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Game Name:  Pokémon Go

Developer(s):  Niantic

Publisher(s):  Niantic

Platform(s):  Mobile

Genre(s):  Mobile RPG

Release Date(s):  July 6, 2016

ESRB Rating:  Not Rated

pokemon go pikachu captured screenshot

I only catch Weedles…

The Pokémon are out there and it is up to you to catch them.  They are hidden among you…in your cities…in your neighborhood…in your house!  Put on your backpack, grab a hat, and get your Poké Balls.  You can capture the Pokémon, train them, and teach them to fight.  Invite your friends and hit the road together.  With endless possibilities, the world is yours!

Developed by Niantic, Inc. Pokémon Go is a downloadable game for cellphones.  Initially released on July 6, 2016, the free downloadable game quickly became a record breaking download and inspired new stories and controversy.

I was too old for the Pokémon boom.  It was a show that was on much later than I could be interested in, and with a minimal plotline, I just couldn’t get into it like other cartoons and anime series.  Likewise, the games were also “too young”, but Pokémon characters Pikachu and Jigglypuff did show up in games like Smash Brothers.  Despite this, I decided to give Pokémon Go a try.

pokemon go map screenshot

Well, at least my character is stylin’

The “game play” for Pokémon Go is quite basic.  You (or your onscreen character) walks around, attempts to track (in a rather basic and confusing set-up), and capture Pokémon.  Also on the map are check in points where Once your character reaches the fifth level in an RPG style set-up, you can enter your Pokémon in battles in gyms located around the map.  The gyms can be joined or overtaken by your Pokémon which you submit for battles based on their attributes.  As of now, the “gameplay” is the weakest part of the game.

What is interesting about Pokémon Go is that it has gotten people moving.  The game benefits from walking around.  The game quickly caused problems because of Pokémon Stops in cemeteries and museums (like the Holocaust Museum) which led people to complain about Pokémon assigns these stops and gyms.  It also led to problems with people setting up crimes and traps around locations where players gathered and multiple injuries from players not paying attention as they walked with their phones.  Despite this, a number of people got off the couch to play Pokémon Go which does have some merit.  As a collector, Pokémon Go does prey on my love of completion, as they say “Got to Catch Them All”.

pokemon go krabby index screenshot

Yeah! I have crabs! Wait, what?

Unfortunately, Pokémon Go is really, really glitchy which is a trend with a lot of mobile gaming.  The servers have been knocked out multiple times and many who initially joined, quickly gave up due to never being able to get online.  I also suffer in that I don’t have unlimited data and living off of wi-fi works but adds extra challenge to the game.

I can’t say that I’m a good Pokémon Go player.  I generally let the Pokémon come to me instead of seeking them out.  I also have little interest in the game aspect of the download and mostly enjoy collecting characters.  With infinite possibility, Pokémon Go can modify and change and potentially could change gaming for better or worse.  I also look forward to Pokémon Go copycats that might be more my speed.  I’m just waiting for that Star Wars or Masters of the Universe collecting game to come out…then I’m set.

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