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Movie Name:  Office Space

Studio:  20th Century Fox

Genre(s):  Comedy

Release Date(s):  February 19, 1999

MPAA Rating:  R


Yeah, I’m going to need you to come in…

Work can be a real drag.  For Peter Gibbons (Ron Livingston) work is killing him.  He hates his job, his boss Bill Lumbergh (Gary Cole), and is suffering from stress induced nightmares.  When a relax hypnosis is botched, Peter finds he no longer cares…and not caring is the key to success.  As Peter moves up the ladder despite his lack of effort and woos flare hating Chotchkie worker Joanna (Jennifer Aniston), he convinces his friends Samir Nagheenanajar (Ajay Naidu) and Michael Bolton (David Herman) to take Initech for what they can without being noticed.

Written and directed by Mike Judge, Office Space was a failure at the box office.  The movie received mixed to positives, but quickly gained cult status on VHS and DVD.


We need to talk about your flair…

I was never part of the cult of Office Space.  I thought there were funny moments and I liked some of the jokes, but it didn’t do much for me as a whole…I didn’t sit and quote it, and I only watched it once (and was fine with that).  Rewatching it, the movie is a bit better, but I still am not in love with the movie.

The difference between the first viewing of Office Space and the second viewing of Office Space mostly deals with timing.  When Office Space came out, I hadn’t done much office work.  The movie is better for those who have worked in an office since it does have most of the classic office archetypes…I just find the plot pretty stupid and dragging.

The cast is a savior for the movie.  Ron Livingston, David Herman, and Ajay Naidu do a good job representing the “everyman”.  Jennifer Aniston was just getting hot on Friends and Stephen Root was fresh off NewsRadio as the scene stealing Milton.  You also have to like Gary Cole as the boss you love to hate.


Hands off my Swingline Stapler motherf*!@er!!!

The movie also does capture the mundane.  It is also a nice time capsule to the look and the technology of the late ’90s (like the battle with the fax).  In a world where everyone has gone office casual, it is funny to revisit the classic offices that many grew up with (in their transition period).

Office Space is loved by most, but I can just modestly enjoy it.  I can see why it catches on because there are hints of cleverness to the movie and everyone has work revenge fantasies, but I think the jokes are spread a bit thin in a plot that seems to lack direction.  I would like to see a sequel to Office Space and see where these characters are over fifteen years later…when they becomes the Lumberghs of the office world.

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