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Comic Name:  Powers (Volume 2)

Publisher:  Marvel Comics/Icon

Writer:  Brian Michael Bendis

Artist:  Michael Avon Oeming

# of Issues:  6

Release Date:  2007

powers #14 cover review

Powers (2) #14

Reprints Powers (2) #13-18 (September 2005-April 2006).  When a galactic superhero named Millennium dies, Christian Walker finds he’s at a crossroads that could change his life forever…and make himself a target.  Meanwhile, Deena Pilgrim discovers her new superpowers and her use of them could be coming back to haunt her.

Written by Brian Michael Bendis, Powers Volume 10:  Cosmic is a Marvel Comics collection released under the Icon imprint.  Following Powers Volume 9:  Psychotic, the collection features art by Michael Avon Oeming.  The issues in the collection were also collected as part of Powers—Book 4 and Powers:  Definitive Collection—Volume 4.

Powers was one of my favorite titles, but I only read it in trade paperback.  By Powers 10:  Cosmic, I was getting a bit tired of Powers, but Powers kept rolling on.  Even though I had some Powers fatigue (partially due to Bendis and his expansion into the Marvel Universe), Powers 10:  Cosmic shows why the series manages to endure.

The story is pretty much divided into Christian’s story of his new powers and Pilgrim’s crimes coming to surface.  The Christian story is a lot of set-up for future adventures.  Like a lot of Powers, it is a reflexive story with it creating parallels between the Millennium Guard and DC Comics’ Green Lantern.  It is a chance to explore what Christian (as a true hero) would do with bigger and more world shaping powers.

powers #18 cover blade runner

Powers (2) #18

The flipside to Christian’s storyline is Pilgrim who is suffering from her powers.  She’s killed and she’s a danger…and people are starting to catch on.  Pilgrim has always been a train wreck, and she didn’t have superhuman powers…now she has powers and is even more of a threat.  Bendis manages to keep you caring about Pilgrim despite her always making the wrong choices.

The comic books have a unique framework which is also a trend in Powers.  The issues in this volume use the standup routine to create a wrap-around between issues.  While most of the dialogue works, sometimes it feels like Bendis is trying too hard to be edgy with the stand-ups.

Powers 10:  Cosmic is a solid entry in a series which always changes up the format.  It feels like Deena and Christian’s paths are separate but converging, and Powers is often a story of redemption and human heroes that make mistakes.  I never know where Powers will go, but I always enjoy the ride.  Powers 10:  Cosmic is followed by Powers 11:  Secret Identity.

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