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reno 911 season 2 episode 1 dangles promotion trudy wiegel kerri kenney clown childrens hospital

Reno 911! is always a blast!

The deputies of Reno, Nevada are back and are taking no prisoners (though they probably should).  With a shoot-first-and-ask-questions later mentality, Dangle (Thomas Lennon) and his crew Clementine (Wendi McLendon-Covey), Jones (Cedric Yarbrough), Junior (Robert Ben Garant), Williams (Niecy Nash), Wiegel (Kerri Kenney), and Garcia (Carlos Alazraqui) are protecting the streets of Reno.  When Garcia and Jones attempt to make a daring arrest, a cover-up could change the department forever!

Reno 911!—Season 2 is a skit-based comedy police show.  The season aired on Comedy Central from June 9, 2004 to September 22, 2004 to positive reviews and a strong fan-base.

reno 911 season 2 episode 7 not without my mustache simon helberg wendi mclendon covey robert ben garant

He’s looking for a Big Bang

I didn’t watch Reno 911! during its initial airing.  I didn’t have cable, and if I had access to cable for some odd reason, it wasn’t the first on the list to seek out.  I do regret that a little in that it is a great, fun series, but I also think it has aged better than a lot of similar series which allows you to appreciate it more now.

The series is completely un-PC (and it was un-PC at the time too), but it revels in it.  The characters are painted as morons and since they aren’t bright, smart, and thoughtful, the racism, sexism, and out-and-out “wrong” ignorant things they say are acceptable (much like the kids in South Park who get a pass because they are kids).  I always find episodes like “More FBI Help” episodes interesting since the officers are doing the right thing and being punished for it (kind of like karma).

reno 911 season 2 episode 12 undercover drug bust niecy nash wendi mclendon covey mexican restaurant

Have a drink and enjoy

The series has aged also due to the great list of guest-stars.  This season has appearances by Simon Helberg, Charlie Day, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, Patton Oswalt, Michael Ian Black, Rachel Harris, Jim Rash, Mindy Sterling, Matt Walsh, Tracey Walter, Dick Gregory, and Kenny Rogers.  Future regular Mary Birdsong appears in an early episode as a masseuse and the season also has the great “What If?” recasting of each of the major players with Martin Mull (Dangle), Lorenzo Lamas (Garcia), Donna D’Errico (Johnson), Wayne Brady (Jones), Lou Ferrigno (Junior), Traci Bingham (Williams), and Sean Young (Wiegel).

In addition to the guest-stars, the cast is really coming together this season.  As you watch the series, you see the interactions between specific cast members and more and more in-jokes build.  I do wish that the show would work harder to develop Niecy Nash’s character who doesn’t seem to have many plotlines or direction at least in these early seasons.

reno 911 season 2 episode 14 accidental marriage garcia jones beat milkshake man cedric yarbrough carlos alazraqui

Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t like Reno 911!

The show is made at an affordable level, but does look like COPS which it is emulating.  The series obviously tapes a lot of adlibbing by the actors and the guest stars, and you can often see footage and shots reused in later episodes (especially in binge watching).

Reno 911!—Season 2 continues a quality series with a lot of laughs.  For the most part, there is something to laugh at in each episode and if one of the mini-skits isn’t working, the series quickly moves on to another “arrest”.  The series starts to get a bit more serialized toward the end, but there are continuing themes throughout the show that rewards viewers who watch all the episodes instead of skipping around.  Get arrested for the first time or re-arrest yourself with Reno 911!

Reno 911!—Season 2 Complete Episode Guide:

reno 911 seaosn 2 episode 1 dangles promotion peeping toms

“Dangle’s Promotion”

2.1       Dangle’s Promotion Airdate:  06/09/04

Lieutenant Jim Dangle (Thomas Lennon) learns he’s getting promoted to Carson City and expects everyone to come to his going away party…unfortunately, it conflicts with the Wolfpack women’s basketball game.  A peeping tom report leads to an unusual arrest for Deputy James Garcia (Carlos Alazraqui) and Deputy S. Jones (Cedric Yarbrough), and a dying dog’s owner’s request shows sensitivity on the part of Garcia.

“Wiegel’s New Boyfriend”

2.2       Wiegel’s New Boyfriend Airdate:  06/16/04

Deputy Trudy Wiegel (Kerri Kenney) has a new boyfriend named Craig Pullin (Kyle Dunnigan), but the other officers suspect that he’s the Truckee River Killer leading Deputy Clementine Johnson (Wendi McLendon-Covey) and Dangle going to a barbeque as part of a secret stakeout.  A fire at a building has an author (Matt Price) trying to convince the police and fire department to save his novel.

“British Law”

2.3       British Law Airdate:  06/23/04

Constable Martin Smiley (Thomas L. Bolster) has stopped by Reno for a visit and won the hearts of the officers…but Garcia sees a different side of the constable.  Deputy Travis Junior (Robert Ben Grant) stakes out a massage parlor and gets menacing masseuse (Mary Birdsong).  Deputy Raineesha Williams (Niecy Nash) and Jones face a blind beggar (Dick Gregory) who doesn’t realize he isn’t fully dressed.

reno 911 season 2 episode 4 dangles wife visits debbie rachel harris thomas lennon

“Dangle’s Wife Visits”

2.4       Dangle’s Wife Visits Airdate:  06/30/04

Mrs. Debbie Dangle (Rachel Harris) has come by the station with a mission.  She needs a divorce from Dangle to marry her new love Leslie (Dave Holmes), and Dangle isn’t happy about the changes to his finances.  Clementine and Wiegel deal with an illegal house of prostitution run by Andrew (Jim Rash) The squad learns that they have to remove their Ten Commandments from the lawn of the station or face a lawsuit.

reno 911 season 2 episode 5 religion in reno reverend gigg lecarp brian phelps thomas lennon

“Religion in Reno”

2.5       Religion in Reno Airdate:  07/07/04

Reverend Gigg LeCarp (Brian Phelps) is returning to the prison where his redemption began and bringing his TV program with him.  The officers find themselves rounding up criminals “for redemption” for the broadcast.

reno 911 season 2 episode 6 firefighters are jerks cast

“Firefighters Are Jerks”

2.6       Fire Fighters Are Jerks Airdate:  07/14/04

The officers are throwing a fundraiser but discover the firefighters are having their charity event on the same night.  Junior and Dangle take confront Andrew who refuses to bring down his Christmas decorations.

reno 911 season 2 episode 7 not without my mustache garcia dangle thomas lennon carlos alazraqui

“Not Without My Mustache”

2.7       Not Without My Mustache Airdate:  07/21/04

Deputy S. Jones gets a bad prediction from a psychic about his health.  Clementine and Deputy Travis Junior try to hook a teen (Simon Helberg) up with his first prostitute.  Dangle and Wiegel try to stop fighting siblings (Charlie Day and Mary Elizabeth Ellis) in a trailer park The men learn that the city is planning an ordinance to band them from having mustaches.

reno 911 season 2 episode 8 security for kenny rogers garcia wiegel kerri kenny carlos alazraqui

“Security for Kenny Rogers”

2.8       Security for Kenny Rogers Airdate:  07/28/04

Kenny Rogers is coming to town and Garcia and Wiegel volunteer to protect him…and no one is getting close to Kenny Rogers with them on the job!  Dangle and Junior try to hustle a pool hustler.

reno 911 season 2 episode 9 more fbi help dangle agent hardcastle ian roberts thomas lennon

“More FBI Help”

2.9       More FBI Help Airdate:  08/04/04

The Lieutenant Governor’s brother is missing and FBI agent Steve Hardcastle (Ian Roberts) is assigned to the case.  Garcia and Jones grant the wish of a cancer victim (Michael Ian Black).  Terry Bernadino (Nick Swardson) works for the department as part of his work release from prison.  The officers find working for the FBI might actually mean doing the job themselves.

reno 911 season 2 episode 10 raineesha x niecy nash cedric yarbrough muslim

“Raineesha X”

2.10     Raineesha X Airdate:  08/11/04

Deputy Raineesha Williams has decided to become a Muslim and change her name to Raineesha X which does something to Jones’ interest in her.  Clementine and Dangle end up in a costume competition at a fraternity party.  An attempt to count money runs into trouble for Dangle when he counts it with Wiegel.

reno 911 season 2 episode 11 clementine and garcia are dating wendi mclendon covey carlos alazraquil

“Clementine and Garcia Are Dating”

2.11     Clementine and Garcia Are Dating Airdate:  08/18/04

After a night out with the officers and an accidental hook-up, Clementine and Garcia find themselves a couple and none of the officers believe it can last.  Attempts to arrest chronic criminal Big Mike (Toby Huss) runs into problems when Dangle locks his keys in the car.  The troop finds someone has pooped in the child book donation box.

reno 911 season 2 episode 12 undercover drug bust jones garcia cedric yarbrough carlos alazraqui

“Undercover Drug Bust”

2.12     Undercover Drug Bust Airdate:  08/25/04

Jones and Garcia discover the benefits of going undercover on a drug bust.  Junior and Dangle respond to a robbery and rape of constant victim Keith (A.D. Miles) at a convenience store.  Williams discovers Clementine’s part-time job.  Dangle and Clementine bust a house band.

reno 911 season 2 episode 13 president bush in reno junior dangle thomas lennon robert ben garant

“President Bush in Reno”

2.13     President Bush in Reno Airdate:  09/01/04

Bush is coming to Reno and the officers are assigned to protect the route.  Dangle meets one of Garcia’s old military buddies (Sonny King), and Andrew is causing problems again with a makeshift parade.  Junior and Clementine are called in for a chimpanzee attack while Garcia and Jones are called in to stop a brawl at a Civil War reenactment.

reno 911 season 2 episode 14 accidental marriage junior yuen chong hwa minglie chen robert ben garant

“Accidental Marriage”

2.14     Accidental Marriage Airdate:  09/08/04

Junior finds him accidentally married to a woman named Yeun Chong-Hwa (Minglie Chen) during a police bust, but Yeun Chong-Hwa doesn’t find herself so lucky.  Garcia and Jones pursue a milkshake mascot with tragic consequences.

reno 911 season 2 episode 15 milkshake mans death kerri kenney thomas lennon cedric yarbrough

“Milkshake Man’s Death”

2.15     Milkshake Man’s Death Airdate:  09/15/04

The death of the Andy “Milkshake Man” Freeman (Nat Faxon) is being investigated by a federal jury and the officers of the police force are talking.  Dangle and Junior try to serve a summons to Ian Meltzer (Matt Walsh) who isn’t interested in the offer.  A weasel in the walls of a home has the department on edge while Jones and Williams deal with a park puppet show.

reno 911 season 2 episode 16 investigation concludes junior mike powers mather zickel robert ben garant

“Investigation Concludes”

2.16     Investigation Concluded Airdate:  09/22/04

The investigation by Mike Powers (Mather Zickel) is wrapping up and Garcia is pitted against Jones.  Junior and Dangle are called in by Mrs. Leonard (Mindy Sterling) to deal with a problematic kid in her apartment. If the jury finds Garcia and Jones guilty, the whole department could go down…and who would rise to take their place?

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