The Nurse (1997)

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2.5 Overall Score
Story: 2/10
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Not much

Dull thriller that feels like a made-for-TV movie

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Movie Name:  The Nurse

Studio:  The Image Organization

Genre(s):  Horror/B-Movie

Release Date(s):  March 1997 (UK)/June 17, 1997 (US)

MPAA Rating:  R


It’s so nice to walk with the guy I’m going to kill…

When an illegal financial deal is exposed, George Harriman (Lou Felder) kills his family and himself leaving only his daughter Laura (Lisa Zane) alive.  Now, Lisa is out for revenge against the man who ruined her father.  Bob Martin (Michael Fairman) has had an immobilizing stroke and needs a nurse…and it could just be the in that Lisa needs for her plans.

Directed by Robert Malenfant, The Nurse is a horror thriller released straight-to-video.  The movie is often packaged with other horror and thriller films in multipacks.

The Nurse is one of those classic “psycho” movies where a character infiltrates the lives of people and is really mentally unbalanced.  Unfortunately for The Nurse, the movie doesn’t have the class or style of something like Fatal Attraction or even The Hand that Rocks the Cradle.


I’m going to need rubber gloves for where I’m going!

The advantage that other thrillers generally have is that you sympathize with the main character for a little longer.  Here, it appears that Fairman’s character Bob Martin really didn’t have much to do with the cover-up, and his family really isn’t involved at all.  Lisa Zane’s nurse loses all sympathy immediately when she kills Martin’s nurse who is just doing her job…and on a side-note, in 1997 who doesn’t at least go to the computer or at least an in-depth telephone call and try to research someone who is going to be taking care of your invalid father?  Apparently the concept of a background check for people you invite to live in your home is a new idea…


Wow…intense fight…zzzzz

The cast is quite weak.  The movie doesn’t even really hold that star that the movie needs to bring it together.  It is a B-Movie cast with B-Movie acting.  If the movie had bothered to cast a bigger lead as the “psycho”, it might have been a bit better.

The movie isn’t very visual either.  If the movie doesn’t have a great actor chewing up the scenery, it at least needs some good deaths.  The movie also lacks this.  Most of the deaths are pretty mundane or laughable.  I wanted something crazy to happen…and it never really did.

The Nurse just isn’t a very good film.  As a thriller, it feels more like a TV, Movie-of-the-Week than a real feature…even Movies-of-the-Week generally have better casts.  The Nurse isn’t one of those movies that you’ll remember or enjoy after seeing it.

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