor hottys hot wings thomas lennon kerri kenny silver

“The Department Gets a Corporate Sponsor”

4.8       The Department Gets a Corporate Sponsor Airdate:  04/01/07

The Reno police have a new sponsor in Hotty’s Hot Wings.  Now, the officers have free food, new rules, new gear, and they could discover they could be working for new bosses.

reno 911 season 4 episode 9 christian singles mixer clementine kimball mary birdsong wendi mclendon covey

“Christian Singles Mixer”

4.9       Christian Singles Mixer Airdate:  04/08/07

Kimball invites Clementine to her holy group, but Clementine has her own idea of religion.  Jones and Garcia investigate strange happenings at a park.  Junior pulls over a drag racer with the car of his dreams.  A body at the morgue has the officers playing guess the death with Stevie the Coroner.

reno 911 seaosn 4 episode 10 proposition c wiegel williams niecy nash kerri kenney silver

“Proposition C”

4.10     Proposition C Airdate:  04/15/07

Dangle and Junior make a visit to Frisbee (Zach Galifianakis) and a missing child protective service agent.  Prop C could mean a big pay change for the officers…and Wiegel and Williams are picking up the votes.  Garcia and Jones run into an undercover officer (Dana Goodman) that needs the Reno officer’s help to get the big fish.

reno 911 season 4 episode 11 reno mounties jones garcia carlos alazraqui cedric yarbrough

“Reno Mounties”

4.11     Reno Mounties Airdate:  04/22/07

Jones and Garcia are Reno’s newest mounted police, but Garcia suffers a setback.  Junior, Wiegel, and Williams try to find an offensive painting at an art gallery.  Kimball discovers Junior shot, and Junior uses the situation to test his theory that she’s a lesbian….but discovers a mutual tie.

reno 911 season 4 episode 12 hodgepodge dangle thomas lennon


4.12     Hodgepodge Airdate:  04/29/07

Junior and Dangle try to find out the current long distant plan of the Reno police department from convicted killer former-DA Mike Powers (Mather Zickel).   Kimball attempts to arrest the Great Jeff (Jeremy Rowley) for illegal magic performances.  A kid named Pete (Chip Hormess) finds himself questioned by the police, but Dangle takes a kinder view.  Jones tries to talk to children about cleanliness in the locker room.  A member of the Better Business Bureau decides to check out the local brothel and its claims.  Jones and Junior have to deal with Boozehammer of Galen at the Renaissance Fair.

reno 911 season 4 episode 13 ex wife and her new husband dangle thomas lennon dave holmes rachel harris

“Ex-Wife and Her New Husband”

4.13     Ex-Wife and Her New Husband Airdate:  05/06/07

Kimball celebrates her one year anniversary with the force.  Big Mike (Toby Huss) suffers a jart accident.  Jones and Garcia return to the renaissance fair and learn Dangle is involved.  A stakeout of a man has the women of the department angry at the suspect (Taylor Negron).  The station’s jaws of life are tested.  Dangle visits his ex-wife Debbie Dangle-Frost (Rachael Harris) and his new husband Leslie (Dave Holmes) for an anniversary party and learns that they have different plans for the party.  Junior works online pedophiles and makes a surprising discovery.

reno 911 season 4 episode 14 dangles wedding wiegel hospital

“Dangle’s Wedding”

4.14     Dangle’s Wedding Airdate:  05/13/07

Dangle’s ex-wife’s husband Leslie ask Dangle to marry him and the Reno Police Department is headed for a big wedding celebration.  Wiegel and Kimball try to take a report of a stolen car at the Renaissance Fair.  Williams and Clementine need to make a visit to Frisbee again.  Wiegel makes a desperate attempt to win Dangle and finds it backfires.  Garcia makes a big confession.

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