Pumpkinhead: Blood Feud (2007)

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Pumpkinhead still is a good creature

Bad story, bad cast, cheap looking

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Movie Name:  Pumpkinhead:  Blood Feud

Studio:  Castel Film Romania

Genre(s):  Horror/B-Movie

Release Date(s):  February 10, 2007

MPAA Rating:  R


Pumpkinhead loves me!

The Hatfields and McCoys have been feuding since the 1930s and the fight sees no signs of stopping.  When Ricky McCoy (Bradley Taylor) falls in love with Jody Hatfield (Amy Manson), their love seems doomed.  A secret rendezvous leads to the death of Ricky’s sister and Ricky’s decision to summon the demon Pumpkinhead to destroy his family’s enemies once and for all!

Directed by Michael Hurst, Pumpkinhead:  Blood Feud was a made-for-TV movie that originally aired on the SyFy channel on February 10, 2007.  The film was shot back-to-back in Romania with Pumpkinhead:  Ashes to Ashes which was released in 2006.

I found the first Pumpkinhead moderately entertaining with the other films falling off with worse and worse effects.  Though many found Pumpkinhead:  Blood Feud slightly better than Pumpkinhead:  Ashes to Ashes, I felt this entry was probably the worst of the bunch.


Crazy old woman…what’s your role in this now?

The story for this movie is not only all over the place but rehash and derivative.  The film oddly decides to call the feuding families the Hatfields and McCoys although they were a real feuding family whose feud didn’t start by some car accident and weren’t slaughtered by a monster.  This weak Romeo and Juliet story plods and the movie decides (for some unknown reason) to throw a sheriff in the story who has faced Pumpkinhead and survived…I still don’t know what the sheriff’s role really was and why Henriksen’s character is the only damned one since others have summoned Pumpkinhead as well.

The movie is a cast of B-Movie actors and none of the actor rise above this.  Lance Henriksen has made a career of stuff like this and though he often makes a movie better, he can sleepwalk through a role without much effort.  His inclusion in the movie is completely a gimmick and doesn’t really add anything to the plot.


Give Pumpkinhead a hug!

The first Pumpkinhead’s looks and special effects were surprisingly good.  Here, it is obvious that Pumpkinhead is simply a guy in a costume.  It is a good costume but not as classy (or scary) as the original.

Pumpkinhead:  Blood Feud is for Pumpkinhead fans only and lovers of B-Movie monsters.  The movie just lacks the originally of the first film and the franchise is tired and needing to be buried in the pumpkin patch as well.  This might occur in that a relaunch of the franchise has been kicked around for years…Pumpkinhead might grow again!

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