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Comic Name: Quasar

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writer: Mark Gruenwald

Artist: Mike Manley/Greg Capulla

# of Issues: 16

Release Date: 2018

quasar #15 cover mike mignola art review

Quasar #15

Reprints Quasar #10-25 (May 1990-August 1991).  Wendell Vaughan is trying to adjust to his life as Quasar while working out of the Four Freedoms Plaza in New York City.  When the Squadron Supreme is attacked by a mysterious force, Quasar heads to space to help them and finds himself caught in a battle between the Overmind and the Stranger…but something else is lurking in the darkness.  Everything that Wendell is facing has a secret antagonist who is lurking in the shadows.  Quasar is about to face his biggest challenge ever, and he and the universe might not survive if he fails.

Written by Mark Gruenwald, Quasar:  Cosmos in Collision is a Marvel Comics superhero comic book collection.  Following Quasar Classic—Volume 1, the collection features art by Mike Manley and Greg Capulla.

Quasar was always kind of a doofus-y character.  He’s very generic looking and feels like a rip-off of the Green Lantern.  Despite this, there is something I kind of like about the character.  Having read Quasar Classics—Volume 1, I was rather bummed that Marvel didn’t put out a second volume…then Quasar:  Cosmos in Collision was released.

The collection is basically two bigger storylines with an even larger storyline looming over the whole collection.  The first storyline is the five part “Journey into Mystery” storyline which has Quasar helping the Squadron Supreme escape the clutches of the Overmind.  With Gruenwald writing both, it kind of feels like a sequel to the classic Squadron Supreme series and is loaded with fun characters.

quasar #19 cover new costume jack of hearts

Quasar #19

The second story is the meat of the collection and was surprisingly compelling.  With some shocking moments, the series doesn’t feel as shiny and pure as you’d expect from Quasar.  The “Cosmos in Collision” storyline dovetails back into other issues of the collection and shows how Maelstrom has been manipulating Quasar almost over the course of a year (in publication time).  In the world of The Infinity Gauntlet (which happened right after this), it feels just as big and dangerous (and it also makes some of Quasar’s actions in The Infinity Gauntlet not as true to his character).

I like that Gruenwald and the artists bring together a lot of areas of the Marvel Universe for the series.  I love the BBF relationship with Makkari, the arrival of Moondragon, the obligator 1990s appearance by Ghost Rider, and even an Excalibur appearance.  While X-Men and Avengers often stick with X-Men and Avengers, this feels more open…plus, you got to love a Jack of Hearts storyline and an appearance by Woodgod.

Quasar:  Cosmos in Collision was a fun surprise.  I thought I read enough Quasar to know what to expect, but this collection gave Quasar more depth.  He’s still a pretty boy with bad hair and kind of a rotten costume, but Gruenwald shows he’s got a potential for fun.  It does get a bit bogged down in the “cosmic” near the end of each storyline, but that can be forgiven because it is a fun ride getting there…I would love to see more Quasar collections in the future.

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