Pilotwings Resort

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7.0 Overall Score
Graphics: 7/10
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Controls: 9/10

Quick and easy to learn

Limited environment, too simple for fans of simulators

Game Info

Game Name:  Pilotwings Resort

Developer(s):  Monster Games/Nintendo SPD

Publisher(s):  Nintendo

Platform(s):  3DS

Genre(s):  Racing/Flight Simulator

Release Date(s):  March 25, 2011 (Europe)/March 27, 2011 (US)/April 14, 2011 (Japan)

ESRB Rating:  E

pilotwings resort hang gliding

Fly the friendly skies!

Strap on your jetpack, hop in the glider, or get in you seaplane because you are the pilot!  A whole island of challenges has opened up and you have the wings to explore it.  Be it racing through town while fighting the clock or practicing your shooting and targeting as you try to keep on course, you’ll touch the sky!

Pilotwings Resort (パイロットウイングス リゾート or Pairottouingusu Rizōto) is the third entry in the Pilotwings series following Pilotwings 64 in 1996.  The game was released for the 3DS and was also released for download.  The game received average to positive reviews.

I really like the first Pilotwings for the Super NES when it was released here in 1991  It was one of the Super NES’s launch titles and pretty raw, but it was a lot of fun.  Unlike a traditional flight simulator, Pilotwings just has the flying and none of the awkward controls…Pilotwings Resorts is in a similar vein.

pilotwings resort gameplay shooting mission

It’s like Balloon Fight…wish planes

The game is very basic and that is the joy of the game.  You can start playing Pilotwings instantly and if you ever played any piloting games, you’ll be pretty good.  This is both good and bad.  If you do like flight games, this is flight-simulator-lite and probably not hardcore enough for players, but there are also some frustratingly difficult levels if you are a novice to flight games.

The island is great, but it leaves you wanting more.  The 3D aspect does add to the game and the graphics are rather slick with the occasional shift.  I like the environment, but it seems like it should be bigger and better (though it is worlds above the original).  I do also like that you have a free play mode that does just let you fly around and explore.

pilotwnigs resort jetpack lighthouse mission

Apparently he hasn’t heard of drone photography…

The controls are very intuitive.  Not only do they move with slick precision, the moves feel natural.  Falling with intention on the jetpack feels like gravity is really working…all the vehicles are simple but feel real (if you could push all of them to the edge without the fear of a wreck).

Pilotwings Resort is generally a cheap find for the DS.  With so many titles like Mario, Pokemon, and Zelda demanding top dollar, it is nice to find an affordable alternative.  It isn’t up to the level of these other titles, but it also isn’t trying to be.  Pilotwings Resort is a completely different type of game and an experience that is worth it if you can find it for cheap.

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