Nova 1: Annihilation—Conquest

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Comic Info

Comic Name: Nova (Volume 4)

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writer: Dan Abnett/Andy Lanning

Artist: Sean Chen/Scott Hanna/Brian Denham

# of Issues: 7

Release Date:  2007

nova #3 cover vs penance richard rider

Nova (4) #3

Reprints Nova (4) #1-7 (June 2007-December 2007). Nova finds himself overtaxed after the Annihilation Wave and headed home at Worldmind’s orders. Learning about the Civil War, Nova finds himself in battle with the Thunderbolts and realizes you can’t always go home again.  Unfortunately for Nova, there is a bigger danger growing in space as the Phalanx is mounting a takeover…and a new hero named Ko-Rel might arise!

Written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, Nova Volume 1:  Annihilation—Conquest is the fourth Nova series and a spinoff of the Annihilation series.  The issues were also collected as part of the Annihilation:  Conquest Omnibus.  The collection features art by Sean Chen, Scott Hanna, and Brian Denham.

Nova explodes out of the Annihilation series and it is a welcome return. Nova was always one of my favorite members of the New Warriors and the character first appeared almost right when I did (ok…I was a baby and not a member of the Nova Corps).  The collection here shows a lot of range by having Nova go to Earth and continue his fight in space.

nova #5 cover annihilation conquest ko-rel

Nova (4) #5

Nova just is a fun character. He’s gone from an irresponsible teen to a responsible adult. The relationship established in this collection between Nova and Worldmind also is interesting (and does factor into the series as it goes along). It was also nice to see Nova return to Earth and discover how much has changed since he went to space (but I’d always love more Nova-New Warriors interaction).

The last part of the book involving Annihilation: Conquest gets a little side tracked, but Abnett and Lanning still do a good job making it ok for the readers to skip Annihilation: Conquest and have the series still make sense. Ko-Rel is kind of a tragic character and it was sad to see her go so soon since she was rather interesting.

Nova’s relaunch takes off in this series and it helps having strong writers and direction. The series is a welcomed arrival to a bogged-down Marvel Universe and has a fun feeling that previously fun titles seem to have lost. Check out Nova and if you aren’t familiar with the character read Essential Nova to get some background…it will help.  Nova 1:  Annihilation—Conquest is followed by Nova 2:  Knowhere.

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