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One Punch and You’re Out!

Saitama has trained to the max…his missing hair proves it.  When he becomes the unwilling master to an apprentice named Genos, he learns that the Hero Association is the only real way to move up in the world of heroes.  Saitama has a long road ahead of him and he may or may not care about taking the path.

One-Punch Man—Season 1 is a comedy adventure fantasy anime.  It is based on the manga by One which began June 14, 2012 in Weekly Shonen Jump.  The show originally aired on TV Tokyo from October 4, 2015 to December 20, 2015 with English versions airing on Aimax Asia and Adult Swim as part of Toonami beginning in 2016.

I didn’t grow up watching anime besides the occasional transitional anime like G-Force, Speed Racer, and other random shows (including the maligned Superbook).  I have tried to get into anime and occasionally pick up titles that I think would be fun.  One-Punch Man definitely fit into that category…and One-Punch Man delivers.

one punch man season 1 episode 9 unyielding justice mumen rider saitama

Mumen Rider is the hero we all need!

One-Punch Man has that anime quality that is unique to anime, but it also somewhat mocks it.  It has characters like Genos who are very into the existential aspects of being hero, a follower, or a protector of Earth while Saitama, the greatest hero of the city, doesn’t really care about much except what is maybe for dinner.  It is dipped into a pretty standard superhero type story with a team of heroes trying to get a handle on monsters and alien invasion.

Saitama is the biggest reason to watch the show.  His indifference to the events occurring around him is a fun twist.  It feels very much like some 1990s/early 2000s comics which reflected on the whole slacker generation.  The odd thing about Saitama is that he did go through the effort to become the top hero…but then he generally stopped caring and exercising.  In the world of heroes, he doesn’t have the right mentality to fit in with the Hero Association, and his behavior doesn’t mix with the egos and actions of the other heroes.

one punch man season 1 episode 12 the strongest hero saitama genos

Long live Saitama and Genos!

The art for the series is also strong.  Like a lot of anime, the art switches back and forth, but it works better here for the joke of Saitama not caring.  Occasionally, the art for Saitama is very intense and very real but generally he’s portrayed in a minimalist look which fits with the character.  He’s just blank faced.  It actually feels weird the few times he applies himself in the series.

One-Punch Man—Season 1 feels a bit more attainable than some of the other anime I’ve watched.  I feel I can recommend this to other people who are like me and a bit on the fence on anime.  I do feel that there is a lot of “Class” talk come times make my eyes glaze over (the classes S-Class, A-Class, B-Class, C-Class) and getting the Class structure down is important for the series.  Check out One-Punch Man…it is a fun ride even if the story sometimes feels a bit generic.

One-Punch Man—Season 1 Complete Episode Guide:

one punch man season 1 episode 1 the strongest man saitama vs vaccine man

“The Strongest Man”

1.1       The Strongest Man Airdate:  10/04/15

The attack of Vaccine Man creates an opportunity for Saitama to test his power, but Saitama discovers his great problem has continued…he’s just too strong.  One punch can take out his enemies and nothing seems to change.  Saitama remembers the moment where his life changed in battle with a Crablante, but Saitama could find a new challenge from beneath the Earth!

one punch man season 1 episode 2 the lone cyborg genos

“The Lone Cyborg”

1.2       The Lone Cyborg Airdate:  10/11/15

Saitama finds a creature called Mosquito Girl is on a path toward the city…and a young cyborg hero named Genos could become his apprentice (whether Saitama wants it or not).  Genos has his own origin story and his own reason for wanting to be a hero…and the House of Evolution could prove a challenge to Saitama and Genos.

one punch man season 1 episode 3 the obsessive scientist origin saitama house of evolution

“The Obsessive Scientist”

1.3       The Obsessive Scientist Airdate:  10/18/15

Doctor Genus has found a means to evolve past most men.  With an army of clones and monsters, the House of Evolution could be the challenge that Saitama needs.  Travelling to the House of Evolution, Dr. Genus and Genos could learn the secret of Saitama’s power.

one punch man season 1 episode 4 the modern ninja speed o sound sonic

“The Modern Ninja”

1.4       The Modern Ninja Airdate:  10/25/15

Hammerhead and his gang of criminals calls the Paradisers are giving bald men a bad name and Saitama can’t have that.  When Hammerhead and the Paradisers face off against Speed-o’-Sound Sonic, they discover they may have met their match…until they meet Saitama.  Saitama’s encounter with Speed-o’-Sound Sonic could present the true threat that Saitama is facing as a hero.

one punch man season 1 episode 5 the ultimate mentor saitama hero association exam

“The Ultimate Mentor”

1.5       The Ultimate Mentor Airdate:  11/01/15

Genos and Saitama have decided to take the Hero Association exam…but Saitama’s ranking could prove problematic.

one punch man season 1 episode 6 the terrifying city monster

“The Terrifying City”

1.6       The Terrifying City Airdate:  11/08/15

Saitama learns that his C-Class ranking requires frequent hero work to maintain and sets out to find crime to fight.  Rumors of a monster in Z-City lead the Hero Association to send out Golden Ball and Spring Mustachio to handle it…but the rumors could be more dangerous than reported.

one punch man season 1 episode 7 the ultimate disciple saitama vs asteroid

“The Ultimate Disciple”

1.7       The Ultimate Disciple Airdate:  11/15/15

A meteor is headed to Earth and Genos finds himself called into action to attempt to stop it.  With impossible odds, Genos might not succeed…and Saitama might have to stop in.  Saitama’s actions might turn him into a hero or a villain.

one punch man season 1 episode 8 the deep sea king

“The Deep Sea King”

1.8       The Deep Sea King Airdate:  11/22/15

The Sea Folk are attacking the city as Saitama finds people questioning his ranking as he advances in C.  Puri-Puri Prisoner and Speed-o’-Sound Sonic face off against Deep Sea King.

one punch man season 1 episode 9 unyielding justice saitama vs deep sea king

“Unyielding Justice”

1.9       Unyielding Justice Airdate:  11/29/15

Deep Sea King battles Genos, but Mumen Rider could be his biggest challenge…until Saitama arrives at the fight.  Deep Sea King could be just what Saitama needs to move up.

one punch man season 1 episode 10 unparalleled peril vs melzagard

“Unparalleled Peril”

1.10     Unparalleled Peril Airdate:  12/06/15

Sitch summons the heroes and Saitama finds himself among the Class S heroes.  Madam Shibabawa predicts a threat to the world in the next six months before dying…and the heroes must act.  When an alien ship comes down upon City A, the heroes must stop it.

one punch man season 1 episode 11 the dominator of the suniverse boros

“The Dominator of the Universe”

1.11     The Dominator of the Universe Airdate:  12/13/15

Saitama invades the ship as Melzargard tries to deal with the Class S heroes on Earth.  When Saitama reaches Boros, he learns the aliens motives…and he could be more important than he thought.

one punch man season 1 episode 12 the strongest hero saitama

“The Strongest Hero”

1.12     The Strongest Hero Airdate:  12/20/15

Could Saitama be the answer to the prophecy that has brought Boros to Earth?  Tornado leads an attack outside, and Genos worries a warning he received about Metal Knight could be real.  As the battle rages, the truth will be told.

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