Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated (2009)

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Movie Name:  Night of the Living Dead:  Reanimated

Studio:  NeoFlux Productions

Genre(s):  Animated/Horror

Release Date(s):  September 1, 2009

MPAA Rating:  Not Rated


They’re coming to get you Barbara! In cartoon!

The dead are rising from the grave and they are hungry for human flesh.  Barbra and her brother Johnny are unaware of this when they go to visit their father’s grave in the country.  When Johnny is killed, Barbra flees to a farmhouse where she and other survivors must fight to survive the night.  The horrific tale brought is revealed through artists rendition of the story.

Night of the Living Dead is a classic and Night of the Living Dead:  Reanimated takes the classic film’s audio and style of shooting and applies various artists to the film.  All the work done by the artists was done for free and the filmed received a limited theatrical release.


Never anything good on TV!

Night of the Living Dead is a perfect horror movie and Night of the Living Dead:  Reanimated is an interesting concept.  It goes off the idea that the words are universal and the imagery is adjustable.  In the film, the story is told with similar angles and “shots”, but it flips animation styles sometimes every few seconds.

The art is sometimes very good, sometimes very bad, but it is usually creative.  The style varies all over the place.  There is claymation, puppets, traditional art, comic book style art, and photography.  It is a great combination to make the movie watchable.  This is important because there isn’t much dialogue for big portions of Night of the Living Dead, so it has to stay interesting.  I can say that most probably don’t expect Furbies in Night of the Living Dead.


Dad’s Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat! (advertisement for Zombie-Flakes)

One of the bigger problems I do have with the movie is there are too many artists.  The movie flips from artist to artist in rapid pace and doesn’t linger long enough on a shot to really take it in.  It doesn’t allow you to switch from art you might not like to art you do like, but it also takes that art away from you too quickly…plus it makes you just want to watch the original film.

I found this an interesting and unique experience, but I don’t know if I loved it.  It had to be done with a really influential film and it also probably had to be done with something in the public domain so I guess Night of the Living Dead was a good choice.  I find the project interesting and a good way for a lot of people to get their art out…good or bad.

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