Powers 6: The Sellouts

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Comic Name:  Powers (Volume 1)

Publisher:  Icon/Marvel Comics/Image Comics

Writer:  Brian Michael Bendis

Artist:  Michael Avon Oeming

# of Issues:  6

Release Date:  2004

powers #27 cover the sellouts part 3

Powers (1) #27

Reprints Powers (1) #25-30 (November 2002-March 2003).  The release of a sex tape implicating Red Hawk and a minor leads to Red Hawk’s murder…and Deena Pilgrim and Christian Walker assigned to one of their highest profile investigations.  Unity was the team to be when it existed, but since its dissolving, the marketing has continued to soar.  Now the police suspect that the murder of Red Hawk could be an inside job…and no one is off limits.

Written by Brian Michael Bendis, Powers Volume 6:  The Sellouts is an Image Comics superhero procedural book.  Following Powers Volume 5:  Anarchy, the series features art by Michael Avon Oeming.  Issues in this collection were originally published by Image but reprints were done by Marvel under their Icon imprint.  Comics in this collection were also included as part of Powers Omnibus, Powers—Book 2, and Powers—Volume 3.

I loved Powers.  I found it a creative take on both superhero comics and police procedurals.  Unlike something like Top 10 (which I also loved), it had enough regularity and issues that it was able to really expand the idea and concepts…and push things further than you might expect.

powers #30 cover the sellouts part 6

Powers (1) #30

I like this entry in Powers, but I feel that it is a bit less powerful than some of the previous entries in scope.  While the overall vision is big (aka the essentially Superman going crazy), I thought the previous collection Powers 4:  Supergroup did the super team murder mystery a bit better FG-3.  The “Superman goes crazy” idea has been explored in other comics and universes, so it doesn’t have as much shock value.

I do like this entry is a little more Deena heavy.  Deena always is a key player, but sometimes she seems a bit sidelined since she doesn’t have a history with the Powers like Christian has.  Here, she is making the key encounter and discover at the end of the story and it feels like it is her time to shine…which is odd since Christian does have those deeper ties to superhero groups.

Michael Avon Oeming is as much of a contributor to Powers as Brian Michael Bendis.  His vision of the comic really propels it forward.  Stylistically it is impressive and the series has that noir type style to bring it all together in a great package.  Powers always excels visually.

Powers 6:  The Sellouts once again changes the format of the comic.  Powers are illegal, and with that out-and-out ban on superhumans, that poses more problems (especially for the officers enforcing it).  I always can read or re-read Powers and enjoy it.  It has staying power.  Powers 6:  The Sellouts was followed by Powers 7:  Forever.

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