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preacher season 2 episode 7 pig floating

Floating pigs, shotguns to the head, hired rapists…all in a normal episode of Preacher

With the Saint of Killers (Graham McTavish) on their tail, the search for God by Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper, Tulip O’Hare (Ruth Negga), and Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) is headed to New Orleans.  Secrets that Tulip has been hiding about a man named Viktor (Paul Ben-Victor) are about to bubble up while Cassidy introduces the crew to a dying old man named Denis (Ronald Guttman).  Arseface (Ian Colletti) is in Hell and his only hope could be Hitler (Noah Taylor).  Jesse is still attracting attention and a group called the Grail led by Herr Starr (Pop Torrens) would like to have words with Jesse…and his use of the Word could cause a problem.

Preacher—Season 2 is a DC Comics-Vertigo comic book action-dark fantasy comedy-drama.  Airing on AMC from June 25, 2017 to September 11, 2017, the thirteen episode season is the longest season of the series.

preacher season 2 episode 3 damsel god dog

What If Dog Was One of Us?

Preacher is a comic book series that I am split on.  I can read it for a bit but then I have to take a nice break from it.  In many ways, Preacher the series is in the same vein.  With a longer season, this season took a while to get into…but it also (somewhat) tones down and smooth out some of the issues with the comic book I have.

The series goes for the extreme.  It is meant to be offensive, callus, and not PC…and I don’t mind that.  The problem is that this layer needs to be wrapped in decent storytelling to avoid just being a challenge to good taste.  Preacher is almost there, but it isn’t quite.  The longer season left a few episodes (near the middle) really lacking direction and momentum.  They might have been necessary to plot and character development, but the storytelling dragged.

preacher season 2 episode 6 sokosha saint of killers denis ronald guttman graham mctavish

The Saint of Killers and the that wacky French guy

What does work in the series is the cast.  Dominic Cooper, Ruth Negga, and Joseph Gilgun are quality actors placed in a solid but not perfect show.  The unofficial fourth member most of this season is the Saint of Killers played by Graham McTavish who brings his deadly weapons with no restraints.  They are supported by a great bunch of actors and even the supporting cast gets to expand and flex a little.  From the adventures of Hitler and Arseface (played by Noah Taylor and Ian Colletti) to the creepy Grail leader Herr Starr played by Pip Torrens, the series does employ some fun characters…they just need to be slightly more tempered by the script.

preacher season 2 episode 13 the end of the road hitler arseface noah tyler ian colletti

I want The Further Adventures of Hitler and Arseface

Visually the movie picks a nice location with New Orleans largely being the setting of the season.  This is a good decision since the characters, the story, and the setting all seemed tied (especially as they get into Jesse’s past next season…and which leads to a Forrest Gump reference this season).  There is a sleaziness to the characters that fit with the rough and dangerous (but also glossy) New Orleans.  I just wish they had used it more instead of spending so much time in the rundown apartment.

Preacher—Season 2 isn’t as good as the first season, but that is primarily due to the length.  The characters are stabilizing, and the story is starting to come together a bit more.  Having read a chunk of Preacher, I had to question how far the show was going to take it…and it appears that this season has the writers and creators all in on the weirdness and filthy side of the series.  Preacher isn’t afraid to get dirty.

Preacher—Season 2 Complete Episode Guide:

preacher season 2 episode 1 on the road three in a bed jesse tulip cassidy dominic cooper ruth negga joseph gilgun

“On the Road”

2.1       On the Road Airdate:  06/25/17

Jesse (Dominic Cooper), Tulip (Ruth Negga), and Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) on the trail of God…but they are also being trailed by the Saint of Killers (Graham McTavish).  When Jesse gets a lead on God from a friend of the family named Mike (Glenn Morshower), Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy track God to a strip club which could hold the key to locating God.  Cassidy questions if he should tell Jesse and about his encounter with Tulip.

preacher season 2 episode 2 mumbai sky tower fiore tom brooke severed head

“Mumbai Sky Tower”

2.2       Mumbai Sky Tower Airdate:  06/26/17

The Saint of Killers locates Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy again, and Jesse discovers that even Genesis might not be able to help them.  On the run, Jesse, Cassidy, and Tulip learn that the Amazing Ganesh (Tom Brooke) is an old acquaintance that might be able to help them call off the Killer.  Tulip learns that her past might be coming back for her as Jesse makes a big commitment to their future.

preacher season 2 episode 3 damsels featherstone julie ann emery


2.3       Damsels Airdate:  07/03/17

Jesse’s taking his search for God to New Orleans against the wishes of Tulip who secretly fears that her old boss Viktor will find her.  As Jesse searches for God in the bars of the jazz bars of the French Quarter, a singer Featherstone (Julie Ann Emery) could provide Jesse with answers…but the answers might have a cost.  In Hell, “Arseface” (Ian Colletti) remembers how he came to shoot himself and seeks a way out.

preacher season 2 episode 4 viktor hell arseface ian colletti


2.4       Viktor Airdate:  07/10/17

Tulip has been taken by Viktor’s men and has to face the consequences with Viktor (Paul Ben-Victor).  Jesse and Cassidy continue to search for God which leads them to an actor named Mark Harelik (Mark Harelik) and his agent.  In Hell, Arseface finds himself befriended by Hitler (Noah Taylor)…but friendships in Hell are not recommended.  When Jesse goes looking for Tulip, he learns the shocking truth about Viktor.

preacher season 2 episode 5 dallas pregnancy test tulip jesse dominic cooper ruth negga


2.5       Dallas Airdate:  07/17/17

Viktor and Tulip were married, and Jesse is seeking revenge.  With Viktor as his prisoner, Jesse recalls what drove him and Tulip apart in Dallas…and questions if killing Viktor will solve anything.

preacher season 2 episode 6 sokosha saint of killers jesse custer dominic cooper graham mctavish


2.6       Sokosha Airdate:  07/24/17

The Saint of Killers is on the trail of Jesse and his friends again, and Jesse decides he must find out everything he can about the Saint of Killer if he ever hopes to escape his guns.  When the Saint of Killers takes Cassidy’s son Denis (Ronald Guttman) hostage, Jesse must make a deal in souls.

preacher season 2 episode 7 pig herr starr pip torrens


2.7       Pig Airdate:  07/31/17

A floating pig in Vietnam has Herr Starr (Pip Torrens) investigating the phenomenon for the Grail as he awaits his next assignment.  Jesse wonders if the selling of part of his soul could have been a fatal mistake.  Cassidy learns Denis has a difficult request of him as Tulip realizes how close she came to death at the hands of the Saint of Killers.

preacher season 2 episode 8 holes video store jesse custer dominic cooper


2.8       Holes Airdate:  08/07/17

Arseface is stuck in Hell and the keepers of Hell are starting to realize that someone in his room doesn’t belong there.  Tulip’s obsession with the Saint of Killer could have her in trouble.  Jesse seeks answers from the God video at an electronics store as the Grail moves in on him.

preacher season 2 episode 9 puzzle pieces brad drone strike harry connick jr

“Puzzle Pieces”

2.9       Puzzle Piece Airdate:  08/14/17

The Grail has gone on the offensive, and Jesse has enlisted the police in his attempt to prepare.  Tulip finds an ally in Jenny aka Featherstone but doesn’t realize she’s with the Grail.  With a squad guarding him, Starr’s plans to take out Jesse once and for all with B.R.A.D.…unless fate intervenes.

preacher season 2 episode 10 dirty little secret jesus humperdoo tyson ritter

“Dirty Little Secret”

2.10     Dirty Little Secret Airdate:  08/21/17

Starr is about to let Jesse in on a secret about Jesus (Tyson Ritter) and show him the purpose of the Grail…in the form of Humperdoo.  Denis adjusts to life as a vampire, and Cassidy learns he could be a problem.  Featherstone continues to ally herself with Tulip as she manipulates her and reveals what Jesse hid in the bathroom floor.

preacher season 2 episode 11 backdoors hitler hell noah taylor


2.11     Backdoors Airdate:  08/28/17

Jesse’s revelation that he didn’t send the Saint of Killers to Hell isn’t sitting well with Tulip and Cassidy…along with the fact that the Saint of Killers has disappeared from the swamp.  As Starr makes his move to recruit Jesse, Jenny and Tulip find that the weapons of the Saint of Killer might be a bit harder to get rid of than they thought.  Meanwhile in Hell, Adolph reveals his secret to torture to Tyler (Justine Prentice) and Arseface, and the moment for escape has come.

preacher season 2 episode 12 on your knees tulip saint of killers ruth negga graham mctavish

“On Your Knees”

2.12     On Your Knees Airdate:  09/04/17

The Saint of Killer’s “escape” from the swamp is revealed, and he’s back to make quick work of Jesse.  Hilter and Arseface make their way through Hell, and Arseface must make a big decision.  With Jesse’s future hanging in the balance, Starr decides it is time to meet with Tulip and Cassidy.

preacher season 2 episode 13 the end of the road tulip dead ruth negga

“The End of the Road”

2.13     The End of the Road Airdate:  09/11/17

Arseface and Hitler have reached civilization…but Hitler not done with his tricks.  Cassidy realization that Denis is a dangerous vampire forces him to make a big decision while Tulip could discover Jenny’s secret.  Jesse has resolved his fate to becoming the next Messiah with the help of Starr and the Grail, but fate quickly turns on him as he finds the Word just doesn’t seem to be working like it used to.

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